Jan 082010

This coming week I plan to finish the manuscript for ‘Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem’. I am gripped with fear and anxiety. When I post a normal story on my blog, I can fix any errors that readers point out. When I make a book for people to purchase I really don’t want to have any errors that makes people regret spending money.

Compounding that fear is the fact that is no ordinary book. There are 320 choices with 320 entries to go to. If you are fucking a Vampire and need to turn to entry 120, it shouldn’t talk about the sex you are having with a Mermaid. That was am actual error that was discovered. My playtesters sent me a bunch of errors and when I did the Great Choice Mapping on paper, I found about a dozen more. I did a second Great Choice Mapping expecting it to be flawless and I found four errors. The damn thing should be perfect now but I have this nagging suspicion that it isn’t.

I also need to format it for publishing. When printed it out I realized that page numbers of some sort would be awesome. A lot of the entries are a single paragraph, so when you turn to a choice, you don’t turn to that page. You turn to that numbered entry. A page could have as few as one entry on it or up to five. I need to make headers for the pages so that when you are looking for choice 221, you can flip and scan the top corner of the pages instead of the page itself.

And because I am a literary masochist I am going to have a character sheet inside the book for you to photocopy. I suspect that like me, many of you will just use a scrap of notebook paper to keep track of your loot and sex but hey, I want to do this right.

I don’t have exact notes handy but I estimate I have spent over 6 months working on this damn thing. In a lot of ways this has become my defining work for who I am right now. Sex, fantasy, humor, sarcasm, gruesome deaths and fucked up ideas are all in this book. That is pure Shon Richards right there. I just want to get it right.

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  1. I’m sure that it will be great no matter what. I enjoyed it as a play tester, and I’ll happily pay money to have a hard copy.

  2. Depending on how you format it, and the document, you could probably just create an index entry for every chapter. Then, when you say “Go to #22 (page \refForNumber22)” and have it expand to “Go to #22 (page 39)” instead. That is actually a pretty easy way of doing it and lets you let it flow as it goes (since the pages will be updated).

  3. Kristie- Thanks :)

    t’sade- That is a neat idea. I’ll give it a shot.

  4. Man, I can not wait for this to come out…

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