Aug 312009

I spent the weekend working on my Choose-Your-Own-Porn story. It is about Nash Nighhammer rescuing a kidnapped Princess from an evil wizard’s Harem. Holy crap, it is a pain in the butt. I’m trying to anticipate every choice the reader may want to make and resisting the urge to just railroad them through the story. Replayability is my prime concern. I want a reader to be able to solve it once, and then pick it back up and go a different way, and still solve it. Which means I often end up writing a sex scene, and then turning around writing the sex scene over with a different strategy in mind. By the time I finish an encounter, I have written about three or four sex scenes with the same character.

I have two more encounters to write and the first draft will be done. From there I may go back and add more encounters to flesh out the harem more. The modular nature of the story makes it ridiculously easy to go back and insert entire scenes between other scenes. Last night I added a magic fountain and it was a snap.

The paperwork involved in keeping all the encounters and possible decisions straight is a pain in the crotch. I keep telling myself that this will be last time I write a story like this, but at the same time, I keep getting ideas for another one. I guess it will depend on how popular this story is.

I have a new disturbing story set to go Wednesday, and then I am off to Dragon*Con on Thursday. Wohoo! Gene Wolfe, Mike Mignola, and Rich Larson are going to be there. I heard that somebody called William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy from ‘In Search Of’ will be there but shit, Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy will be there! Be still my fanboy heart.

I will also be there taking pictures and trying to get as many pictures of people dressed as Baroness as possible.

This drawing of the Baroness is by Steven Sanchez. He has recently been drawing my childhood with a plethora of sketches. When he put this Baroness up for sale, i had to get it.

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