Jun 222009

Back when I was more into tabletop role-playing games, my players could predict my moods better than I could. They knew that when spring rolled around, that I would lose interest in our current game and start pushing to play a superhero game. There is something about the warming weather that makes me want to really leave the familiar behind and go into unexplored weirdness.

Now that I write erotica as my primary creative hobby, I notice that I lose interest in erotica that is concerned with reality and start wanting to stretch myself into places that could never be experienced. Lately it has been Nash Nighthammer, cowgirl tales with Texanah and my evil space queen story that I will post this Wednesday.

What is interesting to me is that traditionally, my stories about real world sex are far more popular. I understand that a story about a character a reader could possibly meet or even be, adds an additional element of tension to an erotica story. It’s only natural. My issue as a writer is that these kinds of stories draw upon my skills as an observer of people and how I can present my insights in an interesting manner. That can be fun sometimes but what really tickles me silly is making shit up.

Making shit up is something I love with a passion. It’s as old as putting Legos together and trying to make a starship. Erotica especially has a lot of unexplored territory as the commercial drive is to create something realistic. With the exception of Vampires, there are entire worlds of subject matter that erotica avoids.

Now, it might be for good reason. Maybe no one is interested in the adventures of a dominatrix version of Ming the Merciless, but I certainly am. I might be the only one interested in a fantasy hero who doesn’t quite realize his cock is a gift from the gods, but it amuses me greatly. The wonderful thing about a writing blog where I don’t get paid for a great story is I don’t lose money for writing a unpopular story either. I get to indulge myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8 Responses to “Making Shit Up”

  1. Oh! Oh! Me, me! I’m interested in dominatrix version of Ming the Merciless. Gives new meaning to the name “Flash”.

  2. Damn Bluewords…stole the words right out of my mouth.

    I love your writing, regardless what the theme is.

    ~Shon’s fangirl wannabe

  3. Bluewords- It’s funny. I am not sure if I should make the Flash/Buck stand-in be a one time thing or a continuing annoyance. It isn’t helped that I think Flash was the most boring thing about his own comic strip.

    Musns- Thanks Musns, that means a lot. :)

  4. FLASH! Ah-aah! He’ll save everyone of us! Man, can’t help but think of the Queen song.

    I think there are enough Flash and Buck Rodgers type characters that you could go through them all.

  5. Bluewords- the thought of Erishella obliterating a new hero every story does have a certain appeal to it.

  6. Any chance of a D&D sequel? Or do you have any intention of playing that type of game in real life?

  7. YES!! Absolutely would love a Ming-ish dominatrix, Flash was very boring but having your Queen debase and lead him or someone similar into Debauchery, would be sweet. Make stuff up to your hearts content….I will be right here reading.

  8. Anonymous- I’m not sure what you mean by D&D sequel. I certainly plan to do more Nighthammer stories as I feel like I have an entire childhood of Dungeons and Dragons I need to work through.

    Michael- Thanks. I was thinking along similar lines. I’m glad to know I am not the only one who thinks debasing a Flash type would be fun lol.

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