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Selane Danic, second daughter of the Count of the Gem Moon of Sapphiran, was not afraid. She felt she should be. The vile armies of Euphoria were laying waste to her world and the Citadel was under siege. The Wicked Queen Erishella was here herself, which meant she wanted to personally survey the rape of Sapphiran and her people.

That would explain the multitude of dead bodies around her. Selane, along with her sisters, cousins, unmarried aunts and distant blood relations of feminine gender, had been gathered to this last stronghold. Here they were to wait for the outcome of the war, and in case of certain defeat, commit suicide before the terrible Euphorian soldiers had a chance to disgrace them.

“I shall mourn you sister,” Romas, her bother, had said to her. “I shall fight with my last breathe against the Euphorians. We can not possibly win but at least their sick Queen will not get a chance to plunder the flower of Sapphiran womanhood.”

That was an hour ago before Romas had left to defend the front gates. Selane looked down at the vial in her hand. Her sisters had already taken the poison and died quite peacefully. Her aunts had taken it and looked magnificent in their death gowns. Even the quasi-noble cousins had passed on rather than risk defilement.

Selane puts her poison away. She walked to the thick doors made of alien steel. She typed on the lockpad and keyed in the two hundred digit sequence. The lock chimed open.

The doors opened to reveal a rather confused looking army. The soldiers lowered the drilling lasers they had brought with almost sheepish looks on their faces. When they saw the floor filled with corpses behind her, they took a step back from her in fear.

Selane was about to say something when the army parted before her. Queen Erishella marched towards her, surrounded by a squad of bodyguards. As she stepped past her soldiers they dropped to their knees in submission.

It was easy to see why. Erishella was in full regalia. Gold armor clung to her body as if it had been painted on. Gold discs covered her nipples while a golden version of the Skull Throne adorned her abdomen. She walked barefoot with gold bands circling her thighs and calves. Her curly black hair fell about her body like a shroud. Even though it was technically a battlefield, the Queen’s near nakedness made her appear as a Goddess among the carnage.

“You didn’t commit suicide,” Queen Erishella said. “I want to know why.”

Selane looked behind her. “I was curious to see what they were afraid of.”

Queen Erishella nodded. “And what do you think?”

It never occurred to Selane to lie. “Whatever you wish to do to me has to be more interesting than living as a Count’s daughter.”

Erishella laughed. “What is your name, Count’s daughter?”

“Selane,” she said.

“I shall give you your own name as a gift,” Erishella said. “You may keep it. My second gift is your life. What do you say to that?”

Selane looked at the army and then looked back at the Queen. “Is there a third gift?”

“Clever girl,” Erishella said. The Queen turned to a sergeant.

“Take Selane here to Chief Scientist Xor,” Erishella said. “Tell him that she is a candidate for my pet project.”

The sergeant saluted and grabbed Selane by the arm. Brutality from someone other than her father was a new experience to her. She realized she had made the right choice.


Selane had never endured an examination like this. She was naked and strapped down to a table. Chief Scientist Xor kept poking, pinching and fondling her. Was this indignity? Selane liked how it made her heart beat faster.

“Nice blonde hair,” Chief Scientist Xor said. He wasn’t speaking to her. The strange man was speaking to a computer that spoke back to him in a female voice.

“Hair analysis show that her hair is naturally that shade of yellow,” the computer said.

“Good, good,” Chief Scientist Xor said. “Breasts are plump and firm. A monthly injection of Firma-fluid should keep them that way. Her tongue has only a salivation factor of four. We can correct that in surgery. How deep is her penetration?”

Selane gasped. Something warm and long had entered her sex. She cried out as it filled her and then kept going. Just when she thought she couldn’t handle anymore, the violation retracted.

“A nine on the Depth Scale,” the female voice reported.

“Excellent,” Chief Scientist Xor said. “We won’t need to do surgery there at least. It will give me more time to work on her anal sculpting. Sedate her now.”

Something sharp poked Selane. She winced in pain. To her surprise, Chief Scientist Xor stroked her face.

“Stay calm,” he said. “I am about to do my greatest work yet.”


The hood was pulled off of Selane’s head. She blinked as she tried to take in her surroundings. It was an opulent bedroom. It was larger than most throne rooms back on Sapphiran. The bed alone was large enough to hold ten people.

Erishella stepped from behind her. She dropped the hood to the floor. Like Selane, the Queen was naked too. Despite their common nudity, Selane couldn’t help feel the superiority radiate off the Queen.

“Good evening, Selane,” Erishella said.

Selane tried to answer but all that came out of her mouth were soft squeaks. True panic gripped her as she tried to talk. Her throat felt fine but all the sound she could make was these delicate quiet sqeaks.

“You no longer need your voice,” Erishella said.

Selane could only squeak in acknowledgment.

She felt Erishella’s hand touch her bare back. A thrill of pleasure rippled over her body. The panic over losing her voice vanished instantly, replaced by a feeling that was similar to contentment, but far more satisfying.

Selane didn’t know what it was but she wanted more of it.

“Liked that, did you?” Erishella asked. The Queen stood in front of her.

Selane nodded.

Erishella reached out and placed her finger on Selane’s nipple. Slowly, she drew her finger around the nipple and then down the curve of her breast.

Selane sighed happily. She pressed herself into the Queen’s finger and when the queen moved her hand away, Selane stepped forward to follow her hand.

