Jun 172009

“A giant roams the land,” the farmer said.

Nash Nighthammer took his eyes off the farmer’s daughter. She was shapely and of age. She was probably bethrothed to some other farmer’s son and due to be married in the spring. It didn’t stop her from staring at Nash’s broad chest or powerful arms.

“There are no giants anymore,” Nash said. “Abiara the Wise turned the last giant tribe into stone.”

The farmer shook his head. Behind the farmer, his daughter licked her lips in a seductive manner. Nash tried really hard not to notice how full those lips were.

“That was what we had heard,” the farmer said. “But then one night the farm closest to the Jakan forest was stomped flat in a single night. You could see old man Horkin crushed under a single foot print. His wife was found in a tree, impaled on the branches like she had been thrown. But it was the cows that let us know it was a giant.”

“How so?” Nash asked. The daughter was now wiping sweat from that place between her breasts where all men seek to dive.

“Horkin had two prize cows and both were gone.” the farmer said. “The fence was still intact but the cows were gone. Like someone scooped them up and walked off.”

Nash sighed. It did sound like a giant. “I was just looking for a place to sleep for the night.”

The daughter giggled. The farmer pointed at Nash’s mighty warhammer. Forged out of Dwarven steel, it was stained with the blood of the forces of evil.

“You look like a Hero to me,” the farmer said. “We’ve lost two more farms this week. People are dying. Heroes fight monsters, right?”

Nash frowned. “Heroes are honor bound to fulfill any quest of need that is offered to us.”

The daughter ran her fingers through her long blonde hair. Nash could tell she had a few quests she wanted him to do. He had seen that look in the eyes of many, many, many women over the years. The dangers were always great but the rewards were plentiful

“Well,” the farmer said, oblivious to his daughter’s attempt of seduction. “Looks like we are in need then.”

“Ok, good farmer,” Nash, his own mind made up. “But you are giving me a meal and a place to sleep. In your barn if you don’t mind. I, uh, make a lot of noise when I sleep.”

The farmer shook Nash’s hand in agreement. Later that night in the privacy of the barn, the farmer’s daughter shook Nash’s cock till he gave her his pleasure. She left his company smiling and on shaky legs. Nash slept deeply, satisfied in the glow of another quest well done.

Nash rose early the next morning and left before the farmer had risen. His cock was still sated with the reaping of a good night’s plowing. He didn’t leave the farm in shame, for in his travels he has come to realize that there were many women who longed for their own adventures. Nash was happy to help, but he knew that fathers were rarely grateful for his kind of hero.

He headed for the Jakan forest, knowing that it was the only place capable of hiding a giant in day time. He gripped his warhammer with two hands, eager to use it in battle. As a child, he heard stories of the terrible giants. When Abiara had defeated the last giant tribe, Nash had been happy for the forces of good, but saddened that he himself had never tested himself against such a fearsome foe. Now, Nash Nighthammer would have his chance.

Tracking the giant was no challenge. Fallen trees littered the path Nash took. The occasional bear ripped in half told him he was going the right way. He was a little taken back by the gruesome remains of animals he found. The legends always spoke of the power of giants, but none of the stories mentioned such ferocity. Nash was too brave to feel fear, but he was certainly starting to feel doubt.

He heard the giant before he saw it. Loud grunts boomed through the Jakan forest. Gasps as loud as thunder grew louder as he approached a clearing. The grunts would quicken in pace before stopping, but were then followed by a loud frustrated scream. Nash’s ears pricked at the sound of the scream. That was a woman’s voice. Nash dropped to a crouch and carefully looked through the bushes.

The giantess was as bigger than the barn Nash had slept in. Legs the size of tree trunks braced themselves as the giantess pawed at the red hairy sex between her legs. Breasts bigger than cows jiggled as she stroked herself. Her long red hair could have clothed five children with enough left over for a blanket.

