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Ambassador Feanna Froi willed herself to be calm. She was a third generation diplomat from the planet of Metazod. She was here to represent the interests of her planet in their decade long war against the hated planet of Gorth. The fate of two worlds will depend on how well Feanna negotiates with Queen Erishella and her massive army. As important as this task was, Feanna couldn’t stop from fidgeting with stress.

The fact that the ambassador from Gorth was here was not what was making Feanna nervous. It was the ridiculous sexy dress that Feanna was wearing. Her advisors told her that Queen Erishella was a rather decadent Queen who only respect equal amounts of hedonism. To convey this, Feanna was wearing a tight green dress that clung to her curve of her body. Her cleavage plunged to indecent levels until the pink of her nipples were visible. She wore four inch heels that pushed her ass out at an obscene level. Her long curly red hair was held back by a silver headband that was the fashion among pleasure slaves.

It diodn’t help that the blonde hussy from Gorth, Ambassador Loriel Baj, was dressed in a near identical outfit except it was blue. Obviously their advisors drew from the same resources.

Queen Erishella entered the room and both ambassadors bowed. Feanna noted with annoyance that Loriel was able to bow deeper in these ridiculous heels.

If Feanna felt she was dressed like a whore, then Queen Erishella was dressed like a whore madam. The tall Queen was dressed in a black fur robe was opened to expose every bit of her firm body. Red lace trimmed with diamonds covered her breasts but did nothing to cover them. The black bush of her hair was the same dark color of her fur coat. A golden crown framed her face and pushed her long black hair away from her face. Feanna noted that the diamond heels Queen Erishella wore were at least eight inches in height.

“Let me present the situation as I see it,” Queen Erishella said. The two ambassadors nodded in agreement.

“Gorth and Metazod have been at war for ten years,” Queen Erishella said. “Both sides are exhausted and neither side is willing to call a cease-fire. Both sides wish for the conquest of the other, but they lack the resources. Both planets have sent their best diplomats to appeal to me to send them aid.

Lucky for both of you, I am engaged in a war with Gem Moons and I no interest in conquering both your planets at the moment. Quite frankly, you lack the resources and planetary treasures to make it worth my while to conquer you.”

Queen Erishella stopped speaking and Feanna knew better than to speak up. The Queen wanted them to know how weak they both were. Feanna understood intimidation.

“My Queen,” Loriel said. “While it is true that we are currently poor, the gratitude of the people of Gorth will be yours forever. Aid us and we will always be loyal friends in the future.”

Queen Erishella frowned. Feanna resisted smiling. Good, let the Queen get pissed at the other one.

“Friendship can not be measured, taxed or displayed,” Queen Erishella said. “There is something both your worlds can provide me though.”

Queen Erishella clapped her hands. Into the conference room came a dozen men in uniform. Six stood beside Feanna while the other six flanked Loriel. Feanna was surrounded but she pushed away her fear. She noted that each carried the rank of Captain in Erishella’s Space Navy. She doubted she would be executed by such high ranking officers.

“I have a new battle squad of Conqueror class Warships,” Queen Erishella said. “They are untested in battle and I do not wish to send them to the Gem Moons without being blooded first. Would twelve Warships end your war?”

“Yes, Queen Erishella,” Feanna said. “It would be more than enough.”

Loriel agreed. “Planet bombardments, tidal disruptors and the cloud consumers alone could decide this war.”

“Excellent,” Queen Erishella said. “I will send my new Captains to aid one of your planets.”

Feanna didn’t say anything. She had a feeling the other ambassador would be stupid enough to ask first.

“Name your price,” Loriel said. “Name it and Gorth will pay it.”

Queen Erishella looked at Feanna. “Do you have a counter bid?”

“I am sure that a Queen as wise as yourself has already determined the price and conditions of your aid,” Feanna said. “I will not insult your regal power with offers of bribes. You already know that Metazod will agree to whatever you decide.”

Queen Erishella smiled. “In fact, I have already decided the conditions. Ambassadors bore me. They always come with pretty words and offers of the blood and treasure of their worlds. I feel that at the end of the day, the ambassador rarely sacrifices anything themselves.”

Loriel stepped forward and dropped to her knees. “I shall do anything for my world.”

“We shall see,” Queen Erishella said. “Captains, present cocks!”

All twelve of the Warship Captains unzipped their pants and took out their cocks. Feanna noted they were already hard.

“The terms are simple,” Queen Erishella said. A chair was brought to her by servants and she sat down in it. Her fur robe was flagrantly open to reveal her body.

“First one to bring six of my Captains to climax will have my aid. Choose your method but my men will do nothing to aid you.”

“You can’t be serious!” Loriel said.

Ambassador Feanna Froi did not wait for a response. She was a third generation diplomat. She had won the Medal of Glory for negotiating the treaty of the Viper Nebula. She was a woman who knew the whims and vengeance of leaders. This was no joke.

Feanna turned to the Captains behind her and grabbed his cock. She stroked his long member and watched his face. The Captain tried to be impassive, but when Feanna tightened her grip to a near painful level, he smiled and groaned.

A good diplomat knew how to read a person.

“I suggest you get started, Ambassador,” Queen Erishella said to Loriel. “Let us see if your mouth is as good at sucking cocks as it is at kissing my ass.”

Loriel looked down on the cocks before her in distaste. She grabbed one briefly before letting go of it.

Feanna took that as inspiration to grab a cock with her other hand. She tried the harder grip on the second Captain and he throbbed in her hand. These Euphorians liked it rough.

As Feanna stroked the two Captains, she watched Loriel struggle with her task. The ambassador from Gorth was only using two fingers and not accomplishing much.

A real diplomat uses the whole fist.

