Sep 092009

Marwin’s head was trapped between the powerful thighs of Queen Erishella. She had locked her ankles and the vise grip on his skull was unbreakable. His left arm was broken and he couldn’t free himself with his right arm alone. The bath water lapped against his face and he closed his mouth. Queen Erishella was sitting on the edge of the bath but all it would take was her slipping down into the water and Marwin would be drowning.

This was not how the plan to assassinate Queen Erishella was supposed to end.

Marwin thought back on the plan. Everything was perfect. He and four other highly trained specialists from the Gem Moons had been sent to the Queen’s Palace to kill her. The Murderous Queen had been plundering the Gem Moons through the sheer force of her demonic will through her army. If the Queen could be eliminated, then her army would leave the Gem Moons.

Marwin smiled as he remembered the efficiency of the mission. Advanced computer keys unlocked thick palace doors. Cold knives tore the throats out of her guards. Stealth fields cloaked them as they infiltrated the bath chambers. Hot laser beams ripped through the Queen’s handsome personal bathers. All that was left was to murder the Queen herself.

She had risen out of the water, the soapy suds cascading from her body. Her long black hair stuck to her body but did nothing to hide her heavy breasts. The hair of her sex, weighted down with water, formed a tantalizing ‘V’ between her legs. Looking at her, Marwin found himself wondering if perhaps they could abuse her a little before killing her.

The other assassins must have thought the same thing. It was the only reason for explaining their hesitation when she attacked. She shouldn’t have been able to move that fast. She was thigh deep in water yet she ran forward as fast as light.

She plucked Haine’s eyes right out. She broke Denidict’s legs with two savage kicks. She tore out Jrand’s throat. She gutted Reric with his own combat knife. In seconds, Marwin’s team was dead.

As for Marwin himself, the Queen took her time. After she crippled his legs and arm, she pushed him into the bath. He almost drowned before a tug of his hair lifted him from the water. She dragged him back up and wrapped her thighs around his head. Only her thighs were keeping his head above water. Despite the terror of his situation, Marwin couldn’t help staring in wonder at this woman who had destroyed him.

“You people forget,” Queen Erisehella said. “You forget how terrible my father was. He treated his children as toys. He altered our genetics to make us better than we could be. He trained us to fight, to maim and to kill. He made his children into cruel weapons of perfection in his image.”

Marwin looked up at a drop of water that was about to fall from one of her nipples. “What are you going to do to me?” he whispered with as much volume as he could.

“That is up to you, Queen Erishella said. “I could drown you. The feeling of you thrashing between my thighs would be quite entertaining. It would almost make up for interrupting my bath. Or you have another option.”

“What is my other option?”

“You can bathe my legs,” the cruel Queen said. “Wash my legs, and I will break your neck and give you a quick death.”

Marwin reached for the sponge. It was within the reach of his one good arm. He dipped the sponge in the soapy water and then squeezed it over her clenched legs.

His head knew how strong the muscles of her legs were but it was another thing to feel them under the wet sponge. They were as hard as steel spears and twice as deadly. He watched the water run down her legs and collect in the junction of her sex. Marwin debated wiping her there but he restrained himself. It was her sex that had caused him to fail in his mission; he felt unworthy of touching it now.

With every wipe of the sponge, he knew just how helpless he was.

That didn’t stop him from thinking about how he might be able to complete the mission. Marwin was so close to the Queen’s body yet he had no weapons. He considered biting her thigh but he couldn’t move his head at all. All he could do was bathe her damned legs.

Perhaps that was his best chance. If he bathed her legs especially well, maybe she would keep him. Maybe she would gloat over having a former assassin serve as her bath servant. She would cripple him of course, but within a few years after he had gained her trust, he could strike. All he had to was keep wiping down her legs and do the best damn job he could.


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