Dec 042009

I don’t read as much porn as I used to. Fuck, I hardly read any these days.

I do watch a lot of mysteries and not the CSI forensic hunt stuff. I watch mysteries where you have to talk to people, figure out their dynamics and understand motives. Not that I don’t enjoy forensic science, but people-mysteries are about people, and people have sex.

I do watch a lot of science fiction because I enjoy entertainment where anything is possible. I like people visit a new planet and encounter something odd. The explanation could be anything. Was there a planet wide transporter accident? Did a super virus convert everyone to dust? Is it time travel? When anything is possible, the brain expands to try to anticipate it.

I do read a lot of game design blogs. I don’t know if I am just lucky, but I have yet to find a blog by a game designer where he sits around and talks about the things he wishes he was doing. He fucking does things. It is damn inspiring. Blogging sometimes comes across as an exercise in procrastination while game designers treat their blog as their record of progress.

I watch a lot of history shows. I used to think that nothing was interesting unless there were some Elves and Dwarfs but shit, real history is ten times more brutal. Learn about the history of United States fruit companies enslaving third world countries and you have a world of BDSM you are never going to see on Fleshbot.

I’ve stopping read comic books because it occurred to me that they are more interested in making me buy the next big crossover than they are with telling a good story. Stick to the good stories. Life is too short.

I do watch comedies because we all need to laugh. Especially pornographers.

I do read a lot of blogs about horror movies. The horror movie blog world is very introspective, almost more so than porn. They discuss their guilty pleasures. Not the guilty pleasures that get you a hundred profile hits on Fetlife, but the guilty pleasures that make people go “And I used to respect that guy!” Horror bloggers write about their passions and I find them more real than a lot of sex blogs.

As for porn, I don’t read that much. I should. The trick to being a good writer is reading and absorbing what you like. I go through phases where I will read a sex blog and then you can almost measure the moment that their enthusiasm fades and they start writing more of what people liked in the past. There is a line where they stop writing about what interests them, and they try to deliver what they think people want.

What people want is you. They want the thing you are excited about because excitement is infectious. I do not write Erishella because I think people were in the mood for my flights of flash Gordon fancy. I can pretty much guarantee there was no demand for it, but because I loved the idea and because I had ideas from watching history, science fiction and movies, I ran with it. I think people like it but what is more important is that I love it. Happy me.

  4 Responses to “Tastes”

  1. There is really a point when it gets hard to be “interesting”. When I wrote Endless Gears, I had this goal of writing a little bi-sexual fantasy blog in character. I only planned on going for a year or so, right up to the point he ascended.

    I’ll fully admit, I should have stopped at that point, but I kept on writing because people were encouraging me. And… I got lost in the story. I didn’t really have anything beyond that ascension and the story really suffered because of that.

    Of course, my problem is that I want to do everything. And I get lovely ideas from the game, horror, YA, and erotic blogs, but seemed to have lost that drive to actually finish any new project.

    Hopefully, after I finish my masters, I’ll start making things again. But, I already know I won’t go back to Endless Gears.

  2. T’sade! Woot, glad to see you.

    OMG, when I was writing my fiction blog I had to throw out a week of writing because it hit that same wall. I got so tied up in water purification that I forgot I was telling a story, sigh.

    A Masters degree is a bitch to get. Once you finish it, you’ll have energy for other more important things :)

  3. Yeah, tell me about it. This last class is a killer because I really don’t care anymore. I just want it over. End and over.

    I really am looking forward to the new projects. I want to clean up my DG and DL and see if I could self-publish them (or if they are worth self-publishing of course). The hard part is knowing when to cut something off, to end it and move on to the next project.

    But, next year is going to be a… very fun year, I’m hoping.

  4. T’sade- I find that I never do open ended projects anymore. I pick my cut-off point and stick to it no matter how much I want to continue it. It is the only way I can move on to other projects.

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