Dec 182009

I learned that Isabella Ardigo is one hot lady. A Penthouse Pet in April 1979, I had forgotten all about her till I was going through some archives. When I saw her again I was taken back to my youth and how fascinated I was by this lady. Exotic, beautiful and cold, I see a lot of her in some of my current characters.

I learned that when I am really stressed with work, my favorite game to unwind is a free game you can download on the Internet. Spelunky is an old school platformer game that randomly creates the level every time you play. That means 50% of the time it is hilariously unfair and the other 50% of the time, you are doing high-fives with yourself because of your awesome skills.

I learned that an Ipod Nano rocks. 8 gigs on a device the size of my finger?

I learned that I still have a capacity for crude humor. I am enjoying Apocalypse Lane way too much. It is a web cartoon about a bunch of mutated losers. The main character is a foul mouthed three-legged cat named Cuddles. If you only watch one episode, watch the Poker Night one.

I learned that there are still sexy music videos out there that i haven’t seen.

I learned that even though I haven’t even published my Choose Your Own Porn story yet, I am itching to write another one. I suspect it comes from the fact that I gave up tabletop role-playing games to focus on my writing. Players always want to supply their own lines of dialogue damn it. In my Wizard’s Harem story, I got to create a sexy adventure and do all the cool hero dialogue. I want to do that again. The next adventure will take place on a space pirate ship and feature a submissive woman. I just have to clone myself and start writing it.

Most of all, I learned that December is a fucking busy time to try to get any real writing done.

  2 Responses to “What Did We Learn This Week, Shon?”

  1. I love that music video. I looked for it after 7chan had this banner of that delectable ass in an endless loop. There are some other good ones from that group, all with the same woman composited in different scenes. The soccer one was pretty interesting also (I think the name is Hands Out). Less lovely ass shots though. :P

  2. T’sade- It was a toss up between this one and the soccer one. I loved the video game graphics in that one.

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