Aug 122009

Megan waited. She was mostly naked except for the purple sash that came down over her shoulder and across her plump breasts. As a Pinkie Scout, the only article of clothing she was allowed were here pink and white striped knee socks. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail as suggested in the Sub Scout Handbook. Megan was on her knees and the hard wooden floor made her eager to start.

Ashley and Jennifer kneeled to either side of her. They made no eye contact but Megan could feel the excitement in them. Tonight was a special night for all three of them though their paths were in different directions.

Other Sub Scouts talked around them. The other Pinkie Scouts said nothing although they looked on the kneeling girls with a mixture of envy and fear. Megan understood their feelings. Being tested was what they all aspired to, but it was also the most fearsome thing they did.

The Junior Scouts were another story. They were dressed just like the Pinkie scouts except for the addition of the purple thong. The Junior Scouts harassed the Pinkies with incessant requests and cutting admonishments. Over the last year, Megan had come to hate the sight of a purple thong. At the same time, she wanted nothing more than to have one for her very own.

Last were the Senior Scouts. These women were still topless except for their sashes, but they were allowed to wear the purple skirt. Unlike the stressed Pinkies and the cruel Junior Scouts, the Senior Scouts were relaxed and at ease. She heard snatches of gossip, both lewd and mundane.

None of the Sub Scouts discussed the three kneeling nudes. Ignoring them was part of the tradition.

“Good evening Scouts,” the Scout Mistress said. The gossip ended as the Sub Scouts found their seats. “Before we begin, let’s recite the pledge.”

Megan bowed her head. All around her, the voices of her fellow scouts joined in.

“I will be submissive and strong, as I serve others before myself while bettering myself at all times.”

“We have a lot of Scouts attempting to earn badges tonight,” the Scout Mistress said. “Ashley will be attempting to earn her Cropping badge. She recently earned her Spanking and Whipping badges last year. We’ll see if her bottom can endure what we dish out tonight.

Jennifer will be attempting to earn her Knot badge. As you remember, last month, Jennifer earned her Basic Rope safety badge. She will be demonstrating the knots she has learned on some of our volunteers.

Finally, we have Megan. Megan will be attempting to earn her Cocksucking badge tonight. Just a month ago, Megan earned her Masturbation badge and is now looking to show her improvement in other skills.”

There was a polite round of applause. Megan controlled her breathing. She prayed silently that she would get to be tested last. She didn’t think her nerves could take it just yet.

“Let’s start with Megan,” the Scout Mistress said. “Blindfold her.”

Megan moaned softly as the purple mask fell over her eyes. The blindfold was part of the test, but it never failed to send a shiver down to her sex. She loved how she had to imagine what was happening around her by using her other senses.

She heard Jennifer and Ashley as they stood up and moved aside. She could feel the vibrations in the floor as other, heavier people walked close to her. A musky smell entered the room and Megan licked her lips.

Something pressed against her lips.

“You may begin,” the Scout Mistress said.

Megan opened her lips and took the cock that was there into her mouth. It was already hard and solid against her tongue. She moved her hands from behind her back and cupped his balls. The cock shuddered in response.

Briefly, Megan wondered who’s cock she was sucking. She knew that some of the Sub Scouts were married and their husbands volunteered for this duty. Some of the Sub Scouts had submissives of their own that they offered for these tests. There was a male Chapter of the Sub Scouts, and sometimes they supplied the cocks for these tests. Megan wasn’t sure which possibility made her wetter.

She stopped daydreaming and focused on the cock in her mouth. The test was to get three cocks off without stopping, so there was little time to waste. Megan had been practicing her jaw endurance by sucking on vibrators but there was no telling what surprises they may do today. She needed to get this guy off and prove her skills.

He was a little too big for her mouth. She could only get half of him into her lips. Megan used one hand to grip the base of his cock. Her hand stroke him as she sucked, creating the illusion that he was deeper in her mouth than he actually was. She lapped hard against him, her tongue impressing itself on the veins of his cock. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked hard, as if trying to pull come from his mouth by sheer force of will.

