Nov 022009

Time flies when you have a hundred things to write.

Fiction Blog Project is coming along nicely. I am at the 40% point and I plan to finish it by the end of the month. I am looking to launch it in January so I feel like time is slipping away from me. I was originally worried that I would not have enough material for a character to blog about every day but the opposite is rue. Surviving day to day is a lot of work and you can’t possibly write about it all or else you wouldn’t have time to survive.

The interesting thing about writing about a character who is by himself is that it makes me, the writer, feel very lonely. I went into a depression and had to take a week off to get myself out of it. I hope when people read it daily, it will entertain them in a grim manner and not send them spirally into a funk.

This past week an artist approached me with writing scripts for his comic character. The setting and character are right up my alley and very similar to what I have been doing with Nash Nighthammer and Texanah. The best part in my mind is he wanted very little dialogue. As a writer, I never have that option. Even if my characters never speak, I still have to describe what is happening and that gives some kind of a tone or else it is as dull as reading a newspaper article. The chance to write something that is all action is a rare opportunity. It will not be erotica, but sexy ladies will abound.

Also this month I plan to finish the Cursed Harem Choose-Your-Own-Porn story. I’ve been gathering the notes from my play-testers and am prepared to do some major rewriting. Cripes, I had no idea I had so many pathing issues. I plan to have it done and ready for viewers by Christmas.

I also started a sequel to ‘Wolf Inside’ this week and have no idea when it will be finished. Writing the Fiction Blog Project has taught me that I really love writing sex and I missed it alot. I started writing the ‘Wolf’ sequel out of fictional erotica desperation.

This Wednesday there will be a new Erishella story.

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  1. As an aside, Shon – I’ve given you the ‘You Are a Great Read’ award. Read all about it here.

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