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Queen Erishella was greatly annoyed. The Gem Moon of Emeraldis was mostly subdued except for one fortress that was putting up a heroic fight. Fortress Dek was sitting on top of a mine rich in precious radioactive ores, so bombing it from orbit was out of the question. The mine was too valuable, so the fortress had to be taken by force. For two weeks it had endured countless onslaughts. It was a miracle it had survived this long. It was the sort of military wonder that future officers will study and try to replicate. Worse, it was the kind of amazing feat that resistance movements used to inspire their oppressed members.

If there was one thing Queen Erishella despised, it was giving her enemies hope.

The Queen looked down. Past her stunning cleavage that was being held up by a corset made from the bones of her enemies, past the jeweled thong that barely covered her bushy sex, and past the bone white thigh high boots she was wearing, General Qwanto was on his knees with his head down in shame. The General had sworn he would have Fortress Dek destroyed by sunrise yet here it stands.

The best leaders of Erishella’s army stood behind the kneeling general. They were all smiling; looking forward to seeing what kind of doom the Queen would visit on General Qwanto. Dreams of command danced in their mocking eyes. With the General’s death, there will be promotions for people taking his place.

“Fortress Dek is still there,” Queen Erishella said. Her tone was heavy with frost.

“They are much better armed than we thought,” General Qwanto said. “Intelligence Services must have been wrong.”

Queen Erishella frowned. Excuses were as common as Lieutenant handjobs in this army. She wondered how her father ever allowed this to happen to his forces.

“You said it would be down by sunrise,” Queen Erishella said.

General Qwanto had the audacity to smile. “I apologize, my Queen. I was mistaken but will endeavor to correct this as soon as possible.”

“My foot,” Queen Erishella said. “Take it in your mouth.”

General Qwanto’s smile faded. While the other officers snickered, the mighty General opened his mouth and knelt down to the ground. Erishella did not bother to lift her foot. She watched as he took the tip of her boot into his mouth.

“When your tongue reaches my heel, you may take my foot out again,” Queen Erishella said. “But not before.”

General Qwanto whimpered. He managed to get another inch of her boot in his mouth.

The queen turned her attention back to her officers. Her father did not usually allow fools but he seemed to make an exception for these bastards. King Zarn, may the gods damn his soul forever, had raised his daughter to be a cruel efficient bitch, but he preferred a bit of a cocky swagger out of his sons. This carried over to his officers. Each of them was an arrogant dauntless asshole who would rush into any sort of danger in order to win personal glory. It made for a fearless army but also an army that never seems to consider failure.

Queen Erishella was going to fix that.

“Whom among you can rid me of Fortress Den?” she asked.

Captain Igon stepped forward. He had a uniform filled with various medals. He also had a scar that ran down the length of his face that gave him a rugged look. The smile he bore was still too entirely too cocky.

“I shall, my Queen,” Captain Igon said as he bowed.

Queen Erishella said nothing. At her foot, General Qwanto grunted as he widened his mouth to get more of her boot in. The queen let the sound of the General’s grunts fill her throne room.

“Shall you now?” Queen Erishella said. Just once she wanted one of her officers to think about their task instead of leaping into it. “Will you succeed when others have failed?”

Captain Igon wasn’t in a thinking mood. “I swear by the Skull Throne you sit upon that I shall have Fortress Dek cleaned of the enemy and flying your flag within one day cycle.”

Queen Erishella shook her head. Captain Igon’s smile faded at her refusal.

“No, do not swear by the Skull Throne,” Queen Erishella said. “Do not swear by your honor, or by your strength or by your dead mother’s grave.”

Captain Igon bit his lip. “What shall I swear by, my Queen?”

Queen Erishella rose from her throne. General Qwanto choked as he struggled to keep her boot in his mouth. She stepped forward and the General scuttled backward.

The officers watched as Queen Erishella pressed a button on her bone corset. The smart laces unwound and her full breasts popped free. The queen took Captain Igon’s hand and placed it right on her left breast.

“My Queen?” Captain Igon said after he swallowed.

“Swear by this,” Queen Erishella commanded. “Swear by the breast of your queen what you promise. Swear knowing that I have granted you this honor and now you owe me a debt of your service. Swear knowing that if you are unworthy of the honor I have granted you that I will collect it back by chopping off your hand and any other part I chose.”

Queen Erishella pressed his fingers deeper into her breast. She squeezed him to her, letting him know just how ripe and full she was. Her nipple hardened against his palm and she knew by sight that his cock was hardening as well.

“I swear,” Captain Igon said, “by the breast of my Queen that I shall defeat her enemies at Fortress Dek and bring it under her rule by, ummm.”

Queen Erishella resisted the urge to smile as he thought about it.

“One week, if I am allowed to use neural toxins?” Captain Igon said.

Queen Erishella nodded. “You may. Let your Oath of Debt be entered into the record. You are dismissed, Captain.”

Captain Igon released her breast after a moment’s hesitation. He saluted and then left in a thoughtful manner. The swagger was gone, but the seriousness of the matter weighed on him.

Queen Erishella touched the button on her corset. The smart laces went to work and rewrapped the bones to her breasts. Properly corseted again, Queen Erishella returned to her throne and sat back down. General Qwanto crawled along the ground with her.

She spared him a glance. He had three inches of her boot in his mouth. It was still a very long way to her heel. He couldn’t speak but the look in his eyes pleaded for mercy.

“Keep at it,” Queen Erishella said.

She was going to break her officers in if it killed them.

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  1. Erishella continues to intrigue me as a character.

  2. Jvstin- Thanks. I enjoy her way too much.

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