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Nash Nighthammer shivered. He didn’t think he would ever be warm again. He was wrapped in two fur coats and his balls were still withdrawn into somewhere around his lungs. His gloved hands ached as he carried his warhammer. The snow kept falling and he could feel his body grow colder with every snowflake.

He examined the ground for tracks. For two weeks he had been hunting the dreaded Snow Beast. Every year, the Snow Beast was spawned from the cold winds of winter and haunted the caravan routes of Death Pass. Every winter, the Snow Beast killed hundreds of the merchants as they tried to get through the mountains. Every year, a new hero comes out here and kills the Snow Beast. Every year the hero’s name is carved onto the stone monument of deeds and the merchants reward him with gold. This year, Nash Nighthammer vowed to make his name carved.

Something moved to his right. He spun around and brought his warhammer to up. The wind whipped faster and brought a flurry of white before his eyes. He squinted into the white and tried to see the Snow Beast.

He saw a woman. She was naked except for a white fur cloak. Her body was as blue as the sky. From her full breasts to her long legs, her skin was a deep shade of blue. The only color was a patch of white pubic hair between her legs.

Nash shook his head in confusion. He looked again and she was gone.

“All-Mother protect me,” he whispered. He had heard of people becoming snow crazy, but he thought that only happened to weak people. Nash was a hero. His shoulders were broad and his arms were thick with muscles. The power of his legs once kicked down an entire house. Yet despite all of his strength, he worried that his mind would not be as strong.

A day later he found the Snow Beast. Nash came across a wrecked caravan with frozen corpses. He was checking for survivors when a shadow passed over the sun and darkened the area.

It was the Snow Beast. It towered twenty feet in the sky. The color of bloody snow, its body was massive. The snarling face was like a wolf with glowing red eyes. The snow made it hard to see but the wickedly long claws gleamed with evil sharpness.

It sliced the ground where Nash had been standing. The powerful hero had dodged the giant claws by inches. Nash let out a cry and swung his warhammer. Thirty pounds of steel slammed into the Snow Beast.

It was like hammering a mountain. Nash stumbled back from the halted momentum. Despair gripped his heart but he banished it. He would just have to swing harder.

The Snow Beast roared with the force of a hundred wind storms. Nash fell back from the onslaught of snow. The Snow Beast struck with its claws and Nash blocked it with his warhammer. The Snow Beast struck again and again and Nash blocked every blow, even though each time he did, his arms ached from the tremendous force he was stopping.

Another roar from the Snow Beast was answered by the mountains. An avalanche descended upon them. The thunder of the avalanche drowned out the Snow Beast’s cries as it stampeded onto them.

Nash ran. Not even a hero can stop nature. He ran as fast as he could towards a ridge of stone for shelter. He didn’t know if the Snow Beast could survive an avalanche. He didn’t plan to stick around and find out.

As he ran, he saw the woman again. She was by the shelter he was running for. Her white fur cloak had hid her but she rose as Nash came closer. Once again he saw her magnificent voluptuous body that should not be exposed to the elements like that. Once again he saw the unnatural blue of her body that spoke of magic and cold.

She turned and ran as he called out to her.

Nash reached the outcropping seconds ahead of the avalanche. The heavy snow pounded around him, obliterating everything in its way. He looked for the blue woman, but he saw her not. Then again, he couldn’t see anything in the fury of the avalanche.

When it was over Nash pulled himself out of the snow. He was shaking with cold but he was alive. All around him there were no traces of the Snow Beast or the ruined caravan.

He didn’t see the blue woman anywhere.

The next day he searched and couldn’t find his prey. He did however find a cave and he decided to use it as a shelter for the night. The cave was freezing cold but it was out of the wind. Nash built a fire and ate his rations of salted beef.

His mood was dark and unhappy. He wanted to join the list of legends. He wanted to slay the evil of the Snow Beast. He wanted to know more about the blue woman.

That night he dreamed of being touched. He dreamed he was in a warm inn and that a barmaid was fondling his cock. In his dreams, he sweated and he groaned as he was brought to climax.

Nash awoke to a dead fire. His seed had spilled itself inside his pants. What was stranger was that Nash realized he really was sweating.

He walked outside the cave. In the snow was an outline where someone had laid. He bent down and ran his hand among the impression. He traced the deep valley of where the breasts had pushed. He followed the curve of the hips and smiled as he watched how far the outline of the legs stretched. Nash stood back up and felt a little better. Hallucinations don’t usually leave such fine craters.

His smile was gone by midday. Nash wasn’t able to find the Snow Beast but the cunning monster had found him. The wind was the ally of the Snow Beast; blinding Nash and cloaking the roar of the creature with the fury of the storm. Nash only knew of the Snow Beast’s arrival when foot long claws ripped the fur and flesh from Nash’s back.

Nash Nighthammer held back his scream of pain. He did not hold back his anger as he attacked the Snow Beast with his warhammer. The explosion of rage powered Nash into a ferocious attack on the cursed monster.

For an hour they fought. Warhammer rang against supernatural claws. The roar of Snow Beast was matched by the roar of a warrior born. Blood and sweat fell on the snow from both opponents.

In the end, Nash slipped on a splash of blood. As he fell, the Snow Beast struck and pierced his chest. Nash gasped and passed out.

The Snow Beast, wounded and exhausted, left him for dead.

