Oct 282009

Halloween at San Francisco was crazy. Eric walked the street back to his motel room and passed by three couples making out on the sidewalk. Two of the couples were engaged in serious face sucking but the third couple was sticking their hands in each others’ pants. Things were certainly different here than they were from back home.

Not that Eric had seen much of San Francisco. He and Catalina arrived a week ago and Catalina has done nothing but hang out with that lesbian witch coven. They had hired her for some long ceremony that apparently could not be viewed by male eyes. Catalina would stumble back to the hotel room they rented, exhausted and walking funny. She also had a sore jaw which discouraged her from talking. Eating pussy all day long must wear a girl out.

Eric could have seen San Francisco on his own but it wouldn’t be the same. Catalina was a Volptumancer, an adept in sexual magic. Traveling with her has been an eye opener. She could turn everyday normal things into incredible mind blowing, and cock blowing, experiences. He could visit the city on his own, but he knew it would be ten times better if Catalina showed him around.

Which is what she promised to do tonight. The ceremony was over and they paid Catalina an obscene amount of money. She promised that she would take him out to the best spots tonight. He just nipped down to the corner store to buy some more deodorant while Catalina got dressed. He wanted to be irresistible tonight.

“Hey baby!” the receptionist at the motel said. “Want a good luck kiss for Halloween?”

Damn, and he hadn’t even put the deodorant on! She was cute with spiky black hair that would have got her dirty frowns from back home. She was wearing black lipstick that he was curious to taste.

“Maybe later,” he said. He had Catalina waiting for him.

His room was on the first floor. He ducked in and stopped in his tracks. Catalina was dressed.

Gone were her usual flowing white dresses. She was wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline that revealed both of the ample treats on her chest. Full sleeves covered her arms while a jagged skirt showed off her shapely legs. A black pointy hat sat on top of her long black hair.

“Nice!” he whistled. “I thought you hated to be confused with witches.”

Catalina shrugged. “Halloween is a perfect time to be what we are not. Besides, I can feel the air is charged tonight.”

“You’re telling me,” Eric said. He took the deodorant out of the bag and put it on. “Everyone is horny tonight. People are a lot more open that I am used to. Kissing and groping in public must be a big city thing.”

Catalina adjusted the brim of her hat. “Really? Well, Halloween can bring out inhibitions in people.”

“Yeah,” Eric said. “That receptionist girl, the one with the spiky hair, she even hit on me.”

Catalina snapped her focus to him. “That is odd. What did she say?”

Eric liked the one of interest in her voice. Maybe she needed to see that other people were interested in him. “She asked me if I wanted a good luck kiss for Halloween.”

Catalina narrowed her eyes. Wow, who knew Voluptumancers could get jealous?

“Go tell her you want your kiss,” Catalina said.

“Huh?” Eric said. “I wanted to go out with you tonight.”

She smiled. “We will, but first, go get her and tell her you want a kiss. Oh, and bring her here for it. I want to watch.”

“Really?” Eric said, but it was a silly question. It wasn’t the first time she made a kinky request of him. This was just the first time she invited other people into it.

Catalina nodded. Some of her hair fell into her immense cleavage. “And hurry back.”

Eric did as she asked. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it. He liked kissing Catalina. It was like kissing another world every time he touched her lips. Besides, it wasn’t like the cute receptionist girl was going to go for it.

“Sure! That sounds like fun!” the spiky hair girl said.

Eric watched as the young woman skipped to their hotel room. Damn, she was excited. Hmm, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Catalina was sitting on the bed. Her legs were spread wide and short skirt had risen up to her knees. She was leaning back, showing off her enchanted cleavage to best effect.

“Hello, my name is Catalina.”

The cute receptionist waved. “Do you want a kiss too?”

“After you two kiss,” Catalina said.

The woman nodded. “That’s a promise!”

