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Queen Erishella stood on the observation deck of her warship. The Queen was wearing a gown of black scale metal that clung to her bountiful breasts and curvy buttocks. Her black hair was swept up in a fearsome topknot that towered above her gold crown. She looked through the observation glass at the smallest of the Gem Moons, Onyxa. Four billion people called it home, but Erishella only cared about one of its inhabitants. Count Kevic came from this world and for that, it must suffer.

All around her, the crew busied themselves with the tasks of war. Missiles were armed, fault lines were targeted, atmosphere incinerating lasers were warmed up and toxin bombs were being primed. The subjugation of a world is a complicated business. Do it wrong, and a small sliver of the population might live. Do it really wrong, and the technician responsible will be strapped to the missile sent to finish the job.

Queen Erishella sighed. If there was one person who knew how to finish a job, it was Count Kevic. Back when she first declared war on the Gem Moons in order to take their resources, Count Kevic had been sent as a diplomat to negotiate for peace. At first he tried appealing to her nonexistent sense of mercy. Second he tried bribing her with immense amounts of wealthy freely given. Last he tried seduction. Between his skilled tongue on her nipples and his massive cock in her sex, he almost convinced her.

Three passionate nights later in her bed, he almost convinced her again. There was a brief moment, when Count Kevic was on top of her, driving his cock so wonderfully into her, that Erishella almost decided to call of the invasion. As she clawed his back with orgasmic bliss, the thought of mercy actually crossed her mind. Afterwards, as cock pulled out of her exhausted body, the Queen returned to her senses. No matter how good the fuck, the conquest of such a rich prize could not be avoided.

Instead of mercy, Queen Erishella offered Count Kevic the position of consort. He would be her primary lover, with all of the privileges of rank as well as the privileges of her mouth, breasts and thighs. He would lose his worlds but have her adoration. It was an incredibly generous honor she offered him.

Count Kevic said no.

“Fighter Squads report that the last of the Moon Ships are destroyed,” Admiral Hov said.

The Queen nodded to the Admiral. “Move into position for planetary bombardment.”

The Admiral saluted and took one last glance at her exposed cleavage before turning to his men. The Queen smiled. She had told the Admiral that he would be allowed to come on her breasts at the conclusion of today’s operation if he was precisely on schedule. So far they were an hour ahead of projected deadlines.

She wouldn’t have been able to make that same deal with Count Kevic. He took what he wanted. After she dismissed him from her kingdom, he had returned using his rougish ways. The Count had sneaked back into her bed chambers, and killed the slave she was mounted on. With the slave’s cock still inside her, Count Kevic held a knife to her throat and threatened her. She could call off the invasion, or die by his hand.

The Queen answered him by licking the blade of the knife. Her tongue danced along the sharp edge while her eyes locked on him. Before she could make it to the hilt, Count Kevic had thrown her down on the bed and fucked her next to the cooling corpse of her slave. Instead of the thoughtful fucking of when he tried to seduce her, this was the angry vengeful fucking of a man who had planed to kill her.

Right at the peak of her third orgasm, she stabbed him with his own knife. Count Kevic snarled in rage and then she felt him climax inside her. He pulled out and stumbled away, his knife still embedded in his shoulder. In her passion, she had missed the vital target on his back. She feared that she would never see him again.

“The War Bombers have made their attack. All Onyxa defense stations are down.”

The Queen didn’t answer the admiral. Onyxa was the first of the Gem Moons they had attacked. What she did here will set the tone for the rest of the war. There was still time to consider mercy.

She had shown little mercy to Count Kevic when her guards captured him. The proud Count had been stripped and chained in her dungeon. His shoulder wound had been treated with the cauterizing burn of the guards’ Flame-Spears. Count Kevic had spat at her face when Erishella came into the dungeon.

The Queen wiped the spit from her face and rubbed it on his cock. She brought his cock back to life despite the indignities he had suffered. As he struggled against his chains, Erishella climbed onto him. She impaled herself on his cock, her legs wrapped around him while her fingernails sunk into his broad shoulders.

