Aug 072009

The Squid-men had me surrounded. I had used my last Arousal Grenade and now I was defenseless. Each one of the monstrosities wielded a Castration Sword in their tentacles. I feared for my balls, but more importantly, I feared I wouldn’t be able to tell the League of Extraordinary Pornographers about the terrible plans of the Secret Censors of Atlantis.

I backed up as the Squid-men closed in on me. Their inhuman eyes glared at me with hatred. The balls of other trespassers hung from trophy belts on their vile waists.

The group stopped as one of the Squid-men in the back screamed. It was a terrible shrieking sound that chilled my blood. It was a sound of pure horror.

The Squid-men spun around but there was no one there. Their screaming companion was on the ground, his buttocks horribly abused. That was when they noticed that the lights were fading, as if a nightmare was descending on them.

Another Squid-man screamed, and then another. The darkness was pitch black but I could hear what was happening. I could hear the violence as they were wrestled to the ground. I could hear the savage pumping of flesh on fish flesh. I could hear the terror as the Squid-men were taken down one by one.

The violence stopped. I was alone in the dark.

“Your welcome,” a male voice growled in my ear. He was behind me.

My ass clenched. “Midnight Cock,” I said. “Ah, thank you.”

There was an awful silence. I could smell what he had done. He was a fellow League member, and he had saved my life a hundred times, but I was still afraid of him. We all were. The Invisible MILF was his mother and even she was afraid of him.

He grunted in response to my thanks. The darkness receded and I could see again. I tried not to look at the violated bodies moaning on the floor.

The Midnight Cock was gone.

  2 Responses to “League of Extraordinary Pornographers Episode 111”

  1. :) I can even see the comic for this. Sort of Miller-esque. Man, you should totally make that a comic.

  2. Thanks. I laughed when I saw your comment. It made me think of Marv as the Midnight Cock, a massive fucking machine that doesn’t discriminate.

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