The cock throbbed. She could hear his moans as she stroked faster. Against her better judgment, her mind drifted. Did the cock in her mouth belong to some young playtoy of one of her fellow Sub Scouts? Maybe it was the husband of the Scout Mistress herself, enjoying a little bonus for all the work his wife did. Megan groaned. Was a fellow Sub Scout looking at her man getting his cock sucked? Did it make her jealous or did it make her hot?

“Oh, oh,” the man said. Megan cleared her mind. It was about his pleasure, not her fantasies. She pumped his cock faster while her tongue washed over the head of his cock.

He came. It was her choice whether to spit or swallow. Megan swallowed. The salty splash in her mouth was her reward for a job well done.

The cock pulled from her mouth. A polite round of applause greeted her ears. She had time to smile before rough hands grabbed her by her ponytail. She gasped as a new cock impaled her mouth.

Pubic hair smashed into her nose. Ball pressed against her chin. This cock was smaller but the hands pinning her head were powerful. She tried to touch him but a growl warned her hands away. Megan understood then what her role was to be.

He facefucked her. His hands kept her head still while his hips pumped into her face. She kept her jaw slack as he rammed in and out of her. His balls bounced off her chin, a constant reminder of the crudity she was enduring.

All of the little tricks she had read about, all of the tips her friends had given her and all of her own personal experience were useless in this situation. A flicker of annoyance coursed through her. She could bring him so much pleasure if he just let her to do it.

She pushed those thoughts away. This was how the cock wanted it. It was not her place to offer anything except her submission. Megan embraced her role as an open mouth. She took him.

After a few minutes of facial abuse, his hands tightened painfully in her hair. The man said nothing as a burst of seed filled Megan’s mouth. Megan was the one moaning as she swallowed him. Once again, she had served.

The cock pulled out. Megan waited for the next cock to press against her lips. Nothing happened. After a few nervous seconds, Megan reached out and felt naked legs in front of her. She followed the legs up to the hard cock waiting for her.

Megan didn’t need an invitation. She opened her lips and took one long loving lick. A soft moan drifted down to her ears but the man did nothing to touch her. She was going to be on her own this time.

After the vigorous facefucking, Megan was glad for a chance to show off. She started by licking down the side of his cock down to his balls. Her hand snaked around his body and grabbed his ass as if she wanted to never let him go. She brushed her lips against the head of his cock, teasing and arousing him with rapid flicks of her tongue.

When she had kissed and licked every inch of his cock, Megan finally slipped him in. Her lips parted and slowly his wet cock went into her mouth. She greeted his cock with her tongue, licking him as he filled her mouth.

She took as much of him as she could and when she was full, she began the slow work of pulling her head back. Every part of his cock was worshipped with her tongue. She sucked hard as she pulled back, sealing her lips over his cock as he was reluctantly pulled from her mouth. Only when just the tip of his cock was in her mouth did she stop, pausing before beginning the slow process of putting him back in her mouth.

Slowly she worked. Her jaw hurt but she ignored it. Her lips were tingling from all that had happened to them but she ignored it. Her own cunt cried out for release but she ignored it. She was a Sub Scout, and all that she cared about was the task in front of her.

In time, he came in her mouth. Elation filled Megan’s heart as the come filled her mouth. She took swallowed it all and then carefully licked and cleaned his cock before letting go of it.

The men were gone by the time the blindfold was removed. Megan blinked as she adjusted to the light. The Scout Mistress was smiling at her, which was it’s own reward.

“Congratulations Megan,” the Scout Mistress said. She held a gold circle in her hand. The shape of a cock entering a mouth was sewn into the circle.

“You now have your Cocksucking badge.”

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  1. You know, my Girl Guide experiences would have been a whole lot different if it had been like Sub Scouts …

    xx Dee

  2. Dee- I know, I would have totally signed up for Dom scouts.

  3. Wow.. I wonder if I could go for a dual membership.. I’m a switch, I don’t want to have to choose.

    Hot story, Shon. Thanks to Roxy for making sure I read it :-)

  4. Kyle- yeah, I sometimes suspect any good bdsm story falls apart when you start factoring in options for switches lol.

  5. Normally I am a bit “omg more head is that all boys think about” but I really enjoyed this. Thanks

  6. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

    Where do I sign up?

  7. Wilfimina- lol, I know exactly what you mean.

    Musns-When you find out, LET ME KNOW!

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