“Greedy girl,” Erishella said. “Your body has been rewired to release endorphins when touched. Subliminal blocks prevent you from receiving pleasure from anyone but me. Would you like to be petted some more?”

Selane squeaked in urgency.

Erishella turned around and walked towards the bed. Selane tried to follow without being told. Something within her couldn’t let the Queen walk away. She wondered if it was something they did to her brain. After the experience of being touched, Selane didn’t think they needed to.

As soon as she took her first step, Selane felt her legs give way. She tried to stand back up, but her legs refused. It was if she had forgotten how to walk. Selane squeaked in frustration but the Queen ignored her.

Selane could crawl though. Her arms and knees allowed her to crawl forward. She was conscious of how her hips swayed as she crawled. Her breasts swung back and forth as she crawled, bouncing together with quiet collisions.

Queen Erishella sat on the edge of her bed. She parted her legs and ran her fingers along her thick bush of pubic hair. The Queen looked down at Selane.

“Have a taste,” the Queen demanded.

Selane crawled between the Queen’s legs. She had made love with her handmaidens like all noblewomen of Sapphiran, but this was different. As soon as her face came near the Queen’s sex, the scent overwhelmed her senses. Her mouth watered and her own sex ached with need.

She looked up at Erishella, her eyes asking the question she will never articulate.

The Queen was through with explanations. “Now!” she growled.

Selane did as she was commanded. She parted the thick pubic hair. Her tongue reached out to lick the first drop of desire from the queen’s cunt.

A thrill ran through her. The liquid she licked was a brief drop of wonder. It tasted delicious. It tasted like the greatest food ever.

Selane had to have more. She buried her face in Erishella’s pubic hair. Her fingers parted the Queen’s lips so that her tongue could dive deep into the pool of flavor. Selane’s lips sealed over Erishella’s nether lips as she tried to taste every inch of the Queen.

The Queen groaned and grabbed Selane’s hair. The Queen was cruel with her fingers as she grabbed thick handfuls of Selane’s blonde hair in her fists. Selane whimpered at the pain in her scalp but she didn’t stop licking.

She couldn’t imagine a pain that would make her stop.

Licking the Queen was doing curious things to Selane’s body. Her own sex was flushing with desire. Every lick she took of the Queen’s cunt was sending pleasure to her own sex. Usually licking her handmaidens aroused her, but this was different. This wasn’t arousal, this was pleasure. Selane’s sex was stimulated by eating the Queen.

Selane licked faster. Her tongue savored the Queen’s clitoris. She alternated being eating the Queen and showering her sex with kisses. The Count’s daughter shamelessly held onto the Queen’s thighs as she tried to lick every delicious fulfilling drop.

Selane climaxed. Her body trembled with the strange orgasm. Without a single touch on her sex, she had climaxed harder than she had in her entire twenty years of life. The Queen’s grip on her hair kept her licking, although Selane would have gladly kept licking on her own.

Queen Erishella came soon afterwords. Powerful thighs gripped tightly around Selane’s head. The Queen screamed her orgasm with a regal passion.

Pride flushed within Selane. She was grateful that she was able to give the Queen a small measure of what she herself felt.

The Queen pulled Selane up to her. Together, they crawled under the covers. Selane fell asleep clutching Erishella’s thigh.


A sound awakened Selane. She opened her eyes and looked up. The bedroom was dark, but she could smell something. She realized what she was smelling was someone other then Erishella.

“Selane, is that you?” a voice said.

Selane lifted her head. There, clad in back and wielding a small pistol. She nodded her head in response to the question.

“Selane, it’s me, Romas,” the voice said. “By the Gem Moons, I had no idea you had been captured before committing suicide!”

“Romas!” Selane thought to herself. How had her brother made it to the flagship of the Queen? What glorious adventures must he have had to make it this far?

“Stay quiet, sister,” Romas said before she could show him that she could not in fact, speak. “One burst of plasma to the Bitch Queen’s head and the war will be over.”

One burst of plasma. One melted skull and Selane would be free. She would become a rare commodity in Sapphiran as one of the few women left with noble blood. Many great men would court her. She would be housed in a great palace with handmaidens to wait on her.

Selane pointed at the pistol and held out her hand.

“Of course,” Romas whispered grimly. “After all you have suffered; it is only fitting that she die at your hands.”

He handed her the pistol. She looked down at it and wondered how something so small could be so powerful. A single burst of plasma.

Selane shot her brother. She aimed for the chest so she would guarantee she would not miss. The bright light blinded hurt and prevented her from seeing her brother turn to ash.

A firm hand took the pistol away. Another hand touched her thigh and she moaned from the bliss. The fingernails gripped her thigh deep enough to draw blood, but all Selane felt was pleasure.

“Good pet,” Erishella said. “Very good pet. Maybe I should capture another noblewoman and give you a playmate.”

Selane purred.

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  1. Oh, I really love this one. It reminded me actually of Simon Green’s Deathstalker series, where the queen does something a bit more impersonal but not too different than this.

    But, I like your version a lot more.

  2. T’sade- Thanks, this took forever to work out.

  3. Ooooh, yum.

    Class is done, I have to time to catch up!

  4. Musns- lol, catching up is the best part.

  5. You read much Niven? There is a story in the Man/Kzin war series (maybe also by Pournell, although probably by someone else entirely) about a woman getting captured by the Kzin and turned more or less into a cat by a Kzin scientist, the Kzin thinking the naked apes ugly (and wanting to experiment). Anyway, some similarities here, although I think your story had more of a point to it that the Kzin one.

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