Jan 202010

Dr. Carla Heppins disapproved. As the head of NASA’s research department, she enjoyed commanding the latest in technology and knowledge about space. The idea of bringing in an outside expert annoyed her to her core.

Worse, it had to be that infamous mad scientist pervert, Dr. Otto Von Madd. The crackpot doctor made sextoys for Christ’s sake.

Dr. Heppins watched him walk through security and shook her head. He was wearing a labcoat like the NASA compound was his own lab. He was also wearing large purple goggles that made him look like a character from a cheap movie. His short hair was a mess like it hadn’t been combed since he got out of the shower. This was the famous expert on sexuality?

“Dr. Heppins!” Dr. Von Madd said as he approached her. “It is so nice to see you. I enjoyed your paper on structural stability regarding orbital re-entries.”

The NASA scientist was taken back. She had to admit that Von Madd had a friendly manner so unlike many geniuses she had met.

“You read my paper?” she asked.

“Of course,” Dr. Von Madd said. “It was very useful when we were trying to design a high durability dildo for extremely tight asses.”

“Of course,” Dr. Heppins said with a trace of scorn. “I want to get one thing straight, Dr. Von Madd. I didn’t want to call you in but my bosses insisted. Apparently you have impressed them with your pseudo science of sexuality but I am not. I just need you to take a look at the damn thing, give us your opinion and then go. Am I understood?”

Dr. Von Madd was still smiling. “Certainly. I am ready to see the Artifact now.”

They entered a secure vault. Sitting on a steel pedestal was the damn object in question. It had the shape of an eight inch dildo. It was pitch black with what looked like tiny stars orbiting inside it.

Dr. Von Madd bent down to peer at it with his inscrutable purple goggles. “Amazing, where did you find it?”

“On the last space shuttle mission,” Dr. Heppins started to explain. “Captain Pamela Nickels was on a space walk and this thing bumped into her. She took it back with her and presented it to us. We can’t determine what it is made of and for that matter; we can’t seem to break off a piece for study. We thought it might be one of yours.”

Dr. Von Madd shook his head. “No. We do have a research station in orbit but we don’t eject sex toys into orbit. I would be proud to claim such a magnificent example of a dildo but I am afraid this wasn’t made by anyone on Earth.”

Dr. Heppins smirked. “How can you be sure of that?”

“Because Doctor,” he said. “I know every dildo, vibrator and vaginal insertion toy made by current society. It is my specialty. This was made by something extraterrestrial.”

“Ridiculous,” Dr. Heppins snapped. “If there was alien life, and we have seen no evidence of it, then why in the world would they make a dildo that is the perfect size for a human female?”

“Or male, don’t be sexist,” Dr. Von Madd said. “And the answer is simple really. If I wanted to communicate with an alien species, I would first try to get their attention. Sex is the best way to make a species notice you.”

“Well okay,” Dr. Heppins said. “Thank you so much for your expert opinion. You may leave now.”

Dr. Von Madd ignored her. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Dr. Heppins asked.

“It sounded like a moan,” Dr. Von Madd said. “My goggles are detecting an increase in energy waves emanating from it. I can’t identify it. Dr. Heppins, we should evacuate the compound.”

“Call me Carla,” Dr. Heppins said. “Has anyone ever told you how sexy your hair is? I thought it was messy but now it just reminds of wild sex.”

Dr. Von Madd looked at her. “Dr. Heppins, I think the Artifact is having an effect on you. Ten minutes ago you thought I was a crazy quack.”

“Maybe your innate sexual charm has seduced me?” Dr. Heppins said. “And please, call me Carla.”

“Although it has been proven that I do possess innate sexual charm, Carla” Dr. Von Madd said, “I suspect it is the result of the Artifact in this situation.”

“Fuck me, Doctor,” Dr. Heppins said. She grabbed his arm. “Do your weird sexy science on me!”

“Well of course, Carla,” Dr. Von Madd. “Why don’t you strip down and start fingering yourself? I want to check on something and then I will be right back. Is that okay, Carla?”

“Yes!” Dr. Heppins said. “And please, call me your dog!”

“Ah,” Dr. Von Madd said. “One moment.”

Dr. Von Madd stepped outside the vault. Two security guards with absolutely no signs of being homosexual were giving each other handjobs. A female janitor was mounting a broomstick. Further down the hall, three female scientists were engaging in a very spirited orgy.

He stepped back into the vault. Dr. Heppins was completely naked and true to his request, was fingering herself quite vigorously. Dr. Von Madd was impressed. He had estimated that she was a three finger woman but she had four fingers inside her quite easily.

“Fuck me!” Dr. Heppins cried.

Dr. Von Madd nodded. “Turn around and bend over,” he said.

Dr. Heppins turned around. Dr. Von Madd had a plan but he nearly forgot it when he saw the perfect apple of Dr. Heppins’ ass. The curves of her bottom were pretty close to his Ass Index Scale of Perfection.

Dr. Von Madd resisted his urges. Instead he picked up the Artifact and placed it at her sex.

“Oh, it’s cold!” Dr. Heppins said.

“I’ll be gentle, dog,” Dr. Von Madd said.

He slid the Artifact into her. It shuddered in his hand as it slowly sunk into her wet cunt. The coldness of the strange metal faded away and was replaced with an amazing amount of heat.

“Ah!” Dr. Heppins smoaned. “I feel strange!”

Dr. Von Madd fucked her with the Artifact. He used a simple thrusting rhythm calculated to bring her the most possible pleasure. Dr. Heppins pushed back on the Artifact, humping it as she stayed bent over.

“What are you feeling?” Dr. Von Madd asked.

“I feel nicer,” Dr. Heppins said. “I feel as if I had been mean to other people and mean to myself. I feel like I have been denying myself all my life. I should be fucking. I should be fucking other people. I should be fucking myself. Oh! Oh! I am so close!”

Dr. Von Madd fucked her faster. Dr. Heppins began to shake and when she climaxed she screamed with pure joy.

Dr. Heppins fell to the floor with a big smile on her face. Dr. Von Madd noticed that the Artifact was no longer emitting those strange waves.

He took his lab coat off and laid it over Dr. Heppins’ nude body. She was still smiling. She looked up at him with bliss on her face.

“I came so hard I saw stars,” she whispered.

“I think this proves my theory on the Artifact being an alien message,” Dr. Von Madd said. “Apparently it wants us to relax and fuck more. It is a noble message.”

“It didn’t seem to affect you?” Dr. Heppins said. “Why is that? Why did it only come on now?”

Dr. Von Madd shrugged. “I can only hypothesize that is was only designed to activate when in the presence of an already sexually enlightened person.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Dr. Heppins said. “What is the point of sexually illuminating the already sexual?”

“That I can not tell you,” Dr. Von Madd said. “The question now is what will NASA do with the thing?”

Dr. Heppins touched herself again. “We’ll figure out something.”

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  1. Bloody brilliant. :D
    Dr Heppin’s turnaround was hilarious, I’ve missed the good doctor dearly!
    (Make sure you set up camp in Shon’s mind some more okay?!)

    Although he kinda explained why it may have activated, it didn’t really explain why he didn’t even receive a twinge of excitement form the dildo too..

  2. Mystique- Mysterious alien dildos are so mysterious that way.

  3. That was fantastic – an excellent (and arousing) read!

    xx Dee

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