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Eric loaded the car. All he had was a suitcase. His boss, Catalina had two suitcases. He wasn’t sure how she got by with just two suitcases. In the month they had been together, he had seen her wear a new outfit every day. They just couldn’t all fit into these two slender suitcases.

He shrugged. It was probably magic. Catalina was a Voluptumancer after all. She practiced sexual magic in all of its forms. So far he had seen her banish a Gremlin, bless a brothel and helped a small town get over a weird case of mass impotency. He didn’t know how she could sex magic some suitcases, but it didn’t seem that far out of her powers.

As far as Eric knew, there was no end to what Catalina could do sexually.

“Where are we driving to?” he asked.

Catalina was searching through a small notebook. Eric didn’t mind that she didn’t answer right away. It gave him another excuse to look at her. The lovely Hispanic woman was wearing a purple t-shirt over her ample breasts. Her long black hair fell around her shoulders and framed her face. She was wearing jean shorts, which was odd considering how brisk the air was this morning.

God, he loved fucking her.

“San Francisco,” Catalina finally answered. She took a postcard out of the notebook. It showed the Golden Gate bridge and a topless hippie woman with painted nipples.

Eric laughed. “That is all the way across country,” he said. “It is going to take us a week at least.”

Catalina smiled. Her dark eyes brightened with a secret untold. “We’re going to go a special way.”

Eric’s cock got hard. “A magic way?” he asked.

Catalina nodded. “You’re driving. Take your pants and underwear off before you get in.”

That was how she was. Catalina didn’t like to explain as much as she liked to show. It used to bother Eric until he realized why she did that. Catalina might fuck all kinds of people, but she rarely got to share anything with them. Only Catalina knew the wonders she experienced.

Eric looked around but no one was watching them in the hotel parking lot. He stripped off his pants and his underwear as well. His cock was still hard in anticipation for what Catalina would show him today. He climbed into his car and saw that Catalina had taped the post card of San Francisco to the dashboard.

“Ok, start driving west,” Catalina said.

“I think the highway is north actually,” he responded.

Catalina placed her hand on his cock. “Trust me,” she said with a squeeze.

Eric drove. It was early morning. There was hardly any traffic out. He felt very exposed with his cock out, but he figured few people would see him. Well, maybe if a big truck came by they could look down on his cock. The thought made his erection wilt a little.

“No, no,” Catalina said. She tugged on his cock a little. “Your desire is what fuels this ride.”

She jacked his cock. Her firm hand slid up and down his cock and brought it back to life. Eric didn’t know what she was talking about, but it sure felt fucking nice.

He saw a topless woman ride by on a motorcycle. She wasn’t wearing a helmet either, her blonde hair whipping behind her. She had beautiful sun kissed breasts the color of bronze.

“Did you see that?” he yelled.

Catalina smiled. “Keep driving,” she said.

Eric noticed how lucky they were that they hadn’t hit stop lights. That is when he saw that there weren’t any. There wasn’t a single light at any corner. For that matter, there weren’t that much traffic either. It was like he was the only person on the road.

They passed by six naked people waiting for the bus. There were four men and two women. The men wore ties and nothing else. The women only wore hats that might have been in style in the 60’s. They all looked calm and bored despite being naked.

Catalina kept stroking his cock.

They went up a hill where a man rolled a giant breast in front of him. The breast was heavy and squishy yet the man kept pushing. The nipple was very hard. The man was grunting and swearing, but he was also smiling.

“Ok, what the fuck?” Eric said. “Seriously, what is going on?”

“We are traveling the Roads of Lust,” she said. “You will see a lot of strange things here. The important thing is not to stop and to not lose your arousal. As long as you stay in a state of desire, we can keep going.”

They passed by a group of jogging men. They wore leather from head to toe with jingling bells hanging from their crotches. They were saying something, but their ballgags muted their chant.

“Where does this stuff come from?” Eric said. Catalina stroked his cock harder until they were out of sight of the leather men.

“From people,” Catalina said. “Wet dreams, sexual fantasies and turned on imaginations provide the fodder for the Roads of Lust. Of course, the Roads of Lust also bleed back into the world. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy of something that turned you on in a dream, but freaked you out when you woke up?”

Eric didn’t answer. His erection however faded fast. Catalina pumped faster but he was becoming limp with each tug.