Eric looked at Catalina. He was having second thoughts. She had warned him about this. She said that he would have to watch out for his jealousy. She was a sophisticated woman of the world and sexual sorceress. He sometimes wondered what she saw in him. The last thing he wanted to do was come across as a jealous simple man. He had to show her he could be as cool as her.

He took the receptionist in his arms. She was a tiny person. “Are you ready?”

She answered him by grabbing his head and kissing him. She pried open his lips with her tongue. She pulled him down hard and kissed twice as ruthless. She was hungry for his mouth, kissing and sucking as if she had been denied kissing for a hundred years.

Eric heard the bedsprings move. He assumed Catalina was leaning back. He imagined she was masturbating while they kissed. The thought thrilled him. He liked kissing the girl, but he liked the idea of Catalina watching better.

“Got you!” Catalina said. Suddenly, the girl went limp in Eric’s arms. He grabbed her falling body easily.

Catalina had her hand clenched as if she was holding something there. “Nasty little thing,” she said.

Eric set the receptionist down. “What are you talking about?”

Catalina used her other hand to stroke her sex. Eric bowed his head to her hand. She rubbed her juices over his eyebrows. When he lifted his head again, he saw what she had in her hand.

It WAS a nasty little thing. It looked like a tiny woman. Her body was an ugly pale green color. Her head was pointed with tuffs of black hair sticking up from the point. She was naked, her tiny breasts studded with even tinier bones.

“What the fuck?” he asked.

“It’s a goblin,” Catalina said.

“Like the things Bilbo fought in the Hobbit?” Eric asked.


“Like the monsters you fight in Everquest?” Eric asked.


“Oh wait, like the servants in Harry Potter?”

Catalina smiled. “Now I know you are just fucking with me.”

Eric smiled back. “Okay, but what is a goblin?”

Catalina looked closer at the struggling creature. It blew her a kiss.

“Goblins are perverted creatures that love to ride humans. This one was on the neck of our friend here. They like to fuck vicariously through their host bodies.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” Eric said. “She just wanted a kiss.”

“They reproduce through kissing,” Catalina said. “See the spiky hair on the goblin? See how it looks just like the hair on our woman here? That’s because she kissed someone who was being ridden by a goblin, and this is the one that was born from her body.”

“Whoa! I kissed her!”

Catalina laughed. “It takes a lot of kissing. Some sex will speed it up too. That is why I asked you to invite her back. I had a suspicion she was being ridden.”

“How did you know that?” Eric asked. “Just because some cute girl wants to kiss me?”

Catalina looked at him. “You know she was a lesbian, right?”

“Fuck, I knew she was!” Eric said. “How do we get rid of this thing?”

“Easy,” Catalina said. She took a metal pin out of her hat. It looked thick and ugly. The goblin squealed as the pin came closer. The pin barely touched the goblin and it vanished in a puff of smoke.

“They hate cold iron,” she said. “I always keeps a few pins around just in case.”

“How did they get here?” Eric asked. “Is it because of Halloween?”

“That is part of it,” Catalina said. “Goblins follow their King and Queen. Judging from the color, I would say the Goblin Queen is here. Some foolish human allowed the Queen to take them over. The goblins followed and now they threaten to drown San Francisco in an orgy of decadence. Get enough of them here, and they won’t be leaving in the morning.”

Eric held his hand out and Catalina put the iron pin in his hand. “All right, so how are we going to stop them?”

Catalina smiled. “That is what I like about you. Tell you there is a wicked Goblin Queen and you ask how we save the city. A lot of people would be asking how can we run away.”

“Well, I know you are not running away,” Eric said. “And I’m not leaving you here alone. It is just that simple.”

Catalina kissed him. Instead of the assault the possessed woman committed on his mouth, this was gentle and affectionate. Their lips melted together, each of them expressing with their tongues what words could not convey. When the kiss broke, he was breathless for all the right reasons.

“You are going to defeat the Goblin Queen by fucking her,” Catalina said.

To be continued.

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