Sep 112009

I had resisted the urge to get a commission of Erishella. She has a liquid appearance in my mind. Sometimes I picture her as a nasty Deanna Troi. Sometimes I see her as a younger Famke Janssen. Mostly I just imagine her cruel smile. I know that once I an artists attempts to create something that only exists in my head, they will fail.

But Rich Larson is no ordinary artist. His work is grounded in pulp, sex and adventure. This Dragoncon I decided I would let him do what I was afraid to do. It occurred to me that if I told him what my inspirations were for Erishella, then he would come to the same conclusion I did.

“I had been reading the old Flash Gordon strips and I am really enjoying how crazy and beautiful they were. I would like to see a female version of Ming, an evil Queen sitting on a throne with a skull theme. She just looks magnificent and cruel.”

Rich smiled and I knew he got it.

The next day I picked this up along with a Texanah picture I asked for. Wow, I was just blown away. It was my imagination. The topknot is an interesting choice but I can see her wearing it. I love how she is both relaxed and commanding on the throne. Fuck, it is just perfect.

I had brought my sketch folder with me and I told Rich that getting his art is the highlight of my Dragoncon. He was flattered, but when I showed him all of the past sketches he had done for me, he really smiled. He chuckled at the Otto sketch he did and he laughed out loud at the Island Princess being tied up by monkeys. He really opened up after seeing my folder and we talked for a bit about Dragoncon in general.

Click for the giant version.

  3 Responses to “Erishella by Rich Larson”

  1. Pebbles, we hardly knew ye.

  2. Now you have me wondering what the adventures of toddler Erishella were like lol

  3. Hoo Yah! I like it.

    Guess who I want to be for Halloween….

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