Jul 062009

She was older than me. Her eyes had seen other cocks but tonight she wanted mine. I was not the first to kiss her breasts but hers were the first I would kiss. A thrill ran through me as I sucked her nipple; a thrill that would never be repeated with other women.

Her mouth knew secrets. She shared these secrets with her tongue. Licking, tasting, whispering, she gave these secrets to my ear, my mouth and my cock. I basked in her wisdom.

The mystery of her pussy was revealed to me: heat unimaginable, wetness unbelievable, and tightness inescapable. Never in my frenzied stroking did I imagine how a woman’s hips could move. How could I have imagined the gripping of thighs and the grinding of sexes?

I came. I came again. To her delighted moans I came again for my seductress. Every new perversion resulted in another splash of seed.

There were so many lessons.

  2 Responses to “Fiction: The Older Mystique”

  1. Written beautifully, Shon.

  2. Thanks Phantom. I am glad you liked it.

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