Dec 222009

I picked up this sweet Holiday Theme sketch of the Baroness from ebay. It was a little gift to myself for making it through another year without any major breakdowns.

Drawn by the fearsome Frelncr, I can’t recommend his work enough.

  2 Responses to “Baroness Gift”

  1. Ho ho ho, indeed, darling.

    Though, for optimum performance of that line, you have to imagine that line said in that in the Euro-vamp accent of hers and not typed out on your blog by some saggy, baggy middle-aged dude from Brooklyn.

    It’s the best I can do.

    I also have a confession. I needed something to read, so I broke down and opened your gift. Thank you. I’m shocked you remembered that I had never read RL before and expressed an interest. That’s truly thoughtful.

  2. CRwM- Ha, that Euro-Vamp accent of hers is a fetish onto itself. I miss it.

    I’m glad you like the books! It is the least I can do for you introducing me to ‘The Terror’, which may be my favorite book I read this year.

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