She was quite beautiful in a savage way. She was nude and a bit smelly but she literally had ten times the charms of a normal woman. The smell of her sex filled the area till every breathe Nash took was of pussy. Nash felt his cock rising, ready to enjoy a real meal after the comparatively brief snack of last night.

The giantess kept stroking until she stopped suddenly. Her shoulders sagged in disappointment and then her arm lashed out in anger. CRACK! The tree she struck broke in half under the force of her blow. The ground shook as the tree hit the ground.

She screamed again. It was a deafening frustrated scream that Nash could feel in his chest. Nash felt his resolve for killing slowly fade and be replaced with something he wasn’t expecting: sympathy.

He stood up. The giantess saw him and stopped her tantrum.

“Man!” she yelled. “You are dead! I am going to eat your guts and swallow your skull! You picked a bad day to come to my home!”

Nash gripped his warhammer tightly. “It looks to me that every day has been a bad day for you, hasn’t it?”

The giantess paused. She brushed a strand of red hair as long as a horse is tall out of her face. Usually no one said anything to giants except screams and pleas for mercy.

“In fact,” Nash continued. “I bet that is why you are killing people. The forest is big. You have plenty to eat here. You just go out and attack a farm because you get angry.”

The giantess stomped towards him. One of her hands balled into a fist and she raised it above him. Nash breathed deeply and made no move to block her fist.

She stood there with her arm raised. “What do you know about that?” she said. Her tone was almost quiet.

“I know the sounds of a woman alone,” Nash said. “You have no man, do you?”

The giantess lowered her arm. Her bottom lip trembled. “They are all gone,” she said.

Nash lowered his warhammer. “How long has it been since you’ve, uh, known a giant?”

A tear fell. It landed on Nash like a bucket of water. He blinked but he did not move.

“Two years!” the giantess finally yelled. “Two fucking years without a cock to fit me!” She fell to her knees and Nash quickly got out of the way. “I’m too damn big!”

Nash nodded in sympathy. “I understand. Have you tried something other than your hand? Like a tree?”

The giantess nodded. “Everything breaks! She sat back and the ground shook. She opened her legs and exposed herself. A sex as big as a door opened before Nash. He could feel the heat radiating off of it. The smell of desire hit him like a wall.

“Have you tried touching that?” Nash said. He pointed at the button of flesh that hung above the folds of her sex. “I noticed you were just thrusting inside yourself.”

The giantess looked at him in confusion. “Why would I do that? I need a cock inside me. Inside me is where the happy feeling comes from.”

Nash reached out and touched the fleshy button. It was as big as his head. He cupped it in both hands and started rubbing it.

“Oh!” the giantess said. “I never felt that before!”

“A priestess showed it to me once,” Nash said. “Her order forbade them from loving men so they found ways to love each other. She taught me this secret as a reward for a quest. Try stroking yourself while I do this.”

The giantess put her hands between her legs and Nash found it hard to stay out of her way. Without warning, the giantess picked him up and placed him on her sex. Nash grabbed a tuft of her curly red hair and held on. The curve of her gigantic breasts blocked the sun from view.

“There,” she said. “Now do that.”

Nash used his other hand to massage her clitoris. The Giantess shuddered and stroked faster. It was hard to hold on but Nash was a hero and his grip remained true.

“Yes, yes, yes,” the giantess grunted.

Nash kept rubbing.

“Yes . . .yes . . .no!” the giantess roared. She was close but couldn’t quite reach it. She slammed her hand in the ground in anger and Nash fell off her cunt.

“It doesn’t work!” she yelled. “Fuck! I’m going to eat you now, Man!”

“Wait!” Nash yelled. “I have an idea! You have a giant’s hunger. You need something more!”

She hesitated. Nash quickly picked up his mighty warhammer and climbed onto her sex. This time he stood where her inner thigh joined her sex. He raised his warhammer high and brought it crashing down onto her swollen clitoris. The shock of the blow traveled up the warhammer and through his arms.

“Oh!” the giantess yelled. She put one hand in her sex. “Again!”

