Dec 242009

Claire Currie closed her bedroom door. Downstairs, her mother and father were watching something on the telly. They were bloated from dinner and egg nog. Claire herself was quite exhausted. She only saw her parents once a year for Christmas and her mother had made all of her favorite foods. Claire was full and ready to sleep but one thing was keeping her awake. She hadn’t opened the gift from her boss yet.

She looked at the bedroom door for a lock. Even though she had grown up in this room, she had never needed the lock before. Claire was happy to see one. She clicked the button and relaxed.

“Being a librarian requires privacy,” Claire said out loud. It sounded like something Mr. Dillon would say. Of course, being a librarian doesn’t require privacy. It was being a librarian for the world’s greatest collection of erotica that made privacy necessary. Mr. Dillon being who he was, Claire fully expected his gift to be an erotic book.

Before she opened it, Claire decided to get properly ready. She stripped off her sweater and blouse to expose her large brown breasts barely contained by her bra. Although she did not have to adhere to uniform standards of the Collection on her vacation, Claire still preferred to. Because it was a Thursday she was wearing an electric blue thong with a matching bra. Claire stripped off her pants and chuckled at how poorly the thing covered her thick black bush of pubic hair. Mr. Dillon would approve.

Nearly naked, Claire sat on her bed and took out the slender package. She stretched out her long brown legs and put the package between her thighs. Mr. Dillon had given it to her right as she was about to climb into the taxi. She had no idea where he was going for his vacation, but Claire knew she would miss him. He was her boss, but he was also the man who stripped, spanked, fondled, humiliated and fucked her.

“Don’t open it till Christmas Eve, Ms. Currie,” he had told her.

Claire had obeyed. She had enjoyed her time with her family but they didn’t understand the erotic nature of her work. They only knew she gathered rare books. Claire had never told them how each and every book was a treasure of smut and pornography.

The last few days had been oddly lonely. They would tell her a funny story about her sister, Madeline, and her two kids. Claire couldn’t exactly respond with the humorous story of what happened when Mr. Dillon brutally fucked her ass while she read out loud from a limerick book. Claire found herself editing out the most interesting parts of her life when she talked to her family. She loved her job but she never realized how much she had to keep to herself.

Now that it was Christmas Eve, Claire couldn’t wait to open her gift and reconnect in a small way with Mr. Dillon. She ripped open the wrapping very carefully. It would be a book, that is for certain, but what kind of rare and fascinating book would Mr. Dillon give?

The book was a cheap paperback from the 60’s. A lurid cover showed a librarian being spanked by a man and a woman. It was titled “The Librarian Whore’. No author was listed.

Claire’ training kicked in. The book was made of inferior pulp. There was water damage on the cover. The publishing company was a cheap outfit that published no remarkable works. Mr. Dillon bought books for the sake of the collection being complete, not because of quality. Claire estimated its value to be barely three dollars.

She was disappointed but she opened the book. Mr. Dillon had written something on the copyright page. Claire was really surprised. Mr. Dillon hated any sort of defacement on a book. Maybe he didn’t consider this cheap piece of shit to be a real book.

“Dear Ms. Currie. Please accept this gift as recognition of your somewhat adequate performance this year. Read and remember Ms. Currie, no spoilers.”

Claire frowned. For this she had been anxious all week? This is what she looked forward to while her dad bored her with stories about politics? Claire thought about her mother’s questions about why Claire didn’t get a nice quiet librarian job back in Britain. At the time Claire couldn’t imagine giving up her job with the Collection but now she was having second thoughts.

“Somewhat adequate performance!” Claire said out loud. It was a perfect imitation of Mr. Dillon’s American accent. To her annoyance, she found herself getting wet at her own impersonation of his voice.

She started to read. The book was precisely the drivel she was expecting. It was about a librarian named Regina. On the very first page, Regina was seduced by a young college boy and was already on her knees. There was barely two sentences describing Regina but the blowjob was worthy of two pages of description.

Claire turned the page. At the top of the next page was more of Mr. Dillon’s handwriting. The message was brief and to the point.

“Suck something appropriate for five minutes.”

Well now. Claire’s mood brightened considerably. Something appropriate? Perhaps Mr. Dillon meant her nipples. She glanced down at the page and saw that the blowjob was still continuing in the story. Claire felt that Mr. Dillon was referring to cock. That was not readily available. What would her strict boss consider as an adequate substitute?

She looked around her bedroom. Sitting on her nightstand was her brush. The handle was quite thick. Not cock thick, but it would do.

Claire took the brush and slipped it into her lips. The irregular shape was a challenge but Claire was up to the task. She had a lot of practice when it came to sucking. Mr. Dillon thought face fucking was good way to wake up on a Saturday morning. Claire relaxed her throat and let the brush handle slip all the way in.

Three minutes went by so slowly. Claire licked and sucked with the same enthusiasm she would give Mr. Dillon. As she sucked, she found herself actually interested in what happens to Regina next. As her own cunt grew wetter, Claire hoped Regina got some satisfying sex soon.

When the three minutes were up, Claire removed the brush. She made sure to suck every bit of moisture from it as it left her lips. She imagined every drop of spit was Mr. Dillon’s seed.

Claire picked the book back up. She started to flip through the pages to see how much more writing Mr. Dillon had added. A split second later, Claire remembered his instructions and stopped. No spoilers. She had thought that was just a comment on Mr. Dillon’s usual policy on spoilers but now she knew better. She would have to find out what else Mr. Dillon had in store for her the old fashioned way.

Claire leaned back in her bed. She spread her legs wide and resisted the urge to touch herself. The thong was pressing hard against her wet sex. Her nipples tingled with arousal against her bra. It was Christmas Eve and Claire Currie was horny enough to fuck an entire college of men.

“Please let there be stroking,” she whispered. “Please let there be a little spanking. Please let there be an orgasm.”

Claire smiled to herself. This was proving to be a worthy gift after all. It was a gift worthy of an erotic librarian.

She read all night long.

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  1. Oh, better than a choose your own adventure story. Yummy! I love the promise in there, though I’d be curious about the spanking with her parents downstairs. :)

  2. T’sade- A Librarian knows how to be discreet :)

  3. mmm I want a choose your own adventure that involves reader interaction! If you make the right choice, you get rewarded… if you make the wrong choice, you get 10 minutes of stroking with no release. :)

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