Sep 072009

So I was at Dragon*con when I picked up food poisoning. I spent Saturday night in the bathroom and all day Sunday vomiting anything I tried to eat. I was achy, whiny and pretty miserable all day Sunday.

It was still the best Dragon*con ever.

They moved the comic artists out of the sub basement they usually put them in and placed them out in the open next to the artist gallery. The difference in energy was amazing. Instead of claustrophobic artists crowded on top of each other, they were spread out with big nice tables. Plus, they were smiling!

Television and Movie stars are surrounded by handlers so that you don’t get within stabbing distance. Comic artists hang out and anwser any lame question you have for them. I embarrassed Michael Golden with my praise for him. Mike Mignola talked to me about Screw-On Head and Hellboy. Brandon Peterson and I swapped stories about middle management. It was fucking fantastic.

Amanda Conner did the wonderful evil version of Power Girl drawing I have featured here. In a weird way, I am prouder that I got her to laugh when I suggested a Kryptonion Goldfish who lives in a Fishbowl of Solitude. I commissioned the piece and we both got food poisoning the same day. She still managed to get this out to me which makes her a Power Girl in her own right.

Rich Larson created two images of Texanah and Erishella for me. They are both stunning and I will be giving them their own post. The Erishella one especially is going up on my wall.

We attended the Venture Brothers panel and got a 15 minute sneak peek at the next season. We watched Shatner and Nimoy bicker like a married couple. We watched Kate Mulgrew be magnificent as usual. We also cosplayed as Fallout 3 Vault 101 people which is something I have never done before. My wife and I were adorable.

Which brings me to my anti-anxiety prescription drug, Lexapro. Holy fuck. I was a different person this year. I had the confidence to talk to people I admire. I had the confidence to talk to total strangers I met in the halls. I didn’t have a single freak out moment this year which has never happened. Heck, I actually dressed up in a costume and posed for pictures. I guess I’m just saying if you have anxiety issues, go seek out pharmaceutical options. I wish I did this years ago.

New Erishella story this week.

  4 Responses to “Back from Dragon*con”

  1. Congratulations! And I’m hella jealous that you got to meet Mike Mignola.

    p.s. I can’t wait for the new story.

  2. Mike was terribly humble too. He talked to us for a good 20 minutes about how he got the idea for Screw-on Head.

  3. I’ve been reading your blog and all the anxiety entries. Has bipolar disorder ever been suggested to you? Your creative highs followed by anxiety can be symptomatic. Sounds kinda like hypo-mania to me rather than out and out mania.

    And yes, drugs. Love ’em. Fuck anybody who thinks they know anything about this stuff who hasn’t suffered it and felt better after finding the right chemical cocktail.

    Hang in there. As one poet friend remarked: “You’re in good company. Remember, Virginia Woolf was also bipolar”.


  4. Hey BZ, I have bipolar friends and their behavior is a constant source of annoyance, frustration and sympathy. It has crossed my mind and it is something I watch for, though I don’t really show many symptoms of it.

    What really amazes me about my current chemical aids is how it hasn’t affected my creativity. I was so afraid of turning numb and if anything, I am writing more because I am a bit more fearless.

    Thanks for the question, I appreciate it.

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