Jul 132009

She heard him calling.

“Mouth,” he said. It was her name and her function.

She crawled to him and his waiting cock. Her mouth opened and his cock snaked between her lips. She took him in till her mouth could take no more but still she reached out with her tongue. While his cock filled her throat, her tongue lapped at his balls.

Some nights he would lay there. That’s when she would take her time. She would suck, lick and kiss using every trick her mouth knew.

Some nights he was rough. That’s when he would grab her hair and fuck her face. She would keep her mouth just slack enough to let him pound away and bounce his balls off her chin.

Either way, he came in her mouth. She would take every drop, swallowing and licking it clean from his cock. When every bit of seed was down her throat, she would kiss his wilting cock in gratitude.

Like a good Mouth.

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  1. Compare and contrast: http://bluewords-bluewordsx.blogspot.com/2009/01/open-your-mouth.html

    Note, this will be on the final exam.

  2. Ha, I would love to grade that exam. It would have be oral, of course.

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