Aug 172009

Together, Dr. Vanilla and I pushed away the rubble. Our headquarters had been destroyed. The Secret Censors of Atlantis had leveled our base with their Tidal Laser. I don’t know how they got past our force shields, but they did. If Dr. Vanilla and I had not been in the Forbidden Porn Vault, we might be the ones buried under the tons of concrete, collectibles and sex toys.

The question on both our minds was grim. Did the rest of the League of Extraordinary Pornographers survive?

We found the Invisible MILF first. There was a layer of dust covering her body so we were able to see her. It was the first time I had ever gotten a good look at her. She was as beautiful as I always imagined. I watched with a certain amount of jealousy as Dr. Vanilla performed CPR on her. Oh how I had fantasized about touching those unseen lips but not like this. Not with the humiliation of an ambush and the possibility of dead friends.

I kept looking for survivors. Over by the wreckage of the platinum hot tub, I found the others. The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student was unconscious. She was sprawled out on top of the rubble as if she had crawled there and then collapsed. I froze where I was. Standing over her was the Midnight Cock.

He wasn’t checking to see if she was okay. He wasn’t crouched over her in concerned. He was just standing there, one hand on his crotch. I could see the darkness swirl around him. She was helpless and if there is one thing the Midnight
cock loves, is a helpless person. The bastard.

“Hey!” I yelled. He spun around. His face was a frustrated snarl. I stared him down.

“The Secret Censors of Atlantis,” I said. “Save your rape fantasies for them.”

He grinned. That smile was more frightening. I know the asshole can’t help his nature, so I gave him somewhere else to focus it.

“The shields,” the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student groaned.

I bent down beside her. She wasn’t wearing pants, which was just her way. A thin strip of pubic hair tempted me to look at her sex but I resisted. I cradled her head. Damn, I didn’t blame the Midnight Cock for her dirty thoughts now that I was having them.

“What about the sheilds?” I said. “They overcame them somehow.”

“No,” the Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student said. “I was analyzing the Tidal Laser as it hit us. They were on the same frequency as the force shields. They went right through it and nailed us.”

The Midnight Cock bent down behind me. Shit, I hate it when he does that. “The same frequency? That’s a million in one chance.”

The Stripper/Escort/Camgirl/Exhibitionist College Student coughed. “Not if we have a traitor in the League.”

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  1. Excellent as always. The tone is perfect, Shon.

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