Jan 252010

Claire Currie waited for punishment. She kneeled on the seat of the chair, resting her hands on its back. She wasn’t wearing a skirt or her thong. Every inch of her round black ass was exposed. When the spanking begins, she would be expected to hold this pose without moving a muscle.

She deserved the punishment. Her boss, Mr. Dillon, has required of her to study bestiality fiction of the 1960’s. She wasn’t fond of the stories she was forced to read and it showed in her testing. Claire could only identify four of the sixteen trends of the genre. She could name two authors. She could not identify the significance of a pig’s penis. For a librarian of erotic books, she had performed atrociously.

So here she waited. Mr. Dillon might use a belt. He might use his hand. For her lack of performance, he may even use one of his personal paddles. Claire knew the paddles hurt the worse. They were not designed for pleasure, but for discipline.

There might be sex. Mr. Dillon might fuck her mouth when her ass was a stinging mess of battered nerve endings. He may just as easily have her cunt or her ass. Claire’s entire body was at his service, but it would not temper the punishment. No, the sex was just something he indulged in.

Claire clenched her buttocks in anticipation. She felt her glasses slipping down her nose but she dared not move. Mr. Dillon was behind her. He might be watching. He might be napping for all she knew. It didn’t change anything. Claire would keep the pose he commanded.

The worse thing about it all was that Claire knew she deserved it. She was a librarian and whether she cared for a topic or not she had a duty to know all forms of erotica. As a librarian, Mr. Dillon expected better from her. The waiting, the spanking and the undoubtedly rough sex that was to follow were all things she deserved. Claire knew it.

So she waited. Before Mr. Dillon had taken a single step towards her, Claire had already resolved to never flinch from a topic again. Before he had grabbed the back of her hair, Claire had resolved to take her duties more seriously. Before the first swoosh of the paddle cutting through the air, Claire had decided that she would never fail Mr. Dillon again.

When the paddle smacked into her ass, Claire moaned with absolution.

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  1. Identifing with Claire was almost to easy, she is still one of my favorites, glad you keep her close. mermaid

  2. mermaid- Thnaks. I could write about Claire every day I think.

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