Nash swung with all his strength. The giantess moaned this time. “Again! Again! Again!”

Bracing himself, Nash brought the warhammer down on the giantess’s clitoris. Again, and again and again while the Giantess moaned, Nash did his duty. The sweet smell of her sex grew stronger and stronger. The breasts above Nash shook like trees in a hurricane. Nash’s own arms were shaking from the powerful vibrations ringing from the warhammer.

Nash’s back began to ache but he kept swinging. He was a hero. He swung with all his heart and every time he struck truly.

“Yes!” the giantess roared and Nash knew it had happened. He stopped in mid swing, unsure if one more tap would ruin the orgasm the giantess was having. Her entire body shook with her pleasure and Nash was thrown from her body.

As he picked himself up from the ground, he was scooped up in grateful arms. Nash was crushed to the world’s largest tits and he allowed himself one kiss of the fantastic cleavage. When he was released, he noticed that the giantess was extraordinarily gentle in setting him down.

“I feel good,” the giantess said. She smiled and Nash was reminded of how easily she could chew him sideways.

“So you won’t be killing any more people?” Nash said.

“No,” the giantess said bashfully. Was she blushing? “But . . .”

“Yes?” he asked.

“What if I can’t do it by myself?” she asked.

Nash gripped his warhammer tightly. It was made of Dwarven steel and crafted by three masters of forging. It had the blood of a thousand enemies on it. It had been blessed by the Great Mother herself. It was a weapon worthy of a hero but sometimes, heroes had to make sacrifices.

“Here,” he said as he handed it to her. “Just tap yourself and you’ll be fine. Just practice a lot before you give up on it.”

The giantess picked up again and kissed him. It was the greatest kiss he had ever received. Now he was the one blushing.

“Remember, no more killing,” he said.

The giantess never killed another human again. The sounds of her pleasure would thunder through the land, scaring away many terrible creatures like dragons and demons. It wasn’t long before the formerly dark woods of Jakan were considered a place of good luck and happiness.

And thus the Last Giant was defeated by the might and wisdom of Nash Nighthammer.

The end.

  9 Responses to “Fiction: The Giant of Jakan”

  1. *sees the glass ball of her kiddy memories of giants in fantasy stories drop and shatter to the ground*
    … And there goes my childhood.
    So even giants need lovin’ too, huh? *amused*
    A Hero cannot discriminate with his damsels-in-distress, I suppose.
    But to go as far as giving his hammer away?! :o
    Does that mean no more erotic high fantasies from Nash? *needy kitty eyes*
    But fun as always, you fill my fantasy and daily medicine needs too, many thanks for it. <3

    PS: Are we allowed to point out typos?
    Not sure if you go edit the corrections or if we’re meant to remain hush hush…

  2. Mystique-Sure, point them out, I tend to fix them. This story was a sorta last minute write.

    Poor Nash will find another hammer. The poor Hero doesn’t realize that his best weapon is between his legs.

  3. Cool, then in that case…

    “As he picked himself up from the ground, he was scooped up in grateful arms. Hash was crushed to the world’s largest tits and he allowed himself one kiss of the fantastic cleavage.”

    You should write more stories last minute if that’s the kinda fun that comes out of them ;)

    And of course *facepalms*
    Weapon between his legs will probably be the best hammering he’ll be able to give anyways, especially if the farmer’s daughter’s teasing was anything to go by.
    (Loved that part by the way) xD

  4. Ha, Hash has a certain ring to it I like. Though it might suit a wondering short order cook rather than a hero.

  5. Love it….

  6. Utterly delicious, and somehow so very you.

    Sorry I haven’t been by much, the sadist is horribly demanding. I guess it’s part of being a sadist.

    My own addition to the typo collection – quite an amusing one, really, cause maybe it’s not a typo… maybe they just have their own, unique engagement rituals: “She was probably bethrowed […]”

  7. oatmeal girl- Ha, that is a good one.

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