Oct 302009

Eric stood in the middle of the street. There was no need to worry about traffic. No one was driving. They were too busy kissing and groping each other. It was Halloween night and San Francisco was in chaos.

A woman dressed as a half naked nurse came up to him. Her breasts were about to fall out of her red bra.

“You look good enough to kiss!” the blonde yelled.

Eric smiled and took her in his arms. She grabbed his head and kissed him hard. The slutty nurse tasted like cherries and lemonade. Her tongue wrestled with his mouth.

A scream came from the back of her head. Eric caught the nurse as she went limp in his arms. A wisp of green smoke was all that was left of the goblin that was riding her.

That was the eighth goblin Eric had banished that night. The cold iron pin in his hand was slightly warm. He palmed it back into his hand and kept walking. He had a mission to accomplish.

“You have to find the Queen,” Catalina had said. “And you will have to fuck her.”

“Do I stick her with the pin?” he asked.

“No, she is too strong,” Catalina said. “You would need a sword made of cold iron, and quite frankly, she would kill your ass if she thought you were hostile. No, you just need to fuck her.”

“How will that get rid of her?” Eric asked.

“Because I will be summoning the thing that will get rid of her,” Catalina said.

So off Eric went. It was easy to follow the trail. The kissing people were a massive orgy that was crippling the city. He simply looked for the largest concentration of dry humping people and headed for the center of it.

“How will I recognize the Goblin Queen?” Eric had asked.

“Oh, you’ll know her,” Catalina said.

Eric saw what she meant. There was a crowd of people fucking in the park. They fucked like they had been denied sex for a hundred years. In the middle of them though was a woman who watched over them. No, she presided over them.

She had long blonde hair that blew in the October wind. Tattoos covered her arms like sleeves. Her round breasts were topped by metal studs through the nipples. The only clothing she wore was black thigh high boots. It was the face that convinced him though. She looked delighted and proud of the carnal carnage that surrounded her.

“Queen of the Goblins!” Eric yelled.

The orgy stopped. The Goblin Queen struck an imperious pose. Her hands on her hips, she glared at him with hungry eyes.

“Have you come to slay me, mortal?” she asked.

Eric swallowed. “No, I know what you are, and I know what you will do to my world. I have come to fuck you.”

“And what makes you think I will allow it?” The Goblin Queen demanded.

“Because I come to you of my own free will,” Eric said. “Because I know what you are, and I don’t have a little bastard clinging to my neck. Because you are a Queen and I am willing to be your subject.”

The Queen smiled. A dozen members of the orgy lay flat on their stomachs on the ground. She stepped on top of them and sat down like they were a carpet. She beckoned Eric towards her.

“Come fuck your Queen,” she commanded.

Back at the hotel, Catalina finished painting the symbols on the walls. The purple paint glowed as Catalina imbued them with power. She kept reaching into her cunt, pulling fresh juice from herself to outline the painted symbols. The runes were magical, but the dew from a cunt is what gave them power.

The room grew dreadfully hot. The lights went out. She could feel a presence though. More like smell him; it was an overpowering stench of cock.

“Who dares summon the Goblin King?” a deep voice asked.

“A woman who has need of you,” Catalina said. He was behind her. She was sure of it. She didn’t turn around.

“There is only one thing I give to women,” the Goblin King said. The voice was in front of her. A massive hand grabbed her breast. Sharp nails punctured the flimsy black dress and scratched her breasts.

Catalina didn’t cry out. “That is why I summoned you.”

Eric was top of the Goblin Queen. The bodies underneath them groaned Eric dug his knees into someone’s back. He was kissing the Goblin Queen, kissing her as hard as every goblin ridden woman had kissed him. He wanted to show her he meant business. He grabbed her chin and held her mouth as he assaulted her lips.

The Goblin Queen bit his tongue. He kept kissing. She grabbed his nipples and pinched them. He kissed harder. She tore open his pants and pulled his cock out. He grabbed her by the throat and kept kissing her.

The Goblin queen growled. “You may enter me,” she said.

Eric pushed her down onto her carpet of servants. She didn’t let go of his cock. She guided him in, ramming him into her. Eric pinned her body and held her down by her blonde hair.

“Okay,” Eric said. “Let’s do it hard.” He slammed into her.

Catalina was shoved backwards. She fell into the bed and the pointed hat went flying. The Goblin King was already on her. Inhuman hands ripped her black dress. He tore open the top so he could bite her breasts. He shredded her skirt so he could paw her cunt. He jammed two fingers into her, nearly lifting her off the bed.

