Sep 232009

Jeri put her sunglasses on. At five in the morning, she really didn’t need them but she felt better with them on. Her long black hair was pulled back into a strict ponytail. The skull tight hair combined with her sunglasses to give her a generic anonymous look. It was a good disguise considering that the only other clothes she wore were her sock and shoes.

She checked the street for cars. There were none. Jeri ran out of her house. The early dawn light soaked her nude body in soft rays. The morning air was cold against her skin and made her nipples instantly hard. That was all right. The jog would warm her up.

Jeri ran naked down the street. No one was awake. It was too early for the school buses. It was too early for other joggers. It was that quiet time of the day when Jeri was alone with the street. That was the theory anyway. The reality is that there was always a chance.

A dog barked at her. She experienced a slight thrill as she wondered if the dog would wake its owner. Would the owner look at the window and catch her? Would he believe it even if he saw it?

Her breasts bounced on her chest. She debated getting a sports bra but that would ruin it. She had to be exposed. She had to be vulnerable. If she didn’t show the world every part of her body, then where was the shame?

Long legs pumped her body along. She used to hate her legs. Dumpy, chunky fat tubes of embarrassment. Now they were slender from the terror of running. It was a five block run and Jeri was getting faster every day.

Jeri doesn’t run for the fitness.

She ran past her best friend’s house. Amanda would still be asleep with her husband. Jeri smiled as she wondered what Amanda would think if she saw her. Jeri smiled more as she thought about Amanda’s husband seeing her run by. Would he recognize her? Would he masturbate to thoughts of her without knowing who she was? Would he masturbate more if he did know?

A car was idling outside. Clouds of smoke gurgled from the tailpipe. The owner was warming the car while staying inside the house. If he chose just now to come out, he would see Jeri’s nude body racing by. Jeri ran faster, her body straining as she tried to get out of sight before the car owner came out.

She’s sweating now. Her body glistens in the morning light. She loops around the fifth block and begins the long jog home. The sun is higher, illuminating the street before her like a stage coming to life. The shadows shrink and Jeri knows the run home will be far more exposed.

A car pulls up to the corner ahead of her. Jeri resists the urge to duck into someone’s yard. She must keep running. To turn away would be cowardice.

She prays that there are no children in the car. She prays for the car to not notice her. She prays for it to keep going with no traffic to wait for.

The car keeps going. They must not have seen her. This early in the morning, they might not have believed what they saw even if they saw her.

Jeri wondered if it was a man or a woman. Jeri is glad they didn’t see her. Jeri wishes they had.

She can see her house. Her heart is pounding hard from the run but also from the exposure. This is where people can connect her nude body to the timid woman who lives here. This is the moment when her secret is most vulnerable.

She runs faster. Her breasts slap against her chest as she runs. Arms and legs flow together to make her as fast as possible. The tail of her hair swishes across her bare shoulders as she cuts through the air. Tight buttocks clench together as the climax of her runs nears.

Jeri ducks into the side door of her garage. She doesn’t look to see if anyone is watching. If she actually saw someone, her heart would burst from the excitement.

Safe inside her house, Jeri slows down her pace to a walk. Her body is burning but she keeps moving to prevent cramps. She couldn’t sit still if she wanted to. The thrill of the run has filled her entire body. One more morning and she has survived.

Jeri reaches between her legs. Her fingers touch her wet sex.

One stroke and thinking of the car that didn’t stop.

Two strokes and thinking of the person warming their car.

Three strokes and thinking of Amanda’s husband, not looking out the window.

She comes in a marathon of climaxes.

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  1. Incredible, as always. And such good motivation to run your ass off!

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