Oct 312009

Happy Halloween, readers. This is Sashav38DD. Currently Shon is preparing to fight unimaginable evil and try to save the earth. By saving the earth, we mean he is playing Arkham Horror with his wife. The sanity loss is very real though.

As you can tell from the photo, Shon is preparing for Halloween. He thinks bobbing for apples is boring so he has dildoes in the pot instead. Also, instead of bobbing for them himself, he has me do it. Shon is kind of an asshole.

For your Halloween enjoyment, I recommend watching the original Halloween as directed by John Carpenter. Shon would like me to recommend that you read any of his stories he posted this month as they all have a ghostly or supernatural theme. Fuck that. If you read them and leave comments, it would only encourage him.

Have fun this Halloween and don’t let the continual dunking of my face and breasts interrupt your happy thoughts.

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