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The Blonde Avenger was an erotic comic published in the mid 90’s. Drawn by P.M. Butler, the art was gorgeous. he man crammed his pages with art. Muscles, hair, clothing and tits were given equal attention. The man had a style all his own and I would fucking love to know where he is now.

The other thing that the Blonde Avenger had going for it was that it was a really funny comic. They parody everything from Superman to Sgt. Rock. Everything was ridiculed and for a porn comic, it was actually funny. Comedy is hard and I think erotic comedy may be the hardest.

The first five issues centered around a female villain called Maneater. She captured men, sucked them off and gained her powers. She was like a vampire who needed semen. The men she sucked turned old and feeble.

That is the greatest porn super-villain parody ever. What do men like? Blowjobs. How does this busty woman destroy you? With the thing men like. Diabolical.

In issue #3 we discover that the Avenger was sent here as a baby from a overly liberal planet on the verge of destruction. On Earth, she is raised by sexually frustrated scientists who die in a vibrator accident. Blonde Avenger vows to rid the world of unsatisfying sex.

That is a pure 90’s invention. See, back when Democrats were in power the last time, people thought that liberals were out to take away their freedoms. It wasn’t till conservatives took office and actually took some freedoms away that people realized that maybe a conservative is not porn’s best friend. Unless you are in a bathroom stall, then it’s cool.

Blonde Avenger started as an erotic comic book and transitioned into a non-erotic parody with cheesecake elements. It didn’t do so well, which frustrated the creative people involved.

We know this because the Blonde Avenger had its own fanzine created by the creators and focused mostly on Cindy Johns. Cindy became the living spokesmodel for the Blonde Avenger. She dressed like her, answered emails in her voice and posed for cheesecake photos. She also detailed her personal feuds with every person in the industry who snubbed her.

As a fan I only had the first couple of issues. Recently I went on a hunt for the other issues and was surprised by how much focus Cindy received. The only thing I can compare it to is if you watched Wonder Woman and then the second season was all about Demi Moore begging you to watch more Wonder Woman. I want to see more Wonder Woman, but every episode is just Demi bitching about the low ratings. Demi is nice to look at, but where the fuck is Wonder Woman?

Where the fuck is the Blonde Avenger?

You know, if the creators of Blonde Avenger had a blog to vent their frustrations instead of venting it in the comic book, maybe the issues would have been more interesting. Which brings my to Erotic Blogging Tip from the 90’s, #1- Decide if you are an entertainer or a diarist, and stick to it. If you give people erotic content, don’t expect to keep them entertained with your gripes about how hard it is to create erotic content. Actually, you can do both, just make sure you keep creating content.

I own all five of the original series which can still be bought from Eros Comix. There are allegedly 27 issues of the second series, but damn if I can find them. My sentiment about the series is summed up in this picture.

As a porn writer, I am intrigued by how they struggled when they stopped doing hardcore sex and only did cheesecake. Cindy writes that she felt used because people were only interested in the sex. I think she misses the point that comics with sex that are well written are fucking rare. Marvel and DC comics have a hard time making non-sex comics centered around women, and they have color pages and sixty year old properties. Blonde Avenger had great art, great funny plots and a lot of great sexy scenes. Of course people are going to stop reading when you stop doing the things you were great at doing. I love Star Trek but I am not going to keep watching if it takes place in an office cubicle.

Having said all that, I am still a fan of the series. The art and humor was fantastic and when it was dirty, it was able to be sexy and funny at the same time. I’m trying to track down the old issues but it isn’t easy. I am also looking to find P.M. Butler and see what else he has done.

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  1. I probably don’t need to say this, but if you’re looking for well-written comic stories with erotic elements in them, you should also check out Omaha The Cat Dancer and Xenophile, both of which are old-bordering-on-ancient but still available in print.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I love XXXenophiles but always skipped Omaha for no good reason lol. I’ll check it out.

  3. PM Butler is now deceased, nov 30 2005. I was married to him from 97-01. He also did a graphic novel called Dawn Butler’s dirty black book, available on amazon. I don’t know what became of the other issues of blond avenger, Cindy Johns and husband David Rigdon moved to cali in 2000. Lost touch with them and Phil’s family about the time of the divorce, not even sure how he died. The dirty black book is funny, if I recall correctly, as well as erotic. The man did phenomenal art. Loss of a great artist in any case.

  4. Dawn Davis you still around could you get still get in touch with any of the old team?? I was thinking about them and tried to find info and now i am sad that one of them has died… anyway would like to see them again … i have some great photos of Cindy and me together…

  5. I would love to get in touch with them if I could, sadly I lost touch with them when Phil and I split up. I’m still around for what it’s worth, lol!

  6. Hey Dawn, Thank you a million for your comment. I was always curious about him and his work. I really appreciate the information.

  7. hey i knew phil for a short time, back when i was working at a used bookstore in garland, texas called maryanne’s books, he was a very funny guy, as i recall, he got me hooked on frank zappa, practically recorded all of his zappa albums on to cassettes for me, he drew me a couple of drawings, non related to the blonde avenger, although im lucky enough to have those first 5 issues signed by phil, somewhere i have a cassette tape of some of his recordings as well, he loved to play the guitar and goof around, he was very creative indeed, i was very sorry to hear about his passing, i had always wondered what had happened to him, good guy

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