Jun 082009

Sex is
a tiny fairy woman on my cock
Wings flapping as she presses her cunt to my head
Laughing as I shower her with come

Sex is
a bad girl who has done me wrong
taking my abuse because she deserves it
screaming as I fill her ass

Sex is
an alien Princess in need of saving
with breasts the color of distant sands
dancing before me until we mate

Sex is
a loyal wife in my bed
lips that never tire of kissing mine
sighing as we keep warm in the night

Sex is
a victim wrestled to the ground
stripped of her clothes, her dignity and her shame
crying out as I take what is mine

Sex is
someone I shouldn’t fuck
married to someone else or simply forbidden
whispering in my ear as we plot our sins

Sex is
a slave to my desires
chained to my libido waiting to serve
bringing me release however I please

  5 Responses to “Sex is”

  1. Kitten – Thanks!

  2. I like, especially the last part.
    Nice varying spectrum of ‘sex’, I can see how most people will related to at least 1 of those types.
    Kinda feel all mushy now xD

  3. Ah, PS:
    Your twitter msg?
    “Children of the Sun, see your time has just begun”
    – I thought I was alone in the world with that. xD
    It was their 25th anniversary in 2008, reminds me, I gotta buy the special boxset for it, hope it’s still on sale…
    (Last I heard, they’re releasing a feature length movie for it soon)

  4. Mystique- Cities of Gold was my addiction back in the day. I was just stunned to find the theme song on FM.

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