She rode him. Her enhanced genetics made gave her limitless endurance as she hung on his body. His compliance wasn’t necessary. In fact, at this point it was undesirable. Queen Erishella took what she wanted and at that moment she wanted Count Kevic’s cock. It wasn’t his to give.

He shouted his hatred of her as she came. He swore he would bring down her entire kingdom. He said vile things about her, her choices in lovers and her twisted black heart. He swore he would kill her as he shot his seed into her.

Queen Erishela had never come so hard.

“One last time,” she said. She had dismounted and was standing next to his body. Blood dripped from her fingernails had dug passionate grooves in his skin. Her sensitive nipples pressed against his powerful chest. His slick cock pressed against her belly.

“Become my consort,” she whispered into his ear. “Become my consort, and join me as I plunder the Gem Moons. Your worlds are doomed no matter what you choose. Would it be so bad to be mine?”

Count Kevic looked at her. “I’d sooner die than be your consort.”

Queen Erishella looked out the observation window. Count Kevic was currently missing. He had escaped the dungeon and was loose somewhere. Maybe he was on Onyxa, organizing their defense. Perhaps he was loose in this ship, about to unleash a last minute rescue of his home. Erishella hoped that was the case. She wanted him again. She wanted him to know how much she cared about him.

Queen Erishella stroked herself. Her fingers pressed through her dress and massaged her sex. While the Admiral and the fleet waited for her orders, Erishella stroked herself. She thought about Count Kevic and how well he filled her. She thought about how he rejected her.

“I am sure they would surrender if asked,” Admiral Hov said. “It is a small moon, but they are rich in resources.”

“Kill them,” she declared. “Kill them all.”

The missiles dropped down and cracked the planet’s crust. The lights of cities winked out in mass. The lasers cooked the oceans of Onyxa into steam. Great clouds of toxicity were unleashed onto the planet, transforming the forests and plains into ash. The continents changed colors before collapsing into magma.

Queen Erishella moaned. If she could not have his servitude, Erishella was more than happy to take his rage. The Queen demanded absolute passion; even from her enemies.

She was looking forward to their next meeting.

  2 Responses to “Fiction: Royal Passions”

  1. Okay, that was very, very good.

    There’s a couple of trivial typos (they don’t even interfere with understanding).

    But there’s one little…something, that nags at me:

    “The subjugation of a world is a complicated business. Do it wrong, and a small sliver of the population might live.”

    Now, I know the mentality and intentions of Queen E, and the SOP of her..navy(?), but wiping out the population entirely wouldn’t be subjugating them, but exterminating them. (even if it is a smart strategy – no guerrilla resistance later)

    I know you could argue that “a world” could mean the physical planet itself and its coveted resources, but then you can’t really ‘subjugate’ (or “turn into a subject”) such an inanimate object; the word is too akin to ‘enslave’ really for this – you can’t enslave a mountain. :(

    *thinks for a long time*

    Well, ‘invasion’ doesn’t really work because this action seems strictly hands-off instead of sending troops…

    …’seizure’ sounds more like legal proceedings…

    …’conquer’…wait “conquest”, perhaps…there’s still a hint of ‘enslaving the populace’ to it, but that’ kinda seems less…egregious than ‘subjugation’.

    But, naturally this is just one person’s opinion! The story is damn good as is; thanks for sharing!

  2. I totally agree. This story came out of me in a blaze of glory but I didn’t quite have a good ending. I knew I wanted the end to be Erishella killing the moon so she could have the Count’s fury but it took several rewrites to get there.

    Originally the term was ‘extermination’, but in one of my rewrites I thought it was too upfront with the fate of Onyxa. Looking back, I should have included details of conquest, so if the Queen wanted, she could have taken it over without destroying it.

    Speaking of odd terms, The Gem Moons was something I came up with to evoke a Flash Gordon-esque mindset, but when you are talking about inhabitable moons, the term planet keeps creeping into my writing. It is a pain in my ass lol.

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