“Glory to the Queen!” the first Captain yelled. Feanna looked down as a spurt of seed erupted from the Captain’s cock and onto her fine green dress. She had a feeling it would not be the first stain she would pick up on this mission.

“Congratulations,” Queen Erishella said. The wicked Queen was blatantly stroking herself. “I can see that Gorth might become an extinct society at this rate.”

Feanna bowed her head in acknowledgement. Her right hand was covered in seed but she moved it to the third Captain. She looked at the second Captain and saw that he was breathing hard. She realized he would need something more direct. He would need something suited to the Euphorian mentality.

“This is so humiliating,” Feanna whispered to him. “I have never been debased like this before in my thirty years of service as a diplomat.” It helped that Feanna wasn’t lying.

“Glory to the Queen!” the second Captain yelled. Feanna’s pitiful admission had sent him over the edge. He rewarded her with another shower of seed onto her dress.

“Glory to the Queen!” Feanna heard behind her. She looked behind her to see that strumpet from Gorth was on her knees and had taken one of her Captains into her mouth. Loriel was already crawling to the second Captain with her mouth open.

Feanna sighed. She would have to escalate as well. Still jerking the cock of the third Captain, she squatted down. The dress clung even tighter to her body. It was difficult to balance on the heels but posture had never been a problem for Feanna. She took the Captain’s cock into her mouth and sucked.

His cock tasted of sweat and leather. She ignored the taste and sucked him as if he was a prize delicacy. She danced her tongue along his veins as if he was rare ice cream from the Frost Rings of Kelther. She caved in her cheeks around his length as if he was a Pandoran sausage. She devoured him.

“Glory to the Queen!” the Captain yelled before filling Feanna’s mouth with seed.

Feanna swallowed. It seemed the proper thing to do.

“Glory to the Queen!” a voice cried out behind Feanna. That was followed by a second cry from a different voice!

Feanna turned around. Loriel was sucking one Captain while jerking off another. She had already caught up to Feanna’s accomplishments.

“Give the ambassadors credit,” Queen Erishella said. She was using both hands to massage her sex. “They are fast learners.”

Feanna realized she had to learn faster. She stood up and pulled the dress off her body. The last three Captains leered at her. Good, let them look and be aroused.

“You stand here,” Feanna commanded. “As for you, you shall enter me from behind.”

“They will not fuck,” Queen Erishella said. “They will only stand there and present their cocks. You must provide the motion, Ambassador.”

Feanna had expected no less. Queenh Erishella was truly making them work for it.

She backed up against one of the Captains and bent over. Behind her she reached for the cock and guided it in. The girth gave her a little trouble, but she was able to slide all of him in.

Still bent over, Feanna reached for the other Captain’s cock. Into her lips it went, and Feanna clamped her lips tightly down. She choked on his cock, and judging from the way he was groaning, it was a fortuitous accident.

Impaled on both ends, Feanna sucked and pumped. Her pussy bounced on the cock inside her while her tongue did every trick she could think of. The Captains refused to move and Feanna found that balancing herself on the heels to be a challenge. On the other hand, her lack of stability keeps her sex and mouth moving perhaps more than she was capable of. Her sex tightened down with every shift of her weight, while her throat would choke as her body slammed her head down on the cock.

“Glory to the Queen!” Feanna heard. She couldn’t look to see what Loriel was doing. It didn’t matter. Feanna just had two concerns right now; the cock in her cunt and the cock in her mouth. The ambassador threw her body into her work. She ground her hips backwards. She abused her mouth with more savage sucking.

“Glory to the Queen!” both Captains yelled at once. A fountain of seed filled her cunt while another fountain filled her throat. Feanna choked but kept swallowing.

When she dismounted from the two cocks, she saw Loriel vigorously sucking one Captain while stroking off two others. Damn that Gorthian ambidexterity!

There was only one Captain left. Feanna pushed him the ground with a martial sweep of her leg. As soon as he hit the floor, Feanna was on top of him. She pushed him cock into her as she straddled him.

Feanna humped him with all of her dedication to the art of diplomacy. She grabbed both of his gloved hands and pressed them to her breasts. She ripped out the silver band that held her hair and shook her red curls out. Her hips swiveled as she mimicked a hundred different social dances she had learned over her lifetime.

Queen Erishella was watching. The wanton Queen had both legs spread wide and was passionately stroking herself. She was writhing against her fur robe as she watched Feanna.

Feanna was surprised by how proud she felt that Queen Erishella was watching her.

“Glory to the Queen!” the Captain beneath her yelled. Feanna could feel the sudden rush of yet more seed inside her. She could imagine the squadron of Warships as they destroyed Gorth and freed Metazod from this terrible war. Feanna also felt a powerful surge inside her as she saw Queen Erishella climax.

“Glory to the Queen!” Feanna cried.

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  1. Wow.

    What did Deanna Troi (Feanna is clearly an expy of her) ever do to you, Shon? ;)

  2. Jvstin- It is funny, I was making the character and realized I had recreated Deanna, so I just rolled with it. She did win after all :)

  3. That was very, umm, stirring. Nice.

  4. Fairnine- I’ll take stirring :)

  5. I love happy endings.

    The sentence “Feanna humped him with all of her dedication to the art of diplomacy” is a great synopsis of your story. It’s dime-novel sexy without being tawdry.

  6. Bridget- Dime-novel sexy without being tawdry is an excellent statement of my work. Thank you.

  7. Thigh vs Thigh in the 25th Century! (or at least it had that vibe) Seems like you might have the subconscious mental state for some new Thigh vs Thigh, maybe? Great story in any case.

  8. OldFan- Ha, that was like a Thigh Vs Thigh episode. Too bad Gorth no longer exists for Loriel to continue working for.

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