“Stay with us, Eric!” Catalina yelled. She bent over and put her head in his lap. She took his cock in her mouth and licked him furiously.

“Oh!” Eric groaned. His cock surged under her tongue. “Yeah, sorry. See, this one time when I was a teen, I had a dream like that. I dreamed my grandmother was wearing this green bikini and she was seducing me. In my dream, I was like really into it, but when I woke up, I was grossed out. I didn’t jack off for a month. Considering how much I jack off as a teenager, that is a pretty damn long time.”

Catalina lifted her head of his lap. She kept one hand on his cock and kept jacking him. Her spit made everything slippery and wonderful despite the thoughts of his grandmother.

“So you’re saying I got that dream from here?” Eric asked.

“Sure,” Catalina said. “Someone who does want to fuck their grandmother had that desire. Or maybe a grandmother had it. For that matter, maybe some guy sitting on his computer somewhere wrote the story and it traveled the Roads of Lust. The thing is, erotic thoughts travel both ways.”

Eric thought about is as they saw a giant blimp pass by. It was shaped like a nude woman. It was monstrously big but incredibly beautiful in an ample way. He realized that he saw tiny people climbing over the blimp woman, doing inscrutable things on her body.

“Both ways?” he asked. “Everything is here is someone’s desire right?”

The Voluptumancer shrugged. “Maybe. Or they come from somewhere and end up in someone’s desire. No one really knows what comes first: desire or the thought that gave someone the desire.”

There was still no traffic. For that matter, there wasn’t much of a street either. It was turning into a road that went into a forest. They saw things lurking behind trees. Some of the things were sexy. Others were less sexy and just violent looking.

“Fuck, that wolf has big ass claws,” Eric said. “Are we safe here?”

“Safe?” Catalina said. “Interesting question. As long as we keep moving we are.”

A wolf leaped out of the trees. Eric screamed as the giant shape went over them. The wolf landed on a woman on the other side of them. It ripped her clothes off and buried its face in her sex.

“What the fuck?” Eric yelled. He took his foot off the gas.

“No!” Catalina said. She whipped off her t-shirt. Her massive brown breasts took Eric’s attention from the violence they had seen. She took his right hand and placed it on her breast. She squeezed his fingers tightly into her flesh.

“Keep driving,” Catalina said. “They don’t see us here, not really. They fuck each other. They fuck other desires. If we stop, then we might become a fantasy. We might never find the Road of Lust back out.”

Eric squeezed her breast tighter. Her felt reassurance in her soft skin, the same skin he had kissed and groped before. His fingers found her nipples and he pinched them. Catalina’s groan drowned out the scream of the woman underneath the wolf.

“How are we getting to San Francisco this way?” he asked. He watched a group of lumberjacks climbing a cock as big as a redwood.

Catalina tapped the postcard. “The Roads of Lust go everywhere. We could drive to Hawaii if we wanted to. All places exist in our desires. It is easier to go to our desire of a place and then drop off the road and land back in the real world.”

They passed through a forest of cocks. Some were giants that towered into the sky which others grew like foot long mushrooms. Eric was sure that this was a great dream for someone. It just wasn’t doing anything for him.

“Ah, Catalina,” he said but the Voluptumancer was already thinking ahead. She took his hand off her breast and put it on her crotch. The thin shorts couldn’t cover the heat he felt there. He could feel how damp she was already. Eric could easily imagine how wet and slick she would be.

The forest began to change. The trees disappeared and a lake appeared beside them. To the other side was a gorgeous beach. Hundreds of bodies lined the beach and Eric could see that everyone one of them was a woman. It was oily breasts and tits as far as the eye could see.

“Oh my,” he said. Catalina took his hand off of her crotch and placed hers back on his cock. The amount of tanned flesh around him was such that she only had to give his cock the lightest of touches from time to time.

“Did I do that?” he asked. He pointed. “That was exactly what I was thinking of when I touched you. It reminded me of the beach, hot and wet.”

Catalina laughed. “Maybe,” she said. “The Roads sometimes show our deepest fantasies. Of course, they sometimes show our worse fears. You would be amazed how intertwined they are.

Eric laughed until he saw it. A flash of green on the side of the road. There was a woman standing on the side of the road, feeling herself. Eric knew who it was. Jesus Christ, he didn’t want to see that here! He looked on the other side of the road and there she was again!

