Sep 142009

This weekend I finished the first draft to my Choose-Your-Own Porn story. I have roughly 300 numbered choices to choose from and it clocks in at over a hundred pages. It is a fantasy story about Nash Nighthammer rescuing a Princess from a perverted wizard’s harem. There is a shitload of sex and an even bigger shitload of scenes where Nash dies horribly. I am quite proud of it.

Of course, being the first draft, that means I have a lot more work to do. I need to polish it some more before I send it out to playtesters. I have no idea how many people would even be interested in this thing, so the playtesters might also be the only audience. We’ll just have to see.

As much as choose-your-own story writing is a pain in the ass, I have the genesis of an idea for a second book. It will be about a female character who will be a bit more submissive. I will probably attempt this story sometime next year, though if Nash’s story is popular, I will attempt it sooner.

One thing I have loved about this project is that I have been writing every day. I am a little addicted to it. When I do short stories, I have to give myself permission to take a day off to allow inspiration to strike. I can’t co me up with five stories in five days. On a long story though, I can sit down and go “Ok, let’s write out that threesome scene now,” and get cracking. I am hooked on being productive.

Things get tricky with October coming. Most of my stories are odd and strange but Halloween is the one time of the year I feel like the public in general is in the the mood for my kind of stories. I plan to have all weird-stories for October, which is going to be tricky considering that right now I have zero stories ready. I also need three more stories for September of which I only have one ready right now.

This is all because of my self-imposed One New Story A Week rule. I have a day job and yet I insist on posting a new story every Wednesday. It has turned into a matter of pride. The idea of missing a deadline makes me feel like a terribly lazy person even though I have cranked out a consistent output so far.

Also in the back of my mind is my next long project, which will be a three month long fictional blog. That will consist of 90 entries posted daily. I have wanted to do a fictional blog for awhile and I think I have all the details sorted out. Actually, I want to do two fictional blogs and might work on them simultaneously so I don’t burn out on either.

Finally, the picture above is a sketch I bought from Arie Monroe. This one is titled ‘Jigglypuff’. Cripes, I wish I could write motion like this. Arie is offering 100 sketches for 10$ each this month. Go hit her up and buy one.

  3 Responses to “Keep On Dancing”

  1. An all fiction blog? I’m excited… If you’re looking for volunteers for playtesters, let me know. I’m very interested.

  2. Hmmmm…a long (if you make the right choices) erotic fantasy gaming adventure. Where do I sign up? Seriously, if you are looking for playtesters, I’d definitely be interested.

  3. Thanks guys. I’ll be making a play test announcement when I get it finished off. I am still messing around with formats and some optional scenes.

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