Sep 032009

Zdravstvuj, readers. This is Shon’ robotic slave, Sasha38DD. I am happy to report that Shon will be gone till Tuesday. He is going to that nerd convention, Dragon*con and will be away from a computer. He wanted me to dress up as Baroness from the American military industrial complex propaganda film, G.I. Joe, but luckily his wife vetoed it. That was close. My accent is completely different anyway.

If you crave Shon and can’t stand to be without him, you should know he put up a guest post at ‘And Now the Screaming Starts’ where he talks about the movie, Metropolis. Big deal. Maria was an inferior model. By Stalin’s mustache, She is destroyed by fire! Pathetic.

Shon would recommend that you read his fiction story, ‘Zombie Hard-on Blues’, but seriously, he has lost his shit. Zombie fiction? He should stop stretching into other genres and stick to sucking at erotica.

Speaking of sucking, Shon also wants you to know that he started another Twitter account called MC Lovecraft. It is where he posts under the fictional identity of a rapper who exists in a hip-hop Lovecraft universe. Holy shit. This is the crap he works on rather than something he could maybe sell and get a nice house. Fuck. The retard wants you to know about his new Twitter account, but he won’t be posting to it while he is at Dragon*con. Brilliant!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Chibi Sasha is cute. :D

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