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They came for him in the night. Gloved hands yanked him out of his cot and dragged him to his feet. At first he thought they were assassins from the Gem Moons, inexplicably assigned to kill Dalex Ai, second class warship maintenance technician of the Queen’s Space Navy. He called out for help but he noticed his fellow Navy men had their eyes clenched as they pretended to sleep.

That was when he noticed his attackers. They were women clad in dark red leather that clung to their every curve. Sharp metal spikes projected from where their nipples would be and pain batons hung from their belts. Black leather masks obscured their faces, revealing only cruel mouths painted with red lipstick. Ponytails erupted from the back of each mask. One had a red ponytail, the other was blonde.

“Oh shit,” Dalex moaned. “The Queen’s Whips!”

One of the women punched him in the gut. It was the one with the red ponytail. “Silence, worm!”

As he fell to the ground, both women grabbed him by the shoulders and lifted him up. They dragged him out of the barracks. The sharp stomp of their heels echoed through the deadly silent barracks.

Dalex tried to think. What crime of his had been discovered? Was it the unauthorized leave he had taken to the Slave Brothels last week? Was it the secret liquor still he had in the paint shed? Oh sweet Killer of Worlds, did they know about the bootleg music he was downloading into his personal helmet computer? That was an offense punishable by ten years in the Rape Factory!

Instead of dragging him to a holding area, the Queen’s Whips dragged him out to the airfield. He became really curious when they took him to the bomber ship he serviced that morning. The ship hadn’t even gone on a run today. What could possibly be wrong with it?

That was when he saw her, Queen Erishella herself. Bright blue syn-skin coated her body from neck to toe. The molecule thin substance kept her body warm in the night air but it also revealed every curve and contour of her body. A golden crown topped her long black hair in case there was any doubt that she was the Queen.

More disturbing than being in the presence of the Queen was where she was standing. She was right in front of the painting he done on the side of the bomber ship. Traditionally that spot was reserved for propaganda slogans and portraits of popular barrack slaves. Dalex had instead painted a picture of the Queen about to deep throat a radiation missile. He had even added some text that said, “Remember boys, drop it in deep!”

“Oh shit,” Dalex moaned.

The Queen’s Whips hit his back with a pain baton. “On your knees!” the redhead yelled. Dalex did as she commanded and groaned as his head was yanked back. He was forced to stare up at Queen Erishella’s blue body and his painting of her.

“You did this?” Queen Erishella asked. Dalex was so close she could see how the blue syn-skin covered each individual curly pubic hair.

“Yes, your majesty,” he said.

She pointed at the painted tits that were inadequately covered in a tiny camouflaged bikini. Dalex winced at his own work. He didn’t realize how gigantic he had painted the breasts.

“Tell me, second class warship maintenance technician,” Queen Erishella said with a haughty tone. “Where are the nipples? As small as that bikini is, you would think you would see something. Look at my nipples. See how firm and large they are?” The Queen thumbed both of her nipples to demonstrate.

Dalex was unprepared for that question. “Ah, excellent point, your majesty. I thought adding nipples might make it too vulgar?”

The Queen said nothing. All that could be heard was the sizzle of the pain baton as the Queen’s Whip held it inches from his ear. Dalex didn’t know where to put his eyes. Did he look at the painting he did that had him in so much trouble or should he look at the Queen in her syn-skin nudity?

She pointed at the ass of the painting. It was bare but tastefully turned so you couldn’t see the Queen’s private bits. “Second class warship maintenance technician, do you think my ass is really that flat looking?”

Dalex swallowed as the Queen turned her ass towards him. “No, your majesty. That was my mistake. I had no idea how uh, royal your bottom was. I see now that your bottom is much curvier and fuller than I painted.”

Queen Erishella snorted in dismissal. The Queen Whips tensed in anticipation of the Queen’s mood. Dalex was too scared to pray.

“I don’t like the boots,” Queen Erishella said. “My legs look good, but why did you put those ugly boots on my feet? It would look better with bare feet, or maybe something in a high heel.”

Dalex nodded enthusiastically. “Certainly your majesty! I completely agree!”

The blonde Whip snarled. “Be more energetic with your sycophantic pleas!”

“One last question, second class warship maintenance technician,” the Queen asked. “It was my understanding that most Bomber Ship art depict whores and girlfriends from back home. It is understood that men about to risk their lives in the service of the Navy need a lusty reminder of why it is good to stay alive. Such debased depictions is accepted of bed partners but never has one been done of a member of royalty. What gave you the idea to do one of me?”

Dalex wasn’t sure how to answer. The Queen’s Whips had their pain batons inches away from his face. He could feel their urge to kill him barely held in check. The Queen looked down past her magnificent breasts to look down on him.

“I thought you were the sexiest thing I could paint,” Dalex said.

Queen Erishella nodded. “You are correct, Colonel of Warship Maintenance. You are tasked with painting my likeness onto every Bomber Ship. I shall model for you so that my likeness will be more accurate. Stand up.”

Dalex was dragged to his feet by the Queen’s Whips. They put their pain batons away and Dalex sighed in relief.

“You,” the Queen said as she pointed at the blonde Whip, “give the Colonel a blowjob so he’ll calm down.”

“Yes, your majesty!” the Queen’s Whip said. She dropped to her knees and ripped open his pants with ruthless precision. She attacked his cock with her mouth as Dalex looked in wonder. His knees started to buckle but the redhead Whip held him up.

“Thank you, your majesty!” Dalex said. He was going to live! He was getting a promotion! He was getting his cock sucked!

The Queen magnanimously nodded towards him. “You are a talented artist, but of course, I have some ideas. Actually, I have a list of them, with very specific instructions for posing, colors, composition and size. I also have a schedule with deadlines that I expect you to meet.”

Colonel Dalex Ai had a feeling that his problems were just beginning.

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  1. Hilarious! And scary. Oh, and the red ladies reminded me of the women in one of the sequels to “Wizard’s First Rule.”

    My favorite part is, “He was going to live! He was getting a promotion! He was getting his cock sucked!” Great rhythm; I like the order of priorities.

    p.s. This is Miss Blue, I switched accounts.

  2. Hey Miss Blue Bridget :) That order of priorities was my favorite bit too.

    I find myself wanting to write more stories about the Queen’s Whips.

  3. I, for one, would love to hear more stories about them.

  4. Verily, this brought a smile to my face. Even though I had a notion of where it was heading. The queen being pissed and killing him would be too much of a downer and not enough of a twist (or sex). I liked how you slipped in “Colonel”.

  5. Bluewords- Yeah, I racked my brain to try to figure out how to not telegraph that ending but I think I got so distracted by the Queen’s Whips that I stopped caring.

    The Colonel was a last minute addition, so I’m glad it works.

  6. The Queen Erishella stories satisfy my love of scifi and erotica combined.

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