Nov 202009

Let’s do an update summary! Those are always exciting to do!

Zombie Fiction Blog is 2/3’s done. I plan to run it with daily updates from January to March and man, that is a lot of content. I stopped working on it this week so that I could play Left4Dead 2 and see if they thought of anything that I didn’t. It made me think a lot about what FEMA would do in a zombie apocalypse.

The Choose-Your-Own-Porn story is 95% done. I did an entry by entry rewrite and I am much happier with it. I need to do one more reread and get a cover for it and I will be good to go. I plan to start selling it on Lulu in December. It makes a perfect Christmas gift for the perverted nerd in your life!

I was going to do an Erishella Christmas story that would have been four parts but I tossed it. If I could clone myself I would write it. As it is now, I am itching to get one of my long projects out of my computer and into your eyes. I think the last long story I posted was ‘Wolf Inside’. Man, I feel like I have been on hiatus.

I have written a crapload of scripts for George Sportelli’s comic project. I think it might be some of my best writing but it will be about six months before you can see it. In the meantime, George did the new header of Claire. That dude is the man.

I want to open the floor to questions. I find that talking about writing helps me stay focused when I am writing a whole month of fictional diary entries. Now is the time to ask me about stuff I wrote ten years ago or stuff I wrote last week. Heck, ask me what I think of Eastwick and Fringe if you want. I’ll be anwsering all weekend long.

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  1. So how do you think your writing has evolved over the past ten years? What, in your opinion, are the biggest changes between today’s stories and your first ones and the ones you were writing five years ago?

    I’m a relative newcomer to your writing, but a few differences seem to be fewer long series and more short stories; perhaps more experimentation of writing styles; and perhaps you have a different relationship with your characters since you aren’t sticking with the same ones for a long series.

  2. I was re-reading some old Thigh Vs. Thigh stories and I was struck by how similar they were in structure. I did a lot of crazy experiments in those stories and I am still doing odd bits of writing.

    I think my biggest change is the older I get, the more willing I am to write something that I think might not have an audience. Otto Von Madd was not the kind of story you find in sex blogs. Ten years ago I was deliberately dabbling in stories that were similar to other writers’ most popular stories. Now a days if I think Erishella will amuse me, then I write it and worry about an audience later. I think a good story will be a good story no matter what the subject is.

    I think the main reason I don’t do as many long stories is that i am writing all the time. A long erotica story is often a collection of different scenes with a similar theme. Cell Phone Slave for example was a list of games to play long distance. since I write every week, I don’t store up a lot of inspiration that I can pour into one story. For me to write a long story now, I really need to go out of bounds and do a story that is unlikely to be covered elsewhere. Beach Volleyball Madd-ness for example covered a bunch of summer oriented BDSM science fiction and sports topics. It was a matter of “While I am here, I must as well through in the Orgasmic Volleyball”.

  3. So what sort of long projects (my favorite, as you know) have you got in the pipeline for us?

  4. My next long story will either be a follow up to Wolf Inside, or a story about Mr. Dillon and Claire solving a mystery. Depending on which one I fix first.

    The Librarian story has been 60% done since August, but I realized I was treating Claire terribly and not giving her the credit that her intelligence deserves. I made her into Watson, when I always saw her as an Archie Goodwin. I need to sit down with it and rewrite every chapter done so far.

    The Wolf Inside sequel is ridiculously easy to write but I worry it is a bit shallow at the moment.

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