Aug 142009

Adventures in Nerdiness awarded me the Honest Scrap award, which is a meme about truth. Normally I would activate Sasha38DD’s kill program when someone tries to include me in a meme, but AiN is one of my favorite blogs so I will join in this time and we can all pretend I am normally too aloof for this kind of thing, right?

The rules for this award are,

Link back to the person who gave you the reward- Which is the excellent Adventures in Nerdiness

Give the award to ten other bloggers- Crikey. In no particular order,

Phantom of the Pulp, a great meditation on all things horrible and sexy.
And Now the Screaming Starts, that rare blog that is incredibly intelligent and hilarious in it’s analysis.
Draw Like Crazy, a wonderful artist who is going to be famous one day.
Uncommon Curiosity, a real math nerd and sex fiend.
Pictorial Arts, the blog of an artist and his morgue of collected images. I visit it before writing every Erishella story.
Here Lies Richard Sala, the blog of one of my favorite creators. There is no way in fuck he would do it, but we can all dream, right?
Trixie’s Treats, a collection of visual delights.
Bluewords, as a fellow ASSM/ASSD newsgroups survivor, I sometimes feel like Bluewords and I are scarred veterans of a conflict no one else can ever really understand.
Images By Alex, the home of the guy who does all my Sasha and Claire art. If I ever did a porn comic, I would so want him to illustrate it.
Vladi’s Musings, I keep meaning to do a post about this guy. He’s he Godfather of superheroine distress stories and art.

Now that I have infected ten other bloggers with the meme virus, time to get to the last bit. List ten honest things about yourself.

1. For all of my nerdity, I could give a rat’s ass about Star Wars. I was a huge fan when I was 7 and grew out of it by the time I was 12.
2. Having said that, I have a Star Wars knock-off toy that is a 12 inch cross between Darth Vader and Superman. It is my most prized childhood possession.
3. The only time I get motivated to better myself is when I see an apocalypse movie and I worry about how unqualified I am to live in a post-electricity zombie-filled world.
4. I have spent the last three months reading only books put out by Games Workshop’s Black Library label. I read through ‘Gaunt’s Ghosts’, the ‘Horus Heresy’ books and am almost through the second Inquisitor trilogy. This is the longest single genre phase that I have gone through.
5. I work from home and my coworkers are all non-geeks. Twitter has become my geek-social crutch this past year.
6. My wife is the first woman that I have felt secure enough to sing in front of her.
7. The fact that my brother doesn’t read for recreational is the biggest reason I can never relate to him.
8. For years I resisted the idea of medicating my anxiety. Now that I take Lexapro, my quality of life has improved immeasurably. Fuck, I was an idiot.
9. My blog hits have dropped steadily for the past year and although it annoys my ego, I am pleasantly surprised to see that it has not affected my desire to write.
10. I am terribly stingy with my money EXCEPT as I am finding out to my chargrin, to when it comes to Baroness fan art. It hits me right in my nostalgia libido.

*Baroness sketch by Frelncr*

  4 Responses to “Honest Scrap”

  1. So many people, especially men I find, want to pretend that a chemical imbalance in the brain can be ignored or “worked out”. I’m glad you gave in to the drugs. :)

    I mean really, it’s not much else different than taking meds for any other medical condition. that’s how I see it, and I was thrilled to know that there might someday be a fix for me (i say someday bc I’m apparently complicated)

    Also happy to meet a fellow geek not into Star Wars. Hallelujah I’m not the only one!

  2. Lilly- You’re right. After I started taking blood pressure medication on a regular basis, I found it much easier to accept anxiety medication. It just became something else I took.

  3. Thank you *so* much for mentioning my little sanctuary in cyberspace! I apologize for not swinging by sooner to voice my appreciation. Sharing personal info with random strangers makes me uneasy, so I’m still debating whether the world is ready for Ten Truths About Trix.

    Maybe I should just post music — Violent Femmes at the top of the list of course.

  4. Trix- What I love about your site is that it always has something that gets my creativity flowing. Plus your awesome taste in music :)

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