The Voluptumancer was not going to be intimidated. She clenched down on his fingers. She pressed her breast into his mouth. One of his long horns grazed her face and she took it into her mouth.

The Goblin King moaned. “Oh yes, we will have fun tonight.”

The Goblin Queen moaned. “Oh yes, serve your Queen!”

Eric fucked her. His hands went to her nipple piercing. On a normal woman, he wouldn’t dream of playing with them for fear of causing harm. With the Goblin Queen, he twisted them savagely. She clenched down on his cock with each cruel twist. Her legs would kick and the living carpet beneath them would groan in pain.

She reached up with both tattooed arms and grabbed his short blond hair. Her fingers dug into his scalp as he fucked her. He looked down on her tattoos, seeing the strange symbols and monsters that was inked there.

The goblins began to appear. Without Catalina’s aid, Eric couldn’t see them normally, but he could see them now. They emerged from her tattoos, little naked woman scrambling out of her arms and onto him. Little women with pointy breasts kissed his lips and climbed over his back. He felt them groping his ass and pinching his thighs. Some of them were by his balls; giving him kisses while he drove into their Queen.

Eric kept fucking.

The Goblin King kept fucking.

His cock was impossibly large inside her. Catalina grunted with each thrust, feeling her entire body shake from the force of his cock. There was no escape from his cock; he was slamming it faster and faster inside her.

The Goblin King did not satisfy himself only with her cunt. His hands enclosed her breasts and squeezed them painfully. His teeth let marks on her breasts, lips and shoulders. His legs kept spreading her thighs, forcing her to be as exposed as possible. She was completely his.

Catalina took it all. She just had to hold on for Eric to do his part. She had faith in him.

She thought of Eric.

Eric thought of Catalina.

He reached down and grabbed both of the Goblin Queen’s legs. He lifted them up as he fucked her. Higher and higher he lifted them until he had her legs on shoulders. Her cunt shifted and the Goblin Queen groaned. There, there he was striking the deepest.

The little goblins were all over him now. Several of them sat down on the stomach of their Queen and watched Eric’s cock go in and out. Several of them were on her tits, biting and pulling at her flesh. Some of the goblins climbed over Eric’s chest, happily hanging on to his nipples.

Eric thought of Catalina and kept fucking.

The Goblin Queen tightened. Her body writhed and she clenched on his cock. The Goblin Queen climaxed with a scream that shattered the night.

Catalina didn’t hear the scream. She just knew that the Goblin King had stopped fucking her. His hands released her and she felt his cock leave her suddenly.

“That bitch!” the Goblin King roared.

The lights came back on. Catalina was alone on the bed.

Eric felt something grab him by the back of the neck. He was lifted off of the Goblin Queen and sent flying through the air. A fucking couple broke his fall.

“What are you doing here?” the Goblin Queen screamed.

“What are you doing here?” the Goblin King roared. “You said you were going to the Weeping Fields! You never said anything about coming here!”

“You never let me have any fun! I hate you!” the Goblin Queen screamed.

“Leave this mortal!” the Goblin King yelled. “Return to our home where I will punish you properly!”

The Goblin Queen laughed. “You can try!”

Eric stood up. He never saw the Goblin King. Everyone was unconscious except for him. He walked over to the body of the Goblin Queen. The blonde woman was asleep. The tattoos on her arms were gone.

He turned around and ran back to the hotel.

Catalina was still in bed. Her pretty black dress was in shreds. The room stunk of cock.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

The Voluptumancer nodded. “Come fuck me. I want to be touched by a human.”

Eric got on the bed. He bent down and kissed her softly on the lips. He gently passed his hand over her bitten breasts. With tender affection, he parted her thighs. As softly as night falling, he slid into her.

“I can’t believe that got rid of them,” he said.

Catalina moaned as his human cock eased away the memory of the Goblin King.

“I told you that jealousy was a powerful force.”

Eric laughed and made love to his Voluptumancer.

The end.

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  1. And a happy Halloween to you too ^^
    That was lovely, felt like an early Christmas present, lol.
    Loved the timeline on this, I guess it’s been a while since you’ve written in a non sequential timeline (the volleyball story?), so jumping back and forth, mentally changing the scenes added to the build up/orgasm of the queen as we saw what was happening on both ends, both working towards a common goal.
    It’s an interesting method, worked very well ^^

  2. Thanks. I enjoyed trying it but worried it would be confusing when read. I’m glad it worked for somebody :)

  3. Shon, the action happening at the same time was fun, you should do that again sometime

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