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Chief Scientist Xor was the greatest intellect of the Euphorian Empire and personal adviser to Queen Erishella herself. He held his exalted position for over three hundred years. Xor had served the Queen’s Grandfather, her father and now her. At this point, he was as much the property of the Queen as the Skull Throne itself.

Xor’s official job was to coordinate all of the science academies and brain slaves towards the glory of the kingdom. Some of the side benefits have been the extensive organ transplanting surgery which has given him his long life. It allowed him to transfer his first wife’s consciousness into his computers so that she could continue to aid him in his research. It also provided him with a cock and sex drive of a seventeen year old male.

The Chief Scientist’s unofficial job was in the declining of bribes.

“A message for you,” Lonni informed him. The miracle of being transferred to a computer meant she never lost that lovely accent of hers.

“On screen,” Xor said. He didn’t look up from the plasma weapon he was tinkering with.

“Chief Scientists Xor, greetings,” the man on the vidscreen said.

“Admiral,” what can I do for you?” Xor said.

“I heard you were working on a new weapon for the army. I was wondering if you could help the Space Navy stay competitive with their brethren.”

Chief Scientist Xor chuckled. “Queen Erishella would rather I didn’t. You know as well as I do that the Queen forbids the latest hand weapon technology to the Navy.”

“I am aware of what the Queen desires,” the Admirial said. “I was hoping that perhaps twenty new slaves from the Gem Moons would sway you to reconsider. All of them are recently captured and ripe for whatever you desire.”

“Tempting,” Chief Scientist Xor said. “But no.”

Lonni cut off the communication without being asked.

An hour later, another call came in. This time it was from a Count.

Chief Scientist Xor did not look up from the aphrodisiac he was implanting into a bed slave. “Good afternoon, Count.”

“Chief Scientist Xor, I want those Warbots for my personal guard,” the Count said. “This time I have an offer you won’t refuse.”

Chief Scientist Xor didn’t bother to argue. “Make your offer.”

“I have imported four concubines from the Kisa system,” the Count proclaimed. “Each one of them highly trained in the arts of science, poetry, dancing and sex.”

“I will have to decline your lovely offer,” Chief Scientist Xor said.

“I will throw in five hundred blood rubies!” the Count yelled.

“Again, very generous but I will decline,” Chief Scientist Xor said.

“Gods damn you!” the Count said. “I must have those Warbots! You may have my wife as well.”

“Give the Countess my regards, but no,” Chief Scientist Xor said.

“Would you rather have my son?” the Count offered.

Lonni cut off the transmission. Chief Scientist Xor went back to work.

“Sir?” Lonni asked.

“Another call?” Chief Scientist Xor asked.

“No sir. May I make a suggestion?”


“Five hundred blood rubies could buy me a cloned body,” Lonni said. “I could live again.”

“And you would grow old again,” Chief Scientist Xor said. “No, I like you the way you are. Now go back to those biotoxin calculations I asked you to do.”

“Yes sir,” Lonni said.

That night, Queen Erishella came to visit him herself. The Queen was wearing a gown of green straps across her body. Each strap was a few inches away from the next, allowing layered peeks of her magnificent body. Her full breasts were bound together with a single strap across her nipples. A strap above her dark bush of pubic hair seemed to highlight her sex rather than conceal it. Green straps held her long black hair in a tower of glory. Even her boots were straps that held the eight inch heels to the soles of her feet.

“My Queen,” Chief Scientist Xor said as he bowed.

Queen Erishella acknowledged him with a slight tilt of her head. “Report on the plasma upgrades.”

“The flesh melting setting is 80 percent faster, my Queen.”

“And the new Warbots I wanted?”

“The killing algorithms will now compensate for sexually pleasing targets and will capture instead of kill.”

“And how many bribes did you refuse today, my loyal Chief Scientist?”

Lonni answered for him. “Two, although one bribe was increased to three higher levels for a total of four.”

“Four bribes?” Queen Erishella said. “And did you refuse them?”

“Of course,” Chief Scientist Xor said. He was breathing hard.

Queen Erishella laughed. “I remember a time when you were not so loyal. Grandfather always suspected you gave our shield technology to the Lion People. Father was almost certain you sold the secrets of our robotics to the Wine Worlds. They both felt that they needed you too much to punish you, isn’t that right?”

“I have always been valued for my worth,” Chief Scientist Xor said carefully.

Queen Erishella smiled. She backhanded the old man and sent him spinning into his desk. A swift kick to his legs dropped him to the ground. He banged his head hard on the floor but it was her foot on his neck that was causing him to see stars. Her sharp heel was pressing into his jugular.

“Open your pants,” Queen Erishella said.

Chief Scientist Xor obeyed. He unzipped and released the large young cock he had surgically grafted to himself.

“You may stroke yourself,” Queen Erishella said.

“Thank you, my Queen!” he said. He used both hands and pumped his cock with fevered excitement.

“But you don’t accept bribes anymore, do you?” Queen Erishella said.

“No, my Queen!” he said.

“Because I know what your price really is,” the wise queen said. “I know what you secretly crave, don’t I?”

Queen Erishella pressed down with her foot. Chief Scientist Xor choked but kept stroking. “Please, my Queen!”

The Queen waited thirty seconds.

“You may climax,” she graciously said.

The young cock exploded in his hands. His tribute shot into the air. Xor was careful to make sure none of it landed on the Queen. He didn’t want to repeat THAT punishment.

“Glory to the Queen,” he gasped.

Queen Erishella stepped off of his throat. “Keep up the good work. I will return when you finish the prototype for the freezing whip I asked you for.

Chief Scientist Xor rolled over and kissed the Queen’s foot. “Yes, my majesty.”

Queen Erishella left his laboratory. Chief Scientist Xor picked himself up and zipped his pants back up. He touched his throat where she had pinned him.

“Lonni, let’s get to work. Pull up the designs for the ice dagger I made. Perhaps we can use that as a starting point.”

Because she knew how to reward him, Chief Scientist Xor went back to work.

  7 Responses to “Fiction: The Right Bribe”

  1. Q: if transplants had kept Xor alive and young for so long, wouldn’t it also be possible to keep Lonni alive and young, too? Xor dismissed the idea of restoring her to flesh kinda lightly.

    Still, a great read as always. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Hot and fun as always. Favorite line:

    ““Glory to the Queen,” he gasped.”

    Not sure why that amused me, but it did.

  3. The Count’s attempt of a bid got a good chuckle out of me, very amusing tale :)

    How do you come up with the costumes for Erishella? Have you got sketches lined up somewhere?

  4. Heh, that is amusing. Though, she must have really worked him over to get him at that point.

    I do like the fact he keeps his love in the computer, probably where she is more effective.


  5. JM Black- I suspect Xor put his wife inside a computer for entirely selfish reasons. An off switch comes to mind.

    Kathryn- I think I might make that declaration standard.

    Mystique- Oh I wish I did have sketches lined up. Mostly I trawl through Tumblr and look for outfits. I should set up a Erishella folder.

    t’Sade- Good help is so hard to dominate these days.

  6. ‘an off switch comes to mind’ – rofl

    I love the Queen series…takes me back to Flash Gordon every time…but SO much better.

  7. Musns- What held flash Gordon back was Flash Gordon. Ming was very pimp.

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