Sep 212009

Nash Nighthammer and the Cursed Harem is finished. Umm, finished again. I know I said I finished it before, but I went back and added three more encounters because I wanted to really explore what a perverted wizard would keep in his harem. I tightened it up and I have a working version of the story/game. Let’s call it the Beta? Heck, I am not crazy about the title to be honest. Is the Harem really cursed? It just sounds cool.

I have really learned a lot about making a choose-your-own-porn kind of adventure. Modular design was the key. I was able to go back and insert entire rooms and encounters fairly easily. I then rippled it forward, changing choices onward. When I write the next one, it should go a lot quicker.

Consider this your official call for play-testers. It is in a word document, and yes, you will have to flip to the choices manually. I am toying around with different fancy ways of doing the final game story, but right now what I really want is for people to play it, hate it, and find a link that goes to wrong places. I think this is easier to do with a straight up word document as opposed to a fancy file with hyperlinks. It clocks in at 138 pages.

If you wish to be a play-tester, send me an e-mail at shonrichards at Because I am completely unaware of the legal problems of sending porn through e-mail, make me feel better by declaring your age and that you are legally able to read a story about fantasy and porn in your area.

Personally, I never sign up for betas because I rather play the game when it is polished. So I will not be offended if people choose not to be play-testers.

I plan to take a vacation from this story till I get feedback from play-testers. I have a five part story about the dominatrices that protect Queen Erishella that I want to focus on. It is a tricky idea but might be perfect for Halloween month.

There will be a new exhibitionist story this Wednesday.

*Image is the Baroness as sketched by Brandon Peterson at Dragon*Con*

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