Oct 192009

“This is the place,” the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student said. “Tumblr Domme said she would meet us here.”

I looked around. The nudist beach was almost deserted. The sun was starting to set but a few diehards were sticking around. I guess the feeling of having the salt air coming off the ocean onto your skin was too good to pass up. It felt pretty good to me.

“I see you are enjoying yourself,” the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student said. She pointed at my rising erection.

“It’s the company I keep,” I said. the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student managed a blush, which is pretty incredible. She was butt-naked except for some water proof paint she had used to make a bikini on her body. The purple paint seemed to accent her full breasts and beautiful sex rather than conceal them.

“I don’t see Tumblr Domme anywhere,” I said. “Are you sure she is coming?”

“She sounded pretty scared,” The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student said. “Something had threatened her to stop blogging and she wanted our help. She just wasn’t willing to talk over the phone or by instant message.”

Something in the sky seemed odd. There were four kites in the air. The weird thing was, they were pitch black. Also, I couldn’t see any strings connecting them to anyone on the beach.

“What are those?” I asked.

The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student gasped. “Oh shit, we got to get out of here!”

She started to run down the beach. I watched her purple painted ass jiggle and clench in front of me. It was really hard to run with a full erection.

“What are they?” I yelled.

“Vampire Kites!” she yelled back.

I laughed and she turned her head around to glare at me. Her breasts were bouncing wildly as she ran with all of her healthy vitality.

“You won’t be laughing when they suck your cock right off your body,” fhe Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student said.

We ran faster. As the sun dipped down below the horizon, I could hear them in the air above me. They made strange sucking sounds. The Vampire Kites spun in the air lazily as they kept up with us running on the ground.

Around us, naked beach goers kissed and fondled each, unaware of the horrible doom floating above them.

*Hats off to Phantom of the Pulp for the wonderful inspiration*

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