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“My Highness, your army is assembled,” General Rath announced. He was a veteran of 23 dominations under the old king. His chest was decorated with enough medals to provide a secondary layer of armor. Most of his medals were from conquered worlds. He liked to collect them from the twitching corpses of his enemies.

This was his first time with the Queen. So far he was not impressed. Queen Erishella looked out the balcony of her Flying Palanquin. She surveyed her army. Her father would wear a military uniform when he inspected his troops but Erishella was not about to wear one of those ugly things. She was wearing a red corset made of thirty individual leather straps that pushed her already impressive bust to new heights. Red thigh high boots added another six inches to her six foot frame. Nothing covered her royal sex except the bush of immaculately cut pubic hair. A crown of gold set upon her head, in case anyone forgot she was the Queen of the Vanquished Worlds. She carried a jeweled scepter with her and she had a bad habit of tapping the end of the scepter against her buoyant breasts.

General Rath thought she looked like a whore selling herself on the street. He failed to see how this woman was going to lead them in the invasion of the Gem Moons. Not for the first time, he wondered if maybe a military coup would be the best thing for the kingdom.

“How many are there?” the Queen asked.

General Rath glanced out the balcony. “Ten million soldiers are assembled before you.” He didn’t mention the one million battle cyborgs, the hundred thousand psychic warriors or the countless number of Slave-Fodder. Why bother? Stretched out as far as the eye could see was the Royal Army. There were so many soldiers, that you couldn’t see the White Plain of Woe for all the crimson powered armor. All that the Queen needed to know was that there were a lot and to let the general handle the invasion.

“Do they do tricks?” Queen Erishella asked.

“Yes, my Highness,” General Rath said. He activated his communicator. “Attention, soldiers! Present arms!”

The sound of thunder filled the White Plains as ten million soldiers (plus quite a few support personnel) brought their weapons up as a single unit.

“Oh how pretty,” Queen Erishella said. “Now tell them to take out their cocks.”

“What?” General Rath said. “My Highness, these men are highly trained warriors, not your personal bed slaves.”

Queen Erishella frowned. General Rath felt a cold tremor go up his leg as he recognized that frown. Her father had that same expression usually right before something traumatic happened.

“My personal bed slaves obey me,” Queen Erishella said. “Does not my own army?”

“Ah yes, your Highness,” General Rath said. “But taking out their cocks? We have no time for such silly displays. War is a serious business.”

Queen Erishella sighed. The majestic woman pointed her scepter at General Rath. The black crystal glowed and General Rath screamed as the disintegrator reduced him to his component atoms. One of his medals landed in the smoking piles of his ashes.

Queen Erishella looked back down the balcony. She activated her own communicator that was on her crown. All across the White Plain, giant holograms of Queen Erishella appeared in the sky. Every member of her army could see her in all of her decadent glory. Not accidentally, they could also see General Rath’s remains.

This was the moment. She knew Rath would be the first of many generals she would have to kill. Her father had a tendency to promote the most extreme examples of masculine aggression to the top ranks. He earned their respect by being a bigger bastard than them. He had their fear. Erishella knew that even if she was crueler than her generals, their blind macho attitude would never let them treat a woman as an equal. The same could be said for the millions of killers she had assembled before her. She might not be able to rule them through intimidation but that was all right. There were other base instincts she could exploit.

Queen Erishella had a plan.

“This is your Queen speaking,” she said. “General Rath has gone to meet his enemies in the afterlife. Now you have a choice to either follow me into glorious conquest or follow the ashes of your old general. I should point out that I have mined the White Plains with anti-matter bombs. At my command, I can turn the White Plains of Woe into the White Crater of Stupid Soldiers.

As your Queen, I order you to take out your cocks.”

The White Plains thundered with the sound of ten million soldiers (plus quite a few support personnel) unzipping their battle cod pieces and grabbing their cocks.

“Now stroke!” Queen Erishella commanded.

The entire army obeyed. Their powerful arms pumped in motion as they stroked their cocks. Groans could be heard in the thousands. The smell of cock carried on the wind.

Above them in the sky, their Queen looked down in approval. She felt a tingle in her own sex. She pressed the end of her scepter against her cunt. Legs braced, the Queen grinded into the scepter. The holographic screens projected her masturbation across the plains.

“Faster,” she commanded.

The army pumped faster. The Queen swiveled her hips in an obscene manner.

“Faster,” she commanded.

The groans of her army made her smile. The sounds of millions of hands stroking hard flesh made her groan. The thought of so many killers waiting for her next order made Erishella’s thighs quiver.

“Hold it,” she commanded. “Hold it, until I come first.”

The White Plains of Woe shook from the moans of frustration.

Queen Erishella’s body undulated against her scepter. The giant holograms exhibited every clench of her ass, every bounce of her tits and every drop of desire dripping from her cunt. Her orgasm came quickly and her pleasure scream was broadcasted to every soldier.

“Now!” she screamed.

Ten millions soldiers (and quite a few support personal) climaxed together. They splattered their offerings onto the White Plains. Their tribute to their Queen coated the ground in an unholy mess. Years from now, the plains would be renamed the White Plains of Lust in honor of the Queen.

“Very good,” Erishella said. “Your Queen is impressed. Now that you have fucked yourselves for me, let’s go to the Gem Moons to fuck them!”

The army roared their approval. Erishella smiled. After years of serving a bastard, it appeared the army was ready to serve a Queen.

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  1. Looks like she has her army ‘well in hand.’ Can’t wait to see what she does to her enemies. Great erotic sci-fi! Keep up the fine work.

  2. Thanks. I have about three more ideas on my to-do list

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