Oct 162009

My name is Shon Richards and I am addicted to writing. It has been 9 hours since I wrote and I am getting the shakes.

I rediscovered this as I wrote my Choose-Your-Own-Porn story. It was a long multi- page event and every day I felt like I had another hundred pages to write. It was a nice feeling. The story kept getting bigger and there was always more to write. Knowing I had to so much to write made it easier to write. I didn’t have to come up with a new story every week, I just had to keep building on the one I had.

The fiction blog I am doing now is like that too. Because I am writing daily entries for a fictional character, I find that I conceivably have more to write than I should. He is surviving in a wasteland, he needs to worry about food, water, shelter, boredom and hygiene. Survival takes a lot of work. Dealing with grief takes a lot of work. Dealing with stress is a novel in itself. I can’t possibly write about everything he does on a daily basis and it makes for a fun challenge. Instead of filling pages, I am trying to conserve pages. It is day 25 in my writing and I just now have time to discuss how he is using the toilet.

Which some of you may find ironic because I can’t update THIS blog on a daily basis but I am writing a fictional daily blog. I think it comes down to the fiction part. It is easier to be objective about someone else’s fictional life. If I was writing about my life it would be kitten updates and my thoughts on ebay auctions that are hilariously bad. Real life Shon can be terribly boring.

My real life gets even more boring the more I write. I am stealing time to write. I am writing in between work appointments. I am dealying the conquering of the universe in Galactic Civilizations II because I want to write about Jimmy’s water problem. I am sitting in the lobby of my wife’s massage therapist working on notes to determine when is the best time to make Jimmy hunt for gasoline. I am researching how generators work. My life focuses on one story that I don’t want to spoil for you so I have very little to talk about.

On the other hand, if you are curious as to what amounts for sexual research these days, check out my Tumblr at Erotiterroism Cell 69. I find Tumblr extremely interesting for satisfying my visual inspiration. I should put a link in the sidebar but I want one of those fancy buttons and I am not sure how to do that.

Oh well, back to writing.

  2 Responses to “Addicted”

  1. You make me feel so lazy!! I do have a “real” (non-kinky) short story that I managed to finish but that awaits editing. I don’t write stories any more. My blogging is largely stream of consciousness. I’m manage a couple of good poems lately, but they were for private consumption only.

    I am in awe.

    I think I’ll go curl up with a cat and a book. She (Jeanette Winterson) put so much work into it, the least I can do is give her some attention. The empty pages of my little notebook will still be there in any hour or two…

  2. Oatmeal- Writing takes a bit of practice I think. I am blessed to have a workspace that puts me in mind to write even when I least want to.

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