Aug 112009

“All of the sexiest bloggers are slowly disappearing,” the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student said.

“Aren’t they always?” I said. “Sex blogging is a strange hobby. Most people enjoy a burst of euphoria as they flash the internet and then get bored once the thrill is gone.”

The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student shook her head. When she did that, her naked breasts swayed ever so slightly. The webcam above her computer recorded every jiggle for her subscribers.

“I’m not talking about the flash-in-the-pan bloggers,” she said. “I’m talking about the good ones. Urban Tramp has gone silent this week, as well as Perpetually Pervy Woman. Last week it was Amber Gold and Attention Whore.”

“Attention Whore?” I said. “Now that is interesting. I never thought she would ever stop posting. Remember when she was hospitalized and she kept twittering her sex fantasies about the doctors?”

The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student smiled at me. Oh sweet Buddha, that smile was so beautiful. My cock hardened and I had this awful urge to give her my money.

“That’s what I mean,” she said and the magic of her smile was broken. “Now her entire blog is gone and her twitter account has stopped posting. That made me suspicious so I did a little research during my Chemistry class. In the last six months, over 40 sex bloggers have stopped posting. Blogging being what it is, we don’t know if they quit or were disabled from posting.”

“40?” I said. “You’re right, that is suspicious. We need to alert the rest of the League. Who would block the best sex bloggers?”

The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student knew who. “The Secret Censors of Atlantis.”

  4 Responses to “League of Extraordinary Pornographers Episode 5”

  1. Excellent piece, Shon, with a sting of truth.

    It is true that most experience are euphoric burst that is often extinguished by the very act of writing about it.

  2. Thanks Phantom. These League stories are my tributes to pulp and I am tickled you like them.

    I think it is the rare person who can write about your their joy, and still be joyful about it.

  3. Yes, being joyful after the joyful has disbursed.

    That is a rare joy, and because it’s so rare, we seek new joys if we can’t find it.

  4. *chuckle* This amused – and saddened – me. That sting of truth. Ouch!

    xx Dee

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