Sep 282009

This week I begin work on my Fiction Blog project. The goal is to create a 3 month long blog told from the point of view of a fictional character. I am setting it in a apocalyptic setting where I will write about survival, loneliness and how much it sucks that no Chinese restaurants are open. If you thought “I am Legend” would make for an awesome blog, this will be for you.

Incidentally, this is technically Fiction Blog Project #2. A few months ago I had an idea of a fictional blog set in the world of Otto Von Madd. The problem I ran into is that I wanted it to be a 2nd person blog, where you, the reader, are reading e-mails sent to you by your coworkers and stalkers. Through these e-mail messages, you discover conspiracies and alliances. Plus, every one is fucking like bunnies.

The problem with Fiction Blog Project#1 is that 2nd person is very challenging to write, especially in a gender inclusive manner. I decided that writing a fictional blog will be challenging enough without the complication of a new perspective.

It was while writing the Choose-Your-Own-Porn story that I came up with a solution for Fiction Blog Project#1. The C.Y.O.P. story was a bitch to figure out, but halfway through I knew how I could write it easier if I ever made a 2nd one. It occurred to me that maybe if I wrote a simpler Fiction Blog first, then I could learn some tips to make the more complicated one easier to write.

So starting this week, I will begin writing on a fiction blog to help me learn from my mistakes. One thing that will be different is that this blog will not be a sex blog. There will be some sex, a lot of swearing and most likely some nasty violence, but it will not be an erotica blog. The theme of loneliness is something I want to explore and it is kind of hard if the main character is getting laid all the time.

Speaking of loneliness, just plotting this blog out this weekend put me in a minor depression. Being alone is something I have struggled with all my life. Whether it is because I grew up in a hostile family, or I felt like I was the only pervert among the kids my age, or the fact that my main hobby is writing an erotic blog that I can’t discuss with my coworkers or family, I have always felt a bit separated from other people. Bei9ng married to a wonderful lady has done a lot to alleviate these feelings, but I am struck by how just thinking about the plot has made me crave human contact. I think the smart plan would be to work on some lighter material while I work on this story.

This Wednesday I will post a new story that stars fishnet stockings.

*Image is my City of Heroes character, Purple Herald, as a sketch card. It is drawn by the wonderful George Sportelli*

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  1. That sounds like it will be totally awesome! I am a big fan of post-/apocalyptic writing, and of yours, so combining both will be fantastic!

    xx Dee

  2. Thanks, Dee. I appreciate that vote of confidence.

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