Aug 102009

Pictured to the left is one of my old City of Heroes characters, the Choice. What I loved about Choice was that she was the kind of character who leaps into the middle of a fight. She lets her punch and kicks do the sorting out of life’s problems. If you can’t Thunder Kick someone, maybe an Eagle’s Claw will do. She allowed me to indulge my reckless side.

I sure as heck need that now. I have no less than three long projects partially completed right now. It’s not procrastination that’s killed me this time. It is just a manner of finding time and working out the individual kinks of the projects.

Project #1 is a long story featuring my Librarian characters. I was seeking to imitate an Agatha Cristie mystery with a mansion full of suspicious characters. I have a delicious premise, and a good plot, but the execution destroyed the key dynamic that I love about the Librarians. Claire is Mr. Dillon’s sub, but they work together as a team. I was halfway through the story when I realized Claire was just getting kicked around by these neat characters, but the teamwork was nowhere to be found. I can fix it, but it will require me rewriting every chapter that I have done so far.

Project #2 is a Nighthammer story written as a Choose Your Own Adventure. I got it started but discovered that before you can write a story where the reader gets choices, you need to lay out all the choices before you really do any writing. I had to fall back on my nerd skills of a roleplayer and make the ‘dungeon’ the reader will be traveling through. It’s a little frustrating to get excited and want to write a section, but realizing I really shouldn’t till the whole damn thing is plotted.

Project #3 is a fictional blog that I tells a 3 month story and then ends. I want to have the whole thing written before I do post one, which is a good thing considering that at the rate I am going, I am averaging a post about every two weeks. I have an outline and a handful of posts worked out on that one.

In addition to these, I have my current Erishella obsession and doing posts three times a week. Oh, and Blood Bowl, the game of violent comedy football. Cripes, I could post every day if I was allowed myself to talk about Blood Bowl.

It occurs to me that what is keeping my projects on hold is me. I need to pick one and just attack it and only it for a week. I need to jump in like I was playing Choice and roundhouse these stories till they get done. I need to stop thinking and do more writing.

I’ll still post stories every Wednesday because quite frankly, nothings breeds short stories better than having to write a long story. Just thinking about replotting the Librarian story gives me an idea for a Texanah story. I also have a perverse pride in posting a new story every week. I don’t think viciously attacking one story will affect my posting schedule though it may put my Chaos Team’s chance at the Blood Bowl trophy on hold a bit. Oh, the sacrifices of a porn writer.

*Sketch Card of Choice drawn by the incredible George Sportelli*

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