Dec 142009

Are you tired of seeing commemorative plates about things that don’t really matter? Do you really want to have a display case filled with past politicians, celebrities and cute dogs? Have you been longing for the chance to spend 50$ on a ceramic plate about something you really care about?

Von Madd Laboratories is proud to present the latest in must have erotic memorabilia. Using our patented Time Viewing Voyuer technology, we can create a plate commemorating the things that are really important to you. That’s right, now you can purchase a plate that shows your best erotic moments!

Get a plate depicting your first fuck! Get a plate that glorifies your first oral sex! Get a collection of plates depicting the best sex you had with each lover! Get a plate showing your first threesome! Get a plate depicting your second threesome where no one cried!

But what if your life is not all that interesting? Have no fear you poor bastard! For a small 1000% mark up, you can get commemorative plates about the sex lives of other people! Want some plates showing the really cool sex your ex-girlfriend never did with you? You can have it! Want a plate showing what your hot neighbor does in her bedroom? You can have it! Want a plate that graphically displays what your dad was doing with all of those clown dolls he collected? Of course you do!

Order now and receive a a complimentary Tumblr account that real time blogs your sexual activities! This 5$ dollar value is free to you if you act now!

  3 Responses to “Your Commemorative Plates”

  1. I’ve missed Otto.

  2. Salacious- :)

    Anonymous- I know! I was surprised to here from him that day.

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