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Once upon a time there was a wonderful Island. The temperature was always warm and by royal decree, the rain fell only at night unless there was a wet t-shirt contest. The coconuts were always juicy and the fish leaped into the boats so they could be fried with wonderful spices. The sun always shined unless it was Christmas Eve. On that day, snow was permitted to fall and turn the Island into a Winter Paradise.

Nobody liked Christmas more than the beautiful Island Princess. She received gifts every day of the year because she was so pretty, but on Christmas she got the really good gifts. She received jeweled flowers to put in her long black hair. She would get a new grass skirt made of exotic grasses to go around her lovely hips and firm ass. Christmas was when she would get her new coconut bra to go over her massive royal breasts. The coconut bra would be adorned with precious gems and have spectacular support.

Yes, the Island Princess loved Christmas not because it was a happy time of year or because of good will towards commoners. She loved it because it was when she got really good gifts. That is what Christmas meant to her.

One Christmas Eve, the Island Princess was waiting in bed for Santa to come. She was counting dolphins in her head when a terrible noise alarmed her. The Island Princess sat up in bed and let the blanket fall from her bare chest.

A shimmering white form was at the head of her bed. It was a handsome man carrying massive heavy chains. The Island Princess could see right through him. He was a ghost!

“Who are you? And why are you disturbing my sleep?” the Island Princess commanded.

“I am the Island Prince of four hundred years ago!” the ghost moaned. “I was once like you. I was the most handsome Prince the Island had ever seen! I was selfish and always demanded more gifts for Christmas. I never once gave to the poor or let a pauper take my place so we could learn a valuable lesson. Now as punishment, I must go through the afterlife carrying these heavy chains made from my own selfish desires!”

The Island Princess looked at the handsome Ghost Prince. He wore nothing but chains across his broad chest and masculine thighs. Chains were wrapped around his powerful arms and across his big shoulders. A giant padlock covered his manhood but it could not cover all of it.

“Wow, you really are quite handsome,” the Island Princess said.

The Ghost Prince hesitated. “Uh, thank you. But be warned! I have come to tell you that you will be visited by three ghosts! Umm, would you mind pulling the blanket over your breasts? It is hard to focus when you are like that.”

The Island Princess cupped her breasts in her hands. She covered her nipples but the way she squeezed her breasts just drew attention to how plump they were. It didn’t help that she was pouting her lips as well.

“Three ghosts?” The Island Princess said. “Are they as handsome as you?”

“What?” the Ghost Prince said. “Uh, no. The Ghost of Island Christmas Past is a slender woman with a hook nose. The Ghost of Island Christmas Present is a big fat man with a beard. The Ghost of Island Christmas Future is all in shadows because his final reveal will be a big psychological surprise so I don’t want to spoil it.”

The Island Princess rose up to her knees in bed. The blanket fell away to reveal her lack of sleeping underwear and her abundance of pubic hair. She lowered her chin in a coy manner. “I’d rather talk to you,” she said.

The giant padlock rang as something hard slapped against it. The Ghost Prince blushed.

“It is very important you talk to them,” the Ghost Prince said. “They will teach you the true meaning of Christmas. They will show you the sad story of Fat Jim, a child on your island who eats who overeats and needs proper exercise equipment that your riches could provide. You will see your past and how your selfishness has caused people on the Island to eat too many sweet foods. You will feel bad for the child and even cry when you find out he dies choking on fried fish. It will change your life.”

“Sounds boring,” the Island Princess said. She yawned and removed her hands from her breasts to cover her mouth. “Can’t you tell them to go bother someone else? I bet my cook could do with a good morality lesson. She is always so mean to me when I send back her desserts.”

The Ghost Prince looked at the naked Princess. “Uh, I don’t know. You don’t want to end up like me. You know, covered in chains and haunting people.”

“I don’t know,” the Island Princess said. “It looks kind of sexy.”

The Island Princess reached out and touched his chest. To her surprise, he was solid. She ran her fingers over his firm chest and down to his hips. The Ghost Prince jumped back.

“Wait! I really need to get the three ghosts here,” he said. “Really, you’ll like the lessons. There is time travel and Fat Jim is really cute.”

“Not as cute as you,” the Island Princess said. She reached under his giant padlock and grabbed his cock. Still on the bed, the Island Princess got down on all fours and took the Ghost Prince’s cock into her mouth.

The Ghost Prince moaned. He moaned so loud, that he woke up the whole Palace. The Island King hid under his bed for fear that the Americans were finally invading to take all of the Island riches.

The Island Princess sucked. Her full lips wrapped around the ghostly cock and as tight as a clam shell. She ran her tongue over the perfect cock that was worthy of her mouth. The Island Princess swallowed every inch of his cock; her lips nibbling until she felt his ghostly balls on her chin.

“Oh!” the Ghost Prince moaned. “Wow, it has been a long time. Oh yes, grab my ass! By the volcano! Where did you learn that trick with your tongue?”

The Island Princess said nothing but she let her tongue do the talking. She moved her hips back and forth as she sucked; knowing the Ghost Prince would watch every sway of her bottom. She took the Ghost Prince’s hands and placed them on her breasts so that the otherworldly phantom could feel what a real woman felt like. Finally, the Island Princess looked up at the Ghost Prince with her big brown eyes. The gaze of the Island Princess has melted lesser men, but having their cock in her mouth was a rare bonus.

The Ghost Prince climaxed. The Island Princess swallowed every spectral drop because he was a Prince after all.

When he was finished, the Island Princess laid back on her bed.

“You know,” The Island Princess said, “if the other Ghosts don’t come by that would give you all night to stay with me.”

The Ghost Prince looked down at his heavy chains. “You are probably right. You would look sexy in chains.”

The Ghost Prince climbed into bed. They had sex all night long. The three Ghosts of Christmas got tired of waiting and ended up haunting a bar instead. Fat Jim spent the night dreaming of the Christmas cake he knew was waiting for him under the tree.

And that is the story of how the Island Princess did not learn a damn thing about the true meaning of Christmas.

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  1. Shon, you are such a tease!

  2. Mermaid- Thanks :) Being a tease is a good thing for a writer I think.

  3. You were right. I fucking LOVED this story. hehehe!!!

    Incredible. Fun. Hot. Wonderful.

    I liked it :)

    thanks Shon!!! You made my day.

  4. Kathryn- I had a feeling this would be up your alley :)

  5. Oatmeal girl – :)

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