Nov 162009

“I’ll seduce him,” the Invisible MILF said.

“No,” I said a little too quickly. “I can take him.”

“Don’t be a hero,” she said. “You need medical attention, not another fight. Let me handle this. After this one guard, we can get back to the Pimp ship.”

I didn’t have a good argument to counter her. Well, I could always tell her I was in love with her, but I couldn’t. Trying to escape from the Secret Censors of Atlantis is not the time to mess up the group dynamics.

“All right,” I said.

“Men, you are so protective,” she whispered.

She didn’t know I was only protective of her.

I watched the guard. He stood at attention with his Sonic Rifle in his hands. He looked down in amazement as his pants unzipped.

We both watched as his cock emerged from his underwear. It grew harder and I can only imagine what technique the Invisible MILF was using. Did she stroke him? Was she sucking on him? Was she pressing his hard cock against unseen breasts that I have only dreamed about?

The guard groaned. I wonder if he had any idea what was happening. Surely he knew about the prisoners the Secret Censors took. Maybe he knew and just didn’t care.

He climaxed. A spurt of his seed landed on the Invisible MILF’s face. I guess she was jerking him off. The guard looked down to study the features his seed revealed.

I was already moving. He didn’t see me at all as I rammed my elbow into his neck. he went down hard.

The Invisible MILF vanished as she wiped the semen from her face and ate it. “Nice hit,” she said. “You nearly took his head off.”

Personally, I don’t think I hit him hard enough.

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