Jan 292010

The ship exploded above me. I was falling to my death but at least the Squid-Men of the Secret Censors of Atlantis weren’t going back home either. Hopefully the other members of the Extraordinary League of Pornographers would be able to stop their plans.

I looked at the ground. It seemed so far away but since I was in complete free fall, I knew it would all be over soon. My only regret was that I was butt-naked. I’d hate to land in front of someone and traumatize them with my nude splat.

I heard something above me. As I kept falling, I turned my body around to look up. I couldn’t beleive my eyes.

It was the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student! She had survived the explosion! She was naked too, except she was wearing a metal harness around her young breasts. It must be one of those anti-gravity devices that the Secret Censors use. Good, I was relieved that she would survive.

The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student had her arms together and she was diving towards me. Damn, she was trying to save me but it wouldn’t work. The harness only works on the body it is around. Holding me would be useless. The anti-gravity field wouldn’t extend around me.

As she got closer, I could hear what she was yelling. “Go hard!”

What? You are suppossed to go limp while falling although at this height it doesn’t really matter.

“Go hard!” she yelled again. I noticed she was stroking herself.

Holy shit. It just might work. The field might extend around me if I was inside her.

I stroked my cock as fast as I could. We were both falling at terminal velocity as we plummeted through the sky but I had to get an erection. The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student had to get wet enough to allow me in. Both our lives depended on achieving copulation before hitting the ground.

Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student flipped her body around and spread her legs. I pointed my cock towards her waiting sex. The air whipped around us but I focused on her smooth skin and the thought of imminent penetration.

She slipped right onto my cock. Her legs wrapped around me right as I wrapped my arms around her back. Her mouth locked onto mine and we kissed. I know she’s a Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student but when she kissed me it was as apassionate as if we were in love. I don’t know if kissing was necessary for the plan but fuck, if we were going to die let’s do it right.

The anti-gravity field kicked in. Our descent slowed down considerably. Our fucking did not.

“You can’t come till we reach the ground,” the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student groaned. “If you go limp, you’ll slip out.”

“That is going to be tricky,” I admitted.

It was going to be an interesting couple of thousand feet.

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  1. Wow, now that definitely redefines the term of ‘a wild ride’; sex in a freefall drop. *chuckles*

  2. lol, thanks, Mystique.

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