“What’s the matter?” Catalina said. She felt his cock weakening.

“There!” Eric yelled. “In a fucking green bikini! It’s grandma! I just know it!”

These things happen on the Roads of Lust. Catalina swung into action. She reached under Eric’s seat and pushed it all the way back. The car swerved as Catalina climbed on top of Eric. With practiced skill, she slipped his cock into her. She pressed him into her breasts, obscuring his vision as he drove.

“Just drive straight,” she said. Catalina clenched down and Eric groaned in response. She moved her hips against him. Fucking in the front seat of a car while the driver is still driving would have been impossible for a normal person. For a Voluptumancer, it was all part of the job.

“Think about your cock in my cunt,” Catalina said. “Think about my breasts in your face. Bite my breast, let me feel how much you want me. Think about my ass right in front of the wheel. Grab my ass with one hand but keep the other driving. Feel my ass? Remember how it feels when you fuck it? Think about that, Eric, and keep driving.”

Eric drove. Catalina rode his cock as the world changed around them. She watched as the beach turned into a desert filled with well hung cowboys and humanoid cow-women. She kept humping his cock while they drove through a valley of sexy robots. She found new ways to move her hips while they drove past drive-in theaters showing home porn movies of famous stars.

Finally, they reached San Francisco. Not the real city of course, but the erotized version that exists in dreams. Naked hippies were having orgies. Gay pride parades of astonishing beauty and vulgarity passed by. Trolleys filled with nudists zipped through curvy hills. It was time to stop.

Catalina climbed off of Eric. His eyes widened as he saw the sights around them.

“Are we here?” he asked. “How do we stop safely?”

“Well, you can stop by loosing your desire,” Catalina said. “That is why it is so dangerous to lose your erection. There is no telling where we would have appeared in the real world.”

“That seems anticlimactic,” he said.

She laughed. “Here’s the other way.” She bent down and took his cock back into her mouth. It was so wet from her own juices. She sucked down hard and applied all of her skill to him with her tongue.

Eric came. His hands gripped the wheel as he released into her mouth. The hippies vanished. The gay pride parade transformed into a long line of cars. The trolley stayed but all the people on board were dressed in clothes.

The sudden appearance of the real world made Eric feel very naked in his car. On the other hand, he was too exhausted to care.

“I do love road trips,” Catalina said.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Joy Ride”

  1. *peeks from lurksville*
    I’ll confess, it does take Catalina or Otto to lure from me out here as they are my favourite people in your head, it’s been a while since I’ve seen any of them. :)
    And I’m liking the concept of the Road of Lust, helped reassure me for my own messed up dreams that I wake up from and think WTF!? xD

    Ah, sorry to play editor, but may I highlight some sentences that my intuition was niggling at me about, no matter how many times I read it:

    He didn’t know how she could make sex magic some suitcases, but it didn’t seem that far out of her powers.
    – Is it missing a word… or are you using ‘sex magic’ as a verb…? Something wasn’t feeling right…

    “Did I do that?” he asked. He pointed. That was exactly what I was thinking of when I touched you. It reminded me of the beach, hot and wet.
    – After ‘pointed’, was Eric speaking again?

    “Well, you can stop by loosing your desire,” Catalina said. “They is why it is so dangerous to lose your erection. There is no telling where we would have appeared in the real world.”
    That is why, perhaps?

    The ‘chicken/egg’ theory too was a nice touch, although for the disturbing stuff, could it really be called a joy ride, poor Eric seemed to be somewhat traumatised. :)
    Was thinking more of a mental screw over or a trip on some kinda drug, lol.
    It was that kinda trippy but fun, thanks for writing. ^^

  2. Love it! Love the concept of the Road of Lust. I might have to play with that one a bit :)

  3. Mystique- Thanks for the corrections. I did want to make sex magic a verb as I do enjoy making my own grammer.

    Otto has been quiet in my head. I think about him but he doesn’t have much to say. Catalina on the other hand has about a half dozen adventures on tap that I have to set time aside to get out.

    Kathryn- I’m glad you liked the concept. It is one I have been tweaking for awhile in my head.

  4. Damn, I’m “in class” online at the moment, but am thrilled to be distracted by you.

    I want to go for a ride on the Road of Lust – just for the peek at other people’s lusty dreams. (mine get old after a while and my net surfing time keeps shrinking)

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