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Not many people know this, but Texas used to have a dinosaur problem back in the eighteen sixties. Those wild lizards used to be content to eat buffalo and leave Christian folk alone. Once all the trains started thundering through the plains and with fewer Injun tribes around to keep them in check, those bastard monsters would wonder into town for a quick snack.

One day one of those giant fuckers stomped into the town of Flatrock. The township was used to the terror of a cattle drive through the center of town but this was a new one. The beast was fifteen feet tall and walked on two legs. It has a head as big as a prize winning cow and that head was mostly teeth. It only had two tiny arms that seemed out of shape compared to the rest of his body but shit, it’d didn’t need them. It just ran up on people and gobbled them up.

The sheriff tried shooting it but bullets just bounced off its scaly hide. Dutch, who was French by the way, tried to set the monster on fire but he just got stomped on. Things were looking a little bleak until that crazy cowboy, Loco Dan, jumped off the roof of the bank and landed on the neck of monster. He wrapped his legs around the giant lizard and tried to break him in like he was a bronco!

Well that dinosaur wasn’t having any of that! The damned beast tossed his head left and then right and Loco Dan went flying into the stables. He splattered against the wall and they still haven’t gotten that stain out.

This didn’t stop other cowboys from trying. The chance to ride a dinosaur was just too awesome to pass up! One cowboy after another jumped on the creature’s neck and one by one, that powerful cuss whipped them all off his neck. Twenty of Texas’s finest cowboys were now blood stains on the town walls.

That was when a girl wanted to try. Texanah wasn’t like the other women in town. She had come in from parts unknown and got hired as a dancer at Coby’s Saloon. And what a dancer she was! She had legs that filled her pantaloons in all the right places. Her breasts were as big as a Texas sun at high noon and her long blonde hair was twice as golden. Rumor had it that she would let men between her legs and not even charge them! It was almost like she liked sex.

So when Texanah climbed up to the top of the general store, some of the menfolk begged her to stop. They didn’t want to see that flower of sin become a smear of tits and blood. The womenfolk on the other hand, they cheered her on. The minister’s wife especially was a bit eager to see Texanah try. She was not a nice lady.

The whole town held their breath as Texanah took a running leap. She landed right on the dinosaur’s neck and wrapped those lovely legs around its neck. We all saw the monster’s eyes grow wide from how hard she was gripping it. Then those great teeth snarled and he whipped his head left and then whipped it as fast as lightning to the right.

Texanah’s shirt flew off, but Texanah was still there! The best looked just as surprised as we were! It got real mad and whipped its head again but Texanah was still hanging on with those wonderful legs of hers. She wasn’t going anywhere!

She grabbed one of its ridges with her hand and put her other hand in the air like she was at the rodeo. The monstrous beast stomped around, swinging his tail and swinging his head for all he’s worth. Back and forth, up and down and side to side, he swung his head, and Texanah’s two magnificent breasts I might add, but he couldn’t shake Texanah off him.

After a few minutes of this, something strange started to happen. Texanah was whooping and hollering but now the woman was making other noises. She was starting to groan and moan all unladylike till our ears were burning from her lewdness.

It got even stranger. The dinosaur was bucking his head but if you looked real closely, you could see that Texanah was bucking against him! She was grinding and twisting almost like she was enjoying it. Her whole body was moving and I don’t what she was doing, but looking at it made my pecker get all kinds of hard.

It was about this time that Texanah started to moan. The hideous monster was screaming but the busty gal’s groans were even louder! She was a moaning and a groaning and carrying on in a way I had never heard before. Men were blushing and not knowing why while women were covering the ears of their husbands. The sounds she was making were disgraceful and maybe the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.

“Yee-haw!” Texanah screamed. It was a scream like a prospector finding gold. She had a big smile on her face and her tits were as perky as a rooster in the hen house. It looked like she was ready for a second, a third and maybe a fourth wind.

Let me tell you something about that dinosaur. Maybe he was exhausted from stomping around and trying to throw Texanah off, but the fire just seemed to go out of him. He was looking a might bashful to be honest. He wasn’t trying so hard to get her off anymore. Hell, I think I even heard that big monster whimpering a little. Whatever Texanah was doing on it’s neck, I think it was just as embarrassed as the rest of us.

Head down and great tail dragging; the dinosaur sulked out of town. Texanah kicked at the neck with her heels but the beast wouldn’t play anymore. Frustrated, Texanah jumped off the back of the beast. The front and seat of her dress was soaked! She was walking a little funny but she wasn’t complaining. She just had a big smile on her face and a dreamy look in her eyes.

We never did see that dinosaur again. A few days later, we didn’t see Texanah either. Some people think that the minister’s wife ran her out of town in the middle of the night but I don’t think that was the case. Knowing a gal like Texanah, she wouldn’t let one dried up bitch run her out. Naw, I’m pretty sure I know why she left. I think after riding a dinosaur between her legs, the men of Flatrock seemed a bit tame by comparison. I bet she went looking for more dinosaurs, or maybe something just as interesting to get under her.

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  1. Now you just need to invest a vibe to go along with the story, called ‘The Dinosaur’ – that would make me quite happy (wink)

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