Nash bled on the snow. At one point he awoke to a tremendous pressure on his chest. Later, he awoke to a strange sensation of being dragged. He opened his eyes and saw the sky move slowly above him. He passed out and dreamed of fire and ice.

Nash awoke back in the cave. He felt his chest and a strip of fur was over his wound. Someone had bound his injury and did a damn good job of it.

She sat across from him in the cold cave. Her blue skin nearly glowed in the darkness. Her cloak was around her shoulders, and he saw that her white hair was cut short around her face. It was a warrior’s haircut.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Ki-ka,” the blue woman said.

“I am Nash Nighthammer,” he said.

She tilted her head. “Pu tul needok?”

Nash laughed. His chest hurt and he stopped. “I doubt we understand each other, but I am grateful to you.”

He shivered and noticed the fire was out. He groaned as he sat up. The blue woman watched him passively until he started to rub two sticks together.

“Neda!” she cried as she jumped up. She was obviously afraid of what he was doing.

“I am sorry if you are afraid of fire,” Nash said. “But I am cold. Understand cold?” Nash mimed the act of shivering. It wasn’t hard to act out as cold as he was.

“Kol?” she said.

Nash nodded and shivered again, this time for real.

The blue woman reached out and touched Nash’s hand. She gripped his fingers and touched them with curiosity.

Nash sighed at her touch. She was warm! No, she was almost feverishly hot to the touch. He touched her arm, and it was just as hot. They looked at each other with mutual curiosity. His fingers roamed her body while she did the same to him. She felt the cold of his chest while he felt the heat of her shoulders. She gripped the cold of his thighs while he traced the heat of her lips. She reached into his pants and felt the cold of his cock. Nash cupped her breasts and enjoyed the blazing warmth of her nipples.

“You have touched me here before, haven’t you?” he asked.

“Fek,” the blue woman groaned. Her grip around his cock tightened.

“Fek?” he asked.

She smiled. “Fek,” she growled.

The blue woman pushed him back down onto the fur bedroll. He was surprised by the strength of her push, but then again he wasn’t really resisting. She crawled on top of him with her wonderfully warm body. Her soft full breasts pressed against his chest and Nash moaned from the healing heat. Hot legs rubbed against his cold legs and Nash grabbed her buttocks as pulled her tighter. Every inch of her was life giving warmth.

She grabbed his face and kissed him. It was a rough kiss, full of passion and need. Her burning lips smashed against his while her molten snake of a tongue invaded his mouth. She took his mouth and Nash welcomed her desire. After weeks in the dead snow, the blue woman’s need was a welcome reminder of what it means to be alive.

When she broke their kiss, Nash gasped for breathe. The blue woman ground against him, the trickle of her desire smearing onto his cock. She looked down on him, her full blue breasts hanging before him.

“Fek,” she said.

“Fek,” he answered back.

She reached down and guided his cock into her. Nash growled as the furnace of her cunt embraced him. She was tight, but not a virgin. Nash briefly wondered if there were other blue people, or perhaps other wanderers of these cold wastes. The blue woman clenched down and Nash stopped thinking about such unimportant thoughts and gave into the bliss of the moment.

The blue woman rode him. She bent down low so that she could cover his cold body with hers. Large breasts pushed against Nash’s chest wound and he didn’t care. Powerful thighs straddled his hips as her cunt moved with the unrelenting pace of the wind. Hungry lips burned his cheeks with kisses.

Nash sweated in the cold cave. His body felt warm for the first time in weeks. Liquid fire covered his cock with each thrust. White hair surrounded their faces as they kissed. His hands gripped every curve of her ass as he warmed his palms and fingers on her.

She climaxed in a flood of heat. As her body froze in motion, Nash kept pumping underneath her.

“Fek, ek, fek,” the blue woman moaned.

Nash’s cock erupted in a fountain of lava. His cries were gagged with the blue woman’s tongue.

The exhausted warrior slept. The blue woman lay beside him, warming him against the night.

At one point he awoke to an empty cave. He heard a terrible sound of thunder and avalanches. Still exhausted, he fell back asleep before he could rise.

The next morning he opened his eyes to a fire. It was a nice blazing bonfire of tree branches. Nash was disappointed to be alone but he was appreciative of the thoughtfulness.

That was when he noticed the head of the Snow Beast. It sat beside his bedroll. The terrible eyes were still glowing with winter magic. Some of the teeth were broken from some terrible battle. He recognized the bruise above the right eye where he had smashed it yesterday with his hammer.

Nash frowned. He knew he hadn’t killed the Snow Beast yet here was the head. It must have been the blue woman. She must have killed it for him.

He thought about the monument of deeds and the long list of men who had brought back the head of the Snow Beast. For a moment Nash felt unworthy to have his name added but then he realized something. The merchants didn’t care how the Snow Beast died. The men who would not be killed by the monster didn’t care how it came to an end.

No one had to know how he earned the head of the Snow Beast.

Nash picked up his payment and packed his supplies. He waited for the blue woman but he didn’t see her. He had a feeling that she had what she came for.

He began the long walk home.

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  1. Heh. I wonder how many other “warriors” earned the head that same way.

    OH! I just got it! She “gave them head!”


    Great story, as usual :)

  2. Kathryn- Oh, that is a pun I wish I had included.

  3. Awesome little story. Absolutely lovely.

  4. t’sade- Thanks. It is the rare story that came out exactly how I wanted it to.

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