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George Sportelli invited me to write some plots for a comic project he is working on. I was delighted to be asked and the short nature of the project allowed me to be brief and not ramble off on a 200 page idea. Scripting is a neat challenge as I get to present things without narrating them. I never have that luxury in writing. I also rarely am given permission by someone else to be as crazy as I want to. It has been a wonderful experience.

While discussuing self-publishing, George suggested that I start printing my catalog of stories. My ego loves the idea. Buddha knows I have enough stories, the question then becomes, which stories? Sometimes I feel like I have more styles than Madonna. I have already given these stories away for free, which ones would readers pay for?

Not that making money is really a concern. I have no delusions about my readership. Heck, I am such a cheapskate I am not sure I would pay for them. I wrote for money once and the truth of the matter is I took the money mostly for the prestige of being paid for writing. I am secure enough in myself that I don’t need that kind of recognition. Cell Phone Slave will never be as famous as Anita Blake, but I am proud of what I write. My stories are good and at the end of my life, that is all I will care about.

Still, I should charge something if for no other reason than to pay for the art I want to commission for the covers. I hate attaching money values so I might just go with five dollars as a catch all price. Being a cheapskate, I will work hard to make sure five dollars buys a bunch of Shon Richards fun.

So Cell Phone Slave is a given. I mean, I have to publish that one. This Choose-Your-Own-Porn story is a given too. That leaves a couple of other longer stories that I think deserves a chance in PDF format. I’m putting up a poll to get your feedback.

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  1. One problem with your pole. I would vote for more than one story, but it would only let me pick one!

  2. Kristie lol, good point. Feel free to pick your favorite and list others in the comments.

  3. Exactly! I was gonna say why the hell is the poll not a multiple choice option, fix it!! < /rabid fangirl>

    Craziness aside, I’d personally pay for your entire collection of all the Otto shorts plus the volleyball story (no prizes for knowing what I voted for then).

    There’s such… wackiness (for lack of a better word), to me with those stories, it’s just a great display of human creativity and imagination to whip up some of the inventions and concepts that the good doctor engages in, all in the name of science (and sex of course). ^^

    Since I’m in the category of ‘non BDSM’, my inclinations lay more to the fantasy/sci-fi stories like the Voluptumancer, Island Princess, Nighthammer stories or The Wolf Inside, which funnily enough I actually enjoyed despite its nature, I liked the edge it had.
    If you were to split your tales into two categories like that and compile them, that’d be an interesting way to play it, but if I’m reading correctly, you’re gonna mix them and use the votes to help decide what else gets included.

    Eitherway, it’s all Shon magic that allows the little lexophile inside of me curl up in literary orgasmic bliss, so it’s all good. (^.^)b

  4. *doh* >_<
    – times like these when the edit button would be a nice feature :p
    “Nash Nighthammer” is his name, I do apologise~

  5. I would also like to see the Haunted House of Bondage and Her Cabin Boy. I too am a cheap person, but I think your stories would be worth the money.

  6. Mystique- Otto is a weird subject for me. He has been really quiet in my head and I feel like if I collect his stories I will be officially saying that I am done writing him. I know that is purely in my head, but it is how it feels. An Otto collection would be neat though.

    It is an interesting idea to gather the Nighthammer, Island Princess and Voluptumancer stories together. I like it alot.

    Poop, I call him Nighthammer in my head :)

    Kristie- Thank you very much for saying that :)

  7. I’m surprised that I’m the only vote so far for “Her Cabin Boy” – to me that’s the first obvious option, even before “Cell Phone Slave”.

    If you care that much about getting good writing done… then plot isn’t a series of things that happen one after another. Plot is conflict, plot is unanswered questions in the reader’s mind, plot is events whose resolution the reader cares about. The Erishella stories don’t have conflict. The librarian stories don’t have conflict. Be careful with this trend in your writing…

  8. Stupid question, but are all the stories listed in your poll posted on your blog? I don’t recognize Thigh Vs Thigh, Hero of Delightia, and Her Cabin Boy, and I thought I knew all your stories! (I voted for Haunted House, which is slightly in the lead right now..)

  9. A- Thanks for remembering Her Cabin Boy. That was my first long story and I am fond of it.

    That is a good point about conflict. I will ruminate on that one for a bit. I try to flex myself when it comes to writing which is resulting in a lot of slice of life stories.

    Anonymous- I wrote for quite awhile on newsgroups. I collected a lot of those stories on Thigh Vs Thigh for example was a nearly year long experiment.

  10. I have to say, I like BDSM Beach and Seven Curses (love Curses). Naturally, I’d pick up a copy, but I’m strange that way.

    It would be interesting to see how well it sells; I know that my book is up there (and still looks all pretty) but I haven’t really pushed sales on it. Maybe if